Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Course Descriptions


Term 1 2015 - 2016

BI01  The Shape and Content of the Bible

CH01  Historical Studies I (Day and Evening)

CH49  American Religious Biography

ET01  Introduction to Ethics

HM11  Voice and Speech Practicum

HM17  Preaching in the African American Tradition

MS02   Theological Reflection on Ministry

MS14  Leadership Through Conflict

MU36  Environmental Justice and the City

NT03  Greek I

NT05 S  New Testament Exegesis (Summer Class)

NT22  Paul's Letter to the Romans

NT40  Greek Reading

OT01  Historical Books of the Old Testament

OT03  Hebrew I

OT05 S  Old Testament Exegesis (Summer Class)

OT24  History of the Ancient Near East

OT40  Hebrew Reading

PC13  Theology of Pastoral Care

PD02  Spiritiual Formation

PS01  Pastoral Studies: Education

ST464 Doctrine of the United Methodist Church (Wesley)

TH03  Church and Sacraments

TH11  Models of Atonement

TH22  Theology of Thomas F. Torrance

WS26  Worship as Pastoral Care

SCUPE Class Schedule