Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Take Your First Class Half Off

New students can now take their first course half off! Classes begin in September, November, and March. This discount applies to the 2017-2018 academic year and all master's-level programs. Apply now to save half off your first class.

Additionally, students newly enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Urban Ministry program can also save half off. This graduate-level, flexible program allows community members and seminarians to explore their Christian vocation in urban settings. We welcome students from all denominations to think about how to apply their faith to where they work, live, and play. Learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Urban Ministry and this special discount.

Degree Programs

The Seminary's degree programs include

  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Divinity with Joint Degrees in Social Work, Public Policy, or Law
  • Master of Divinity with Emphasis in Church Planting
  • Master of Divinity or Master of Arts with Certificate in Urban Ministry
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry
  • Master of Arts in Theological Studies
  • Master of  Theology
  • Doctor of Ministry

Financial Aid

The Seminary awards financial aid in the form of merit scholarships, need-based tuition grants, housing grants, and work-support to full-time master’s degree students. For part-time students enrolled in at least six credits, merit scholarships and need-based grants are available. The average need-based package is $14,715 for master's-level students who receive tuition grants, housing grants, and/or work opportunity. (This does not include students who also receive a Merit Scholarship in addition to the need-based grants which averages $17,600.). Doctor of Ministry and certificate students are also eligible for need-based tuition grants.

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Learn more about visiting PTS. Join us for a visit event, or plan your own day on campus to learn more about the Seminary, the city, and the rigors of our degree programs.

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