SYI Blog

  Monday, July 16th: Day one of the final week of Freedom Camp; it’s a bittersweet feeling for sure. This morning I got up and drove to Valley View around 9. Today was pretty lax, I stayed with Rhema most of the day floating around. I half helped teach, half went with the Angels to […]

This week during SYI was a week to reflect. Monday I had an extremely refreshing meeting with Kimberly Gonxhe, Director of the Metro Urban Institute at PTS. We spoke about some of the obvious gentrification issues within the Pittsburgh community. Kimberly and I had a lot in common. We both came from similar households, and […]

Sunday – July 8th: I slept in today and watched my home church service online in the morning. At 3pm, I went over to the Davenports’ office to help setup for the arrival of the Sewickley Presbyterian Church mission group. We setup the Knox room by arranging the chairs then brought all the necessary craft […]