Update for May 3, 2018

Can you feel the excitement building? The glass curtain wall went up last week! The pressure washing, repointing, and window replacement are giving the outside a fresh look. The new front entrance is underway, too. Despite the rain and cold temperatures in April, the flat roof is 100 percent complete. And the utility hook-ups started last week. 

Inside top to bottom everything is new and improved! The beautiful terrazzo floor installation and the elevator assembly started April 23. All the rooms in the library, including meeting rooms, Fred Rogers Family Room, Integrative Learning Space, closed carrels, study rooms, computer lab, café, and Writing Center, have been laid out and are being painted. Work on the ceiling grids, heating/cooling vents, lighting, and sprinkler systems are well underway. The two-story atrium and new central stairwell are nearing completion. The furniture order has also been placed! And some dates to note:

· The Kadel temporary library is going to cease circulation June 22.

· A pop-up library will be established in the temporary reference room in Kadel June 25.

· Stay tuned for dates when the renovated Barbour Library will re-open.


Update for March 13, 2018

The library construction is flying along! Workers have opened a hole in the roof where the skylight will eventually go, and have started hanging drywall throughout the building. Inside you can begin to see rooms and spaces taking shape. Thanks for all your ongoing patience! Visit our photo gallery on the Library Renovation Photos page to see more; the 'Library Renovation' photos progress chronologically from left to right.


Update for January 25, 2018

There has been a lot of major visible progress made on the Barbour Library. For one thing, the building is missing a wall! That void covered in plastic sheeting facing the courtyard will eventually become a beautiful glass wall. On the top floor of the library, if you close one eye and tilt your head just right, you can start to see where all the rooms will be because the framing and HVAC ductwork are almost all done. The first floor is coming along well in this regard and the basement layout is getting started, too.  As the walls get framed in, visual progress will happen quickly. It’s an exciting time and all is on schedule.



Update for December 21, 2017

Demo continues at a rapid pace in the library! Walls, ceilings, doors, floors, and interior stairs are long gone. The concrete has been cut (using a robot!) between the first and second floors to make room for the atrium and through both interior floors for the relocation of the central stairway. The installation of the ductwork has begun, and trenches have been dug in the ground floor for water and sewage lines. The stone tablets bracketing the front doors have already been removed intact for reuse in the renovated building, and demolition of the front entryway is being planned for the upcoming Christmas break to minimize disruptions on campus.