Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Faculty on the Road

PTS faculty are on the road sharing info about their research and publications as well as the Seminary. They are preaching in churches, lecturing at conferences half way around the world, visiting students across the US, and gathering with alumnae/i. Find out where and when they will be bridging the Word and the world in your neighborhood. Plan now to join them!  





Name Dates(s) Location Event Description
Bill Carl May 24 Birmingham, Ala. Preaching at Independent PC
Heather Vacek May 31 St. Petersburg, Fla. Moravian Lovefeast Dedication of New Fellowship Hall, First PC
Drew Smith May 31 Pittsburgh, Pa. Preaching at Fox Chapel PC
Steve Tuell June 28 Pittsburgh, Pa. Preaching at First UMC
Drew Smith July 1-3 London, England Co-Convening and presenting a paper at the Transatlantic Roundtable on Religion and Race, University of London
Roger Owens July 5, 12, 19, 26 Pittsburgh, Pa. Preaching at Fox Chapel PC
Steve Tuell July 6-10 Pittsburgh, Pa. Bible Teacher, Miller Summer Youth Institute, PTS
Heather Vacek July 19 New Philadelphia, Ohio Preaching at Sharon Moravian Church
Drew Smith July 19 Pittsburgh, Pa. Speaker, Summer Discussion Series, Westminster PC
Steve Tuell August 2 Fox Chapel, Pa. Preaching at Fox Chapel PC
Roger Owens August 9 Holden Beach, N.C. Preaching at Holden Beach Chapel
Steve Tuell August 23 Fox Chapel, Pa. Preaching at Fox Chapel PC
David Esterline August 30 Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church, Summer Speakers Series

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Interested in hearing more from a faculty member during an upcoming worship service or event? Contact him or her directly or check out this list of current research interests.

John Burgess

Christian Worship, the Sacraments
Christianity and Other Religions
The Basics of Reformed Theology
What Protestants Can Learn from the Eastern Orthodox Tradition?
The Ten Commandments for Today
How to Think Faithfully about Church Unity and Division

Ron Cole-Turner

Adam and Eve and Darwin: Rethinking Human Origins in Light of Evolutionary Biology
Transhumanism: Living as a Christian in an Age of Human Enhancement
What Christians Can Learn from Science
Reformed Spirituality
Prayer and the Trinity: Recovering a Theology of Prayer

Jerome Creach

Violence in the Bible
The Book of Psalms
Genesis and the Moral Imagination
The Prophets and the Call for Justice

Leanna Fuller

Conflict in Congregations
Death, Dying, and Grief
Pastoral Care for Families
Family Systems Theory & Congregational Life

Angela Hancock

How Then Shall We Read?: Karl Barth and The Practice of Biblical Interpretation Exploring Christian Worship Living Into Your Baptism How to Listen to a Sermon Praying the Psalms
Practical Theodicy: What do Christians do when bad things happen?  
The Provocative Parables of Jesus
Pulpit, Politics, and Pathos: Protestant Rhetoric and the National Socialist Revolution

Roger Owens

Christian Spirituality Various Topics
Adaptive Leadership/Missional Leadership
Spirituality for Christian Leadership
False Self and True Self in Christian Spirituality

Ron Tappy

Old Testament and Archaeology 
Historical Geography of the Holy Land
Kinship and Covenant in the Biblical World
The Battle of Lachish and the Theology of Jerusalem
The Tell Dan Inscription and the House of David
Tel Zayit: A Biblical Village in the Foothills of Judah
How Then Shall We Trust God? A Study of the Psalms
Writers on the Wind:  Extra-Biblical Texts and What They Tell Us about Biblical Israel
The Life and Times of Amos the Prophet
Jacob, Esau, and the Kinship Ties that Bind
Jerusalem and Samaria: Royal Cities of the Ancient Israel

Heather Vacek

History of Christianity in America
History of Protestants and Mental Illness in America
Twentieth-Century American Protestantism
History of Christianity and Politics in America
Theologies of Disability and Suffering
The Reformation