Through the preparation of a Position Description, a church or agency introduces its opportunity for student growth and learning through the required year-long field placement. The Position Description form requests information related to setting, range of opportunities available, and the supervision that will be provided for the student.  Please supply enough information on the form so that the field education office and the inquiring student may have the distinctive details that show this place as a quality opportunity. The information should be typed.

The cover sheet will be filed separately so that access to the information can be controlled. The last two pages will be copied and posted, both on our bulletin board and online, and the original will be kept on file in the Field Education Office. Additional information such as detailed job descriptions, brochures, or reports from the church or agency may be supplied and will be kept on file also.

For employment/education of a student during the 2017-2018 academic year, position descriptions are due to the Field Education office no later than March 6, 2017. (Please note that this information can be submitted electronically.)

General Instructions

Position title: Most students in the field education program are designated as "student assistant" or "student assistant pastor (or minister)." More limited titles such as "youth director" or "Christian Education assistant" should be used if that is an honest representation of the student’s responsibilities.

"Student pastor" describes a person who is responsible for the ministerial leadership of a church or churches; such positions require the student to reduce the academic load to nine credit hours.

The term "intern" might best be reserved for those half-time to full-time positions which preclude students from devoting their primary attention to classroom study.

Description of the Field Placement Setting: Describe the church or organization, its community, constituency, size, programs of note, including other details that would help a student understand the situation. Attach supplementary information, if necessary.

Description of the opportunities and responsibilities intended for the student: Specify whether or not the student will have full access to the program and experience of the church or will be limited to certain work responsibilities. Indicate whether you think the placement qualifies for the requirements for field education for second-year students by indicating what opportunities there will be for supervised experience in church education, pastoral care, administration, and worship leadership and preaching. If the position is for a student pastor, indicate the nature of those duties so that a student can anticipate the required reduction in course load.

Description of supervisory arrangements: Give brief information about the education, experience, and further credentials of the principal supervisor. Indicate what other elements of supervision will be available, such as task supervisors, local training programs, resource persons, a local support committee, etc.

Practical arrangements: The Seminary recommends a minimum stipend of $350 a month and travel reimbursement at the current IRS rate for travel related to field education positions (not travel to and from the site). Students are expected to give approximately 10 hours of service on the field each week for this compensation. Travel to and from the field is not to be counted, but time spent in supervisory conferences and preparations directly relating to the tasks to be performed should be included when calculating the total number of hours per week.

To file this form electronically:

Policy Statement

The Seminary has an equal employment opportunity policy in accord with faculty action and denominational policy. On April 12, 1962, Pittsburgh Presbytery urged churches to accept students without regard to race or color. Subsequent decisions have extended this policy to eliminate discrimination against women. The Seminary will not take the initiative in informing an applicant for field education assistance of the race (or sex) of the candidate.