Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Bridging the Word and the World

3/23 2012

Life on Cruise Control

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It is so easy to go through life on cruise control. You wake up, go to work or class, study, run errands, and then go to bed. Seminary is a wonderful time of preparation for ministry, but it is also a place where ministry has already begun. As a Christian, we ought to live our life as a blessing for others. Habits that effective pastors have built into their everyday routine did not all of a sudden appear when they became ordained. They were habits that were developed long ago before they ever were called or appointed to a church.

I write this blog post to encourage all of us not to live our lives on cruise control. We are so blessed to be able to have the freedom and opportunity to come to a place to learn, realize our gifts, discern our call, meet other Christians that are passionate about the same things, and to have the opportunity to live into an effective ministry-filled life right now. Sadly, many of us – myself included – reason our way out of risks or opportunities to be a blessing to others. We find ministry to others to be inconvenient, and sometimes we lack the courage to step out in faith and allow the Holy Spirit to work in us.

Pittsburgh is a city bursting at the seams with opportunities to positively touch the lives of other people through the many ministries and organizations. My prayer is that all of us are living a life that is intentional about hands-on ministry shaped by our theology. My hope for us all is that we would be bold enough to allow God to use us to bless, encourage, minister, love, and to reach one person. I leave you with a quote, “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.” As Christians, we are all called. Let’s allow God to use us to make a difference.

Brian, Senior MDiv student