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Pittsburgh Theological Seminary students answer their calls to seminary and ministry in a number of ways. They're military chaplains, church planters, community organizers, and pastors. Master of Divinity (M.Div.),  Master of Arts (M.A.), and Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) alumnae/i find themselves doing work all over the world, in Pittsburgh’s surrounding communities—Indiana, Washington, Warren, Erie, New Castle, Altoona—and in every corner of Pennsylvania, rural, urban, everywhere—and in states and countries around the world. We are excited to share the diverse, spirited, and meaningful journeys of our students, and what their time at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary means to them. Click on the names below to read more about our students.

tyler bayless mdiv program student Karyn Bigelow MDiv program student
Tyler Bayless Following graduation, MDiv student Tyler Bayless plans to serve full time as a military chaplain. Karyn Bigelow Karyn’s ministry calling is to help women in need, specifically to have a pure heart. "I want every woman to know God intimately, and for her to let God work on her the same way God does for me.”
Calvin Chong STM program student lisa davis ma program student
Calvin Chong Calvin is at PTS—on an international student scholarship—and when he graduates he will return to Malaysia to teach and earn his doctoral degree. "When I respond, God provides." Lisa Davis Lisa felt a growing desire to go deeper into the realm of academia that she couldn’t ignore. With the Seminary’s library, Kelso Museum, and class options, it is the perfect place for her.
Danielle Graham, MDiv program alumna rich hanlon mdiv program student
Danielle Graham Over the course of her years at Pittsburgh Seminary, Danielle has been spiritually, emotionally, and academically challenged, but most importantly she felt her call to ministry. Rich Hanlon “Being responsible for the natural world is more than just something to preach about. It is how I should be living my life.”
Shana Hutchings MDiv program student rob jones mdiv program alumnus
Shana Hutchings "I have been confirmed in my call to ministry countless times as a seminary student. We welcomed our third child during my second year here, and we not only survived, but really thrived in this community." Rob Jones Pursuing knowledge and teaching is something Rob ’14, graduate of the MDiv program, is passionate about. "What I really enjoy about research is the curiosity, is the starting with a question and diving deep.”
Amy Jun MDiv program student Scott Lawrence MDiv program student
Ea Kyoung (Amy) Jun Here she is, following not her will but God’s will, preparing the rest of her life for the most precious thing—spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Scott Lawrence “The more you dive into theology and worship the more you realize just how small you are in comparison to God.  It’s truly humbling, but extremely good."
Alan Olson MDiv program student Melanie Timbers MDiv/MSW program student
Alan Olson M.Div. student Alan Olson went on four World Mission Initiative cross-cultural trips while a seminarian. To him, getting out of one’s context is an essential aid in ministry. Melanie Timbers Melanie has spent her time diving into her classes, cultivating a firmer foundation in God through biblical studies, and continuously discerning her call to church leadership.

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