Pittsburgh Theological Seminary’s World Mission Initiative is committed to offering intercultural, experiential learning opportunities for students and congregation mission leaders to help shape the ways that they engage in God’s mission. By seeing how the Global Church is working to share faith and work for justice and peace, we are encouraged to do the same in ways appropriate to our own contexts. By seeing injustice, racism, and the root causes of poverty around the world, we are better able to see it in our own contextsand find the strength to work for their eradication.

Intercultural experiential learning opportunities are offered during the PTS J-Term as short-term mission trips every year. Apply now for a mission trip, and make a trip payment using our secure online payment form. There are also longer-term internships and volunteer opportunities available. Contact Hunter Farrell at hfarrell@pts.edu for more information about these programs. WMI also provides a list of helpful travel resources for those traveling abroad on short-term mission trips.

WMI mission trips are open to PTS students, local pastors, and church mission leaders. PTS students and other mission trip participants greatly value the theological lessons and life-changing mission trip experiences offered by WMI. Many students believe that their experiences in cross-cultural mission will affect their ministrywhether in the church, the community, or the world! Read the WMI trip reflections to learn more about what students and other trip participants think about their mission trip experiences. For information on how WMI helps students with the cost of trips, visit our Financial Assistance page