Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Course Descriptions


Term 1 2017-2018

BI01  Shape and Content of the Bible

BI31  Three Peoples of the Book

CH01  Historical Studies I

CH17  Theology of Calvin

CS21  Rural and Small Church Ministry

ET01  Introduction to Ethics

EV11  Evangelism in Context

HM11  Voice and Speech Practicum

HM47  Preaching the Parables of Jesus

MI10  History of Christian Mission

MS02  Theological Reflections on Ministry

NT03  Greek I

NT05-S  New Testament Exegesis (Summer)

OT01  Historical Books of the Old Testament

OT02  Prophets and Psalms (Evening)

OT03  Hebrew I

OT05-S  Old Testament Exegesis (Summer)

PD02  Spiritual Formation

PD15  African American Spiritual Formation

PS01  Pastoral Studies:  Education

ST464  Doctrine of the United Methodist Church (Wesley)

TH03  Church and Sacraments

TH68  Salvation as Transformation

THM01  Research Skills Seminar