Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Student Groups

NIA (means Purpose in Swahili) provides a means whereby the Seminary acknowledges the full inclusion and diversity of African American and International Seminarians in our community. Through prayer, fellowship, encouragement of our individual talents and gifts, and its Christ-centered activities, NIA brings to the Seminary’s attention both the concerns and needs of ethnic groups. NIA welcomes the participation of all the seminarians from the PTS community, and their families, as we enjoy our journey with Christ together. 
Contact: nia@pts.edu

Pittsburgh Seminary Journal is a student-led publication which edits and compiles PTS student and faculty submissions into the annual PTS Journal. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. The yearly cut-off for publication is the start of Term 3. Read the latest issue.
Contact: journal@pts.edu

Preaching Association provides local churches with student pulpit supply and, in turn, provides students with pulpits to gain experience in churches. E-mail the Preaching Association in order to become a part of its reference list.
Contact: preachingassoc@pts.edu

Presbyterian Student Fellowship is an organization that provides support for Presbyterian students as they go through the ordination process. They host monthly meetings with discussion topics such as, Committee on Preparation for Ministry, General Assembly, searching for a calling, and other Presbyterian terminology.
Contact: psf@pts.edu

Rainbow Covenant is a student organization that intentionally offers genuine welcome to all of God’s children.They stand with future and present leaders of the church united in honoring all those called to ministry through Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, regardless of sexuality or gender expression.

Sports and Rec Club (SRC) offers multiple opportunities for weekly exercise and fellowship. SRC organizes regular games of ultimate Frisbee, football, basketball, and deck hockey, as well as offers a walking club. They also take special trips for skiing and an annual PCUSA Seminary Frisbee tournament.
Contact: src@pts.edu

United Methodist Student Fellowship (UMSF) founded in 1985, the UMSF aims to connect United Methodist students, faculty and staff, as well as provide a means of contact to the United Methodist system for Methodist students.  The group holds monthly lunchtime gatherings, the second Thursday of every month, featuring speakers invited to discuss a variety of Methodist-related topics. Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pts.umsf
Contact: umf@pts.edu

Women's Caucus In order to break down barriers between gender roles and stereotypes, the mission of the Women's Caucus is to build community with love, to advocate for women, and to offer education for women and men in ministry to further the ideals of love, equality, and community.  
Contact: WC@pts.edu