The Science and Theology Focus draws on professors who have a depth of knowledge about theology and ministry. Some are scientists, some serve in other capacities, and all have ably demonstrated their ability to bridge the two disciplines of faith and science, the narratives of science and theology which intertwine and weave a most interesting pattern. 

There is a great deal of confusion about science and faith leaving most people in a reactive mode and unable to consciously decipher what they think in relation to what they practice. The goal of the Science and Theology Focus is one of providing space for pastors to consider these issues directly, to be in conversation with one another and with scholars, and then to return to their contexts of ministry able to provide leadership in order to reclaim the conversation that has become so fraught with hyperbole and tension. 

If you are a pastor who wishes to participate in the leading edge of an exciting and engaging set of seminars, apply now for the upcoming cohort.

Classes meet for two weeks in January and June for two years in Pittsburgh. This program is 36 credits and is to be completed in three years. Applications are accepted on a continual basis. Apply now to reserve your space in the next group, which begins in January 2018 in Pittsburgh.

Classes Include

  • Introduction to the Doctor of Ministry Degree Program and Pastoral Leadership

  • Biblical Texts in the World of Contemporary Science (Part I)

  • Preaching the Biblical Texts in the World of Contemporary Science (Part II)

  • Theology and Biological Evolution

  • Human Origins and Human Futures: Theology and the Technologies of Human Transformation

  • Theology, Technology, and Society

  • Neuroscience in Theological and Pastoral Perspective

  • Science/Theology and Ministry