Featured Space: The Active Learning Center

While the addition of  a 24/7 space is the most obvious feature of the renovated Barbour Library, there are a number of new spaces to get to know! Have you visited the renovated library's Active Learning Center (ALC)? Located on the second floor in the back left corner of the building, the ALC is designed to accomodate active studiers. Along with warm yellow walls and some great natural light, the ALC is furnished with:

  • Electronically adjustasble sit stand desks that allow you to choose your perfect desk height
  • 4 balance stools for active sitting
  • A walking treadmill desk
  • A recumbent bike desk

Whether you learn better while in motion, or need to keep moving to avoid drifting off to sleep over your (seemingly) endless amount of homework readings, the ALC is ready to meet that need. Come by and read Barth while you bike!