Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Course Descriptions


Term 3 2015 - 2016

CH03  Historical Studies III

CH13  Reading Augustine Through the Ages

CS01  Church and Society

ET34  Ethics and Technology of Human Enhancement

EV15  Planting and Leading New Churches

HM11  Voice and Speech Practicum

HM19  Preaching and the Cultural Arts

MS02  Theological Reflection on Ministry

MS10  PCUSA Polity

MS16  Theology Matters

NT02  New Testament Letters (Day & Evening)

NT05  New Testament Exegesis

NT36  Luke/Acts

NT40  Greek Reading

OT05  Old Testament Exegesis

OT40  Hebrew Reading

OT52  Intro to Old Testament Theology

PC50  Pastoral Listening & Communication

PS03  Pastoral Studies:  Homiletics

TH01  Intro to Systematic Theology

TH57  Confessing the Faith Today



SCUPE Winter and Spring Class Schedule 2015-2016