Events in the Library

Events Guidelines

Our Event Guidelines are intended primarily for events that use spaces and/or furniture outside the reservable rooms in 25Live, as well as events that use several library spaces at once.

In general, when considering holding an event in the library, please note the following:

  • Events outside the 24/7 space (Kelley-Orr Lounge, Meeting Room 105) must be held when the library is open.
  • In addition to when the library is closed, events in the library should be not be planned during the following times:
    • Ordination and Bible content exams
    • Mid-term reading weeks
    • Reading/Final exam weeks
  • Events should be requested and arranged well in advance.
  • As the library building functions primarily for research and study, there may be activity and conversation from patrons and staff nearby or at the front desk.
  • Similarly, reserving a space displaces library users, so other available spaces on campus should also be considered for your event.

After placing a reservation request for your event in 25Live, the user services librarian will contact you (or your designated contact person) for a walk-through and to discuss furniture, food, and setup options and answer any questions you may have. This is required for the first time you have a particular event in the library. If you have the same or similar event in the future, a walk-through is not necessary as long as the setup and event size is the same.

For full guidelines and procedures for holding events in the library, please see our Event Guidelines.