Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Course Descriptions

Term 2 2014 - 2015

CH02 Historical Studies II

CH47  20th Century American Christian Beliefs

ET35  Medical Ethics for Pastors

HM11  Voice and Speech Practicum

HM16  Theology and Preaching

MI02  Missiology

MU01  Intro to Urban Ministry

NT01  Gospels, Acts, Johannine Epistles

NT04 Greek II

NT34  Colossians and Ephesians

NT40 Greek Reading

OT02 Prophets and Psalms

OT04-1  Hebrew II.Tappy

OT04-E  Hebrew II.Platt

OT11  The Book of the Twelve

OT18  Psalms

OT33 Ancient Texts of the Old Testament

OT40  Hebrew Reading

PC16  Systems Theory: Family & Congregational Dynamics

PC26  Theology and Practice of Holiness

PS02  Pastoral Studies: Pastoral Care

PS10  Post-liberalism and Christian Practices

TH01  Intro to Systematic Theology

TH02  Christology

TH23  Spirituality of Thomas Merton