Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Course Descriptions

Term 3 2014 - 2015

BI40  Violence in the Bible (Evening)

CH03  Historical Studies III

CH/TH90  Suffering and Hope in the Christian Tradition

CM251  United Methodist Polity (Wesley)

CS01  Church and Society

CS25  Global African Christianity (Evening)

ET14  Christian Social Ethics

HM11  Voice and Speech Practicum

HM60  Preaching as Spiritual Direction

MS02  Theological Reflections on Ministry

MS10  PCUSA Polity

MS12  Intro to Pastoral Arts (Evening)

NT02  New Testament Letters

NT05  New Testament Exegesis

NT31  The Gospel of Mark

NT40  Greek Reading

NT46  Quest for the Historical Jesus

OT05  Hebrew Exegesis.Platt (Evening)

OT05  Hebrew Exegesis.Tuell

OT14  Second Isaiah

OT40  Hebrew Reading

OT53  Creation

PC28  Loss, Transition, Transformation

PS03  Pastoral Studies: Homiletics

TH01  Intro to Systematic Theology

TH03  Church and Sacraments (Evening)

TH84  Barth's Church Dogmatics