A Collaboration of the Church Planting Initiative and Pittsburgh Presbytery


  • May 7-8, 2020
  • Sept. 10-11, 2020
  • Nov. 12-13, 2020
  • Feb. 4-5, 2021
  • With a final presentation March 18, 2021

Program Overview

The Transformation and Revitalization Fellowship forms church members toward curiosity and hope, that they might listen to the Holy Spirit with their communities, discern God’s presence and activity there, and develop a missional imagination in and for their neighborhoods.

The Transformation and Revitalization Fellowship will introduce insights more deeply developed in the Certificate in Church Planting and Revitalization so that change leaders might be empowered within their churches. The program is designed to be accessible to leaders with a variety of educational backgrounds. Through instruction, collaborative and experiential learning, and reflection, participants will work together to discern and design an experiment to implement in their church. At the end of the program their experiments will be presented to Administrative Commission for Transformation, which will offer ACT a picture of what was learned through the program and will offer students the opportunity to seek funding from ACT for their experimental ministries. The Transformation and Revitalization Fellowship will include programming Thursday evenings and all day Friday once per quarter starting in May, concluding with one final dinner with ACT.

In partnership with the Pittsburgh Presbytery, the Seminary is inviting teams of two to three member leaders from up to six churches to join this program. This is not limited to Presbyterian churches.


Listening and Leading: Spiritual Formation and Missional Discernment

May 7-8, 2020

Believing that God calls, gifts, and sends us into God’s world, Listening and Leading will introduce students to practices of personal and communal discernment regarding issues of vocation and missional ministry. The course will explore questions of vocation, discernment, and spiritual practices.

Mission-Shaped Church

Sept. 10-11, 2020

To live in keeping with God’s mission in the world, we have to confess the ways the church has wielded power violently, and reject a way of being church founded on earthly powers and economic principalities. As we live as church, we will learn to lean into confession and healing while resisting the impulse to preserve and replicate broken cultures. God is working in the world, so we share life trusting there is a faithful way forward. This course is about how, even given our sins, we church people might practice the life in communion with each other and the world to which the Church is called.

Cultivating Christian Community

Nov. 12-13, 2020​​​​​​​

God’s movement in our midst gathers people into one body, creating fellowship where it did not exist and renewing existing communities. This course will explore practices related to studying and understanding a neighborhood context, developing shared spiritual practices, and discerning the mission of God in a particular context.

Missional Leadership

Feb. 4-5, 2021​​​​​​​

How does the mission of God shape leadership practice and formation? Drawing upon theories of sensemaking and adaptive leadership, this course will develop a spirituality for and a vision of faithful missional leadership as the cultivation of certain postures through intentional spiritual practice.

ACT Presentations

March 18, 2021​​​​​​​

Students will offer presentations about what intervention or experiment they hope to implement in their church context. ACT will be invited to hear student presentations and offer feedback. Through these presentations, the Transformation and Revitalization Fellowship will serve as a research and development arm for ACT as it seeks to assist, train, support, and encourage churches in the Pittsburgh Presbytery.


In order to apply to this program, individuals must complete the Fellowship Registration Form and Pastoral Reference Form, indicating church support.

These forms are due by April 21, 2020. They can be submitted online or downloaded and sent to Karen Rohrer at krohrer@pts.edu or 616 N. Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15206.

Fellowship Registration

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Pastoral Reference Form

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Each class will run from Thursday evening until Friday evening. The basic schedule is as follows:

  • Thursday Evening: Dinner and Storytelling
  • Friday Morning: Teaching
  • Friday Afternoon: Experiential Learning Activity
  • Friday Evening: Dinner and Reflection


Participants will be organized into smaller cohorts of 3 people from different churches and contexts. To ensure ongoing reflection and contact, cohorts will meet once via zoom calls between gatherings. These cohorts will serve as a basis for communal discernment among participants as they seek transformation in their neighborhood and church contexts.


Participant Cost $1,250 (covered by ACT)

Church Sponsorship $500 (payment arranged through Pastoral Reference Form)

All fees must be paid by April 21, 2020.


Classes will meet at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in the Truxall Classroom (in Barbour Library) and McNaugher Lounge, along with local restaurants and faith communities. Further details will be provided upon entrance into the program.


For each class, Thursday dinner, Friday lunch, and Friday dinner will be provided and included in the cost of the program.


CEUs will be available for clergy upon request.


Questions regarding the Transformation and Revitalization Fellowship can be directed to:

Karen Rohrer (krohrer@pts.edu), Director of the Church Planting Initiative, 412-924-1412

Judi Slater (judislater@gmail.com) or Rebecca DePoe (pastordepoe@gmail.com), ACT Representatives 

church transformation and church revitalization fellowship in Pittsburgh