Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Certificate Programs

The Seminary offers two certificate programs for those interested in a theological education whose coursework does not meet the requirements for the master's programs. These program are especially pertinent to people who do not wish to pursue a full academic degree, i.e., M.Div., M.A., Ph.D.

Spiritual Formation

One of the most significant programs the Office of Continuing Education offers is the Spiritual Formation Certificate (SFC) Program. Started almost 20 years ago, this cooperative program with Columbia (Georgia) Theological Seminary has offered more than 600 lay persons and pastors the opportunity to enter more deeply into the life of the Spirit.

Completion of this challenging program involves participation in an Immersion Weekend Experience, six elective courses, a practicum, and a pilgrimage. Scheduled from Thursday evening through mid-afternoon on Sunday, the Immersion Weekend offers the possibility of in-depth study, prayer, and reflection with a group of like-minded journeyers. Electives are offered either as weekend or week-long (Sunday evening - Friday noon) classes.

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Christian Leadership Certificate

The Christian Leadership Certificate Program is a two-year open enrollment program designed to empower faith-based leadership from all walks of life, regardless of past academic achievement. All that is required for admission is a high school diploma or GED. Individuals must complete 24 seminars. Past recipients of the Metro-Urban Institute Christian Leadership Certificate seeking under-graduate degrees have successfully transferred their coursework to a variety of colleges and universities across the country for academic credit.

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