Q. Is SYI just for students who want to be pastors or missionaries?

A. No, SYI is for everyone! Our goal is that you understand whatever field you chose to go into as a call from God. Twenty percent of our alumni go into full-time ministry, the other 80 percent serve God as doctors, teachers, lawyers, nurses, engineers, computer programmers, accountants - the list goes on and on. We want you to understand your life and work as a gift and call. We will work throughout the week to do just that!

Q. What college credits will I earn?

A. You will earn one college credit in religion. The credit will transfer as an elective credit to the college/university of your choice.

Q. Are the college credits transferrable? 

A. Yes, Waynesburg University will work with you to transfer the credit to the college/university of your choice. It is a graded course, not pass/fail, which will transfer as an elective credit. 

Q. How will the class be graded?

A. Students will write a one-page reflection paper each day. In addition, students will present on a topic of their choosing (from the coursework) and how that topic affects them in their life today. 

Q. What is the class about? 

A. The class is on a three year rotation, so you can attend each year and learn something new each time!  We will be looking at the spread of the gospel through the book of Acts, Church worship and architecture, or an introduction to the Old Testament. You will learn from Waynesburg University and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary faculty. 

Q. Will we have any fun? 

A. So much fun! First of all, you get to come to college! You will live in a college dorm and take a college course for one week. It is an incredible opportunity and adventure - that is definitely fun. Your coursework will be fun, engaging, and challenging. Our goal is that students gain a better understanding of who God is calling them to be and what God is calling them to do through this week-long experience. We will have an incredible field trip on Wednesday to Pittsburgh and we will have fun at Kennywood Amusement Park!

Q. Do I have to sleep on campus to come to the program?

A. Yes, this is a fully residential program. All students must reside on campus throughout the entirety of the program. 

Q. Is the cost of transportation included?

A. No, the cost of transportation is not included. But all of your supplies, food, room, and college credits are included in the price of $450.