Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Course Descriptions


Term 3 2016-2017

BI02  Biblical Theology

CH03  Historical Studies III

CH80  Race and American Church Histiory

CH90/TH90  Suffering and Hope in the Christian Tradition

CM251  United Methodist Polity (Wesley)

CS01  Church and Society

CS05  Ministry, Culture, and Contextual Analysis

CS16  Race, Culture, and White Privilege

CS30  The Church and Migration: Welcoming the Stranger

MS02  Theological Reflection on Ministry

MS10  PCUSA Polity

MS14  Leadership Through Conflict

NT02  New Testament Letters

NT05  New Testament Exegesis.Gagnon

NT05E  New Testament Exegesis.Platt (Evening)

OT05  Old Testament Exegesis

OT16  Daniel

OT47  Genesis

PC16  Systems Theory: Family and Congregational Dynamics

PS03  Pastoral Studies: Homiletics

TH01  Intro to Systematic Theology

TH40  Protestant Encounters with Orthodoxy