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Today I found myself mixed between sketching out the script for a musical about a group of Presbyterian ruling elders in a rural congregation whose faith is challenged by the 221st General Assembly and reading the Wikipedia entry on reasons to be excommunicated from the church amidst my time of trying to finish all the […]

Last week has been an emotional rollercoaster in the personal sense and another great SYI week in the seminary sense. As always, the interns are deep into their roles; whether it be destroying walls in a house without floors, taking kids on a field trip, analyzing Chalcolithic sherds, or writing at 385 TPM (types per […]

The past two weeks have been filled with labor and Jesus- just like we like them at SYI. We continued our respective assignments: now featuring SYI mission groups! Garfield Community Farm and the worksites at Open Hand Ministries have been bustling with activity every day. My week of scheduled meetings, museum research, and general scribbling […]