Master's Degree Programs

To determine each student's financial need, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary uses the following tuition charges, fees, and expenses based on the average cost of living in Western Pennsylvania for a nine month academic year. Actual living expenses for each student will vary based on his/her standard of living, spending habits, and values.

2017-2018 Full-Time Master's Degree Programs

Expense On-campus Commuter
Tuition, based on 36 credits*  $11,988  $11,988
Books $999 $999
Comprehensive Student Fee* $300 $300
Rent $5,332 $900
Food $2,443 $1,000
Transportation $2,206 $3,309
Miscellaneous** $7,569 $7,569
Average Loan Federal Fee at PTS $113 $113
Total $30,950 $26,178

* Estimated Tuition is $333/credit (example 9 credits/3 terms = $8,991).
** Personal care, clothing, cable, telephone, etc.

PTS has the authority to use professional judgment to adjust the Cost of Attendance on a case-by-case basis to allow for special circumstances. The student should submit written explanation and documentation to be considered.

Federal guidelines consider consumer debt a lifestyle choice and does not include it in the eligibility calculations. 

Doctor of Ministry Program

The following tuition charges, institutional fees, and amounts are based on the average cost of participating on-site in the Doctor of Ministry program. Actual expenses will vary and will be used to determine a student’s eligibility for institutional need-based tuition grants.

2017-2018 Full-Time Doctoral Program for PTS Grants

Tuition, based on four courses* $4,296
Books $600
Comprehensive Student Fee $200
Meals $400
Housing $1,200
Travel** $850
Total $7,546

* Estimated Tuition Fee per credit is $358/credit. 
** Travel costs will vary due to traveling distance.

Part-Time Enrollment and Others

For tuition and fee information, please visit Tuition and Fees