PTS Library Renovation Team

Tom Hinds, Vice President of Finance and Administration

Michelle Spomer, Library Director

Tom Fulton, Facilities Manager

Darlene Veghts, Head of Technical Services (Library)

Alyson Pope, Head of Public Services (Library)

David Middleton, Director of IT

Andrew Greenhow, Special Projects Manager


PTS Steering Committee

Heather Vacek, Vice Present for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty

David Esterline, President

James Gockley, Board of Directors

David Greusel, Board of Directors

Ben Rumbaugh, Student Representative


LGA Partners (Architect)

Jonathan Glance, Principal-in-Charge

Sean Sheffler, Project Manager

Khari Peart, Project Architect

Sarah Janosik, Interior Designer

Caroline Vranesevic, Interior Designer

Lucia Aguirre, Sustainability Coordinator


PJ Dick Trumbull

Bob Simpson, Construction Superintendent

Matthew Feuer, Project Manager

Raghav Kaushik, Project Engineer


VEBH Architects (Owner’s Representative)

Dan Engen, Principal

John Reid, Senior Associate


Contacts: For questions regarding construction, contact Tom Hinds. For questions regarding library operations, contact Michelle Spomer.