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SYI 2016 Trips

In 2016, the Miller Summer Youth Institute and World Mission Initiative will be hosted two international trips. For 20 years, SYI has been teaching us to ask critical questions and to examine our faith and faith practices. Join us as we travel around the globe and continue to ask these questions.

Upcoming Trips


Jan. 7-15, 2016

In recent years, books like When Helping Hurts and Toxic Charities have caused many to begin asking questions about international aid and traditional mission practices. While doing traditional service work through the Outreach Foundation, an organization dedicated to “building the capacity of church partners,” we will be building relationships with pastors in ministry, providing support and encouragement, and asking critical questions about ways in which churches in America can better partner with our international brothers and sisters. Learn more.


Aug. 8-18, 2016

In a time when many churches are struggling to understand the conversations about divestment and Israeli-Palestinian relations, this trip seeks to listen to members of the indigenous Christian church in the region. Many trips to Israel/Palestine focus on seeing ancient sites and thinking about those who lived in Biblical times. While some time will be spent seeing the religious sites of Israel and Palestine, the primary focus of the trip is to meet with individuals and families living in this region. Participants will visit and learn from the indigenous Church of Jerusalem and have an opportunity to encourage fellow Christians. We will be listening to their stories and the stories of people of different faiths so we might better understand the issues and struggles of people in the region. We will be traveling with Grace Tours, a local organization. Learn more.


Apply online through the World Mission Initiative.  

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