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This page is for congregational leaders of the church - the people involved with Christian education, youth ministry, camp ministry, and the like. You know, the worker bees who make things happen for the children and adults in your community. We hope you will be able to attend the events and enjoy the resources as we add more details over the year. But, for now...

Upcoming Events

Jan. 19, 2017, 12:00-1:00 p.m. / Free Webinar - Planning and Organizing a Successful Vacation Bible School / Presenter: Lisa Brown 

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Winter seems like it will last forever! Pass the time by dreaming of sunny days and planning your Vacation Bible School! Join Lisa Brown, author of The Best VBS Workbook Ever! for inspiration and VBS excitement. Whether your program is large or small, whether you buy a VBS boxed curriculum or create your own, during this webinar Lisa will share a wealth of practical ideas to make VBS effective in your congregation!

For the past seven years, Lisa Brown has served as the director of children’s ministry and the communications coordinator at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh. Lisa recently accepted a position with Membership Vision where she focuses on helping churches tell their stories and design formational opportunities in the digital space. Lisa is also a regular contributor to the Building Faith blog and an active member of the e-formation and Forma communities. She is passionate about creatively engaging, enlightening, and enriching the spiritual lives of the people she serves. Her book, The Best Do-It-Yourself VBS Workbook Ever!, will be published in early 2017.

Other Resources

Free Webinar / Are We There Yet? Safe Travels with Youth / Lisa Brown

This webinar provides a comprehensive overview of best practices and insights on how to survive travelling with youth groups. Tips range from what type of suitcase works best to guidance on group travel in rural or urban areas.

Other Ideas

If you have ideas or topics for us to consider for webinars, events, or other resources, let us know by e-mail.  Thank you for all you do in your personal ministries!