The World Mission Initiative resources congregations interested in expanding their mission knowledge. Check out our resources below and please contact us to learn more about how we can serve you!

Build mission awareness in your congregation with a mission speaker

Request a mission speaker for your church or upcoming mission event! Contact us for more information:

Go deeper: engage WMI to evaluate your mission program

WMI is available to help you evaluate and improve your church’s mission program. Contact Hunter Farrell for more information:

Increase WMI’s impact on congregations and future mission leaders

WMI is looking for 10 more congregations to help us engage students and congregational mission leaders to more fully participate in God’s global mission! By partnering with WMI, your congregation gains access to our network’s resources and mission expertise. Download our church partnership information sheet and agreement or contact Hunter Farrell for more information:

Participate in a WMI short-term mission experience

WMI offers short-term mission opportunities every January, where we delve deeper into the Spirit’s work in places around the world. Check out this year’s opportunities.

Attend the WMI spring conference and other congregational events

WMI’s biennial conference focuses on ways that congregations can more effectively engage in God’s global mission. Read more about the conference, and check out our other upcoming events.