Wireless (Wi-Fi)

The library offers free public wireless internet access throughout the building. To connect, click your Wi-Fi or Wireless Settings icon (iPad/iPod/Droid), Internet Connection or Network icon (Windows), or Airport icon (Mac) to show list of available networks. Choose "PTS_Wireless" and Connect. Once connected, open your web browser and agree to the PTS Wireless terms. Once you "Agree" to the terms, you will automatically be redirected to your browser's homepage.

Public Access Computers

The library has three Public Access Computers: one in the foyer and two in the small reference room. These computers are tightly secured and only provide basic browser (Internet) access and library resource viewing (e.g., catalog, databases, and journal articles). You may also check your e-mail, favorite websites, and print from these machines. Please be considerate of others and do not monopolize the computers for long periods of time.

PTS Student Computers

The library has five PTS-only (login) computers in the Periodicals Room. These computers provide students, faculty, and staff a place to research and write. They include Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, and BibleWorks 9. You can print to a library printer (coin-operated machine) or to the computer lab in Long Hall (free printing - student access only).

PTS Student Printing

Students can access free printing in the library. At this time, that feature is only available from the PTS student computers, not the public computers or over Wi-Fi.


The library has two Xerox printer/copiers available for public use. One is located in the back of the Periodicals Room and the other is located in the front print room next to the entrance/exit. These are coin- and copy-card operated machines.
Copies can be purchased with coins/dollars or with a copy-card (which gives patrons a discounted price per copy):

  •  copies = $0.10 per page
  •  copy cards = $1.00 (cards are empty until value is added)
  •  copies with copy card = $0.07 per page

Microfilm/fiche Readers

The library has two microfiche/film readers in the Periodicals Room. Please go to the Circulation Desk if assistance is needed.

Laptop / AV / Projector

The library has a record (vinyl) player, cassette tape player, laptop, and projector available for student use. Please contact a librarian if you would like to use these.