Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Course Descriptions


Term 2 2016-2017

CH02  Historical Studies II

EV15  Planting and Leading New Churches

HM11  Voice and Speech Practicum

MI02  Missiology

MS02  Theological Reflections on Ministry

MS12  Introduction to the Pastoral Arts

MU01  Introduction to Urban  Ministry

MU40/CS40  Black Churches and Contemporary Public Life

NT01  Gospels, Acts, Johannine Epistles

NT04  New Testament Greek II.Gagnon

NT04E  New Testament Greek II.Platt

NT06  Intermediate Greek

NT16  Old Testament in the New

NT18  II Corinthians

OT02  Prophets and Psalms

OT04  Hebrew II

OT15  Amos

OT16  Daniel

PS01  Pastoral Studies: Education

TH02  Christology

WS26  Worship as Pastoral Care