Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Financial Aid

It is at the heart of our mission to prepare pastors and lay leaders for the Church. To fulfill this mission, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary is committed to providing generous financial support to students of all denominations who qualify for financial assistance.

The Seminary awards financial aid in the forms of merit scholarships, need-based tuition grants, housing grants, and work-support to full-time master’s students. For the 2015-2016 academic year, the average need-based award is $11,112. Students can qualify for merit scholarships in addition to the need-based awards. Doctor of Ministry students are also eligible for need-based tuition grants.

Less than half of 2015 graduates borrowed a loan to supplement their expenses at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. The average indebtedness for the 2015 graduating class was $18,950 for the entire masters degree, well below the national average for masters level indebtedness.