Pittsburgh Theological Seminary is well-known for its academic rigor and high standards for its master’s programs, doctoral programs, and certificate courses. If you are seeking a theological degree from an affordable and supportive seminary, we welcome you to explore our program offerings and contact our Admissions Office to learn more. 

The Seminary is committed to theological and social diversity, welcoming students from a variety of Christian denominations. In the classroom, you'll sit with others who look, think, and believe differently than you, enhancing the experience of your time at seminary. 

Explore the list of degree and certificate programs below and find a seminary program that's right for your call in God’s world and your career in Christian ministry. 

Seminary Master’s Degrees

Pittsburgh Seminary offers a variety of graduate degrees, including a master of divinity degree, a master’s in pastoral studies, and a master of theological studies. Depending on your career goals and particular calling to Christian ministry and service, consider which seminary degree would be best suitable for you.

Evening, Part-Time Seminary Programs

The flexible evening program at PTS allows you to start your seminary education while continuing your full-time job, family, church, and social activities. All seminary master's programs can be completed on a part-time schedule through evening classes. Learn more about the evening program.

Master of Divinity (M.Div.) Degree 

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree is a professional program that prepares students for ordained ministry and pastoral leadership in congregations, chaplaincy, and other settings. The M.Div. coursework integrates classical theological study, the missional nature of ministry, and Christian spiritual formation. Through supervised field education, students practice ministry and explore vocational discernment in congregations and other settings. When followed on a full-time basis, seminary students normally complete the Master of Divinity program in three years. Learn more about the M.Div. degree.

M.Div. Concentrations

Students have the option to concentrate their M.Div. degree in forming new faith communities, urban ministry, or Episcopal/Anglican studies.

M.Div. Joint Degree Programs

In addition to enrolling in the Seminary’s M.Div. program, students have the option to cross-register with several institutions in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area, including Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University, the University of Pittsburgh, and others, thereby expanding their educational opportunities at a great value.

Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies (M.A.P.S.) 

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies (MAPS) is a graduate seminary program that equips students for ministry leadership in congregations, non-profits, and other settings. Over two years, the pastoral studies courses provide grounding in core disciplines and a variety of ministerial electives to suit their interests and their future career in Christian ministry. To complete the pastoral studies program, each student produces a final project related to their ministerial context and one year of field education. Learn more about the master of arts in pastoral studies program.

Pastoral Studies Concentration and Joint Degree

The Master’s in Ppastoral Studies program can be customized with an Episcopal/Anglican concentration or the Graduate Certificate in Urban Ministry

Examine pastoral studies through a new lens by pursuing a joint degree. In collaboration with Duquesne University, this combined Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies / Juris Doctor (M.A.P.S./JD) Joint Degree program aligns your seminary degree with the study of law. 

Master of Theological Studies (MTS) Degree Program

With flexibility to tailor the seminary program to the student’s interest, the Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree provides a focused understanding of one or more theological disciplines. At the end of the two-year program, each student completes a final project that deeply explores a chosen topic. A theological studies degree prepares graduates for further academic study or for general education purposes. Learn more about the Master of Theological Studies degree.

Theological Studies Joint Degree Program

Expand your theology degree with a perspective on the law. Learn more about our joint degree program—the Master of Theological Studies / Juris Doctor (MTS/JD) Joint Degree program with Duquesne University.

Doctor of Ministry Degree Program

The Doctor of Ministry degree allows students to explore a theological question or spiritual challenge in their context. We offer a number of D.Min. focus areas including:

  • Christian Spirituality
  • Creative Writing and Public Theology
  • Missional Leadership
  • Eastern Christian Focus (Eastern Orthodox Tradition) 
  • Intergenerational Black Church Studies
  • Parish Ministry: Risking Faithfully
  • Risking Faithfully: Disruption as Revelation and Resurrection 

Past cohorts have been centered on Science and Theology and Reformed Theology. 

Nurturing careers in Christian ministry, the D.Min. degree is a professional doctoral degree providing space for renewal, growth, companionship among peers, and rich dialogue with faculty. Learn more about the Doctor of Ministry program.

Certificate Programs

Pittsburgh Seminary’s certificate programs are shorter and more flexible credentials that serve as excellent continuing education for ordained clergy and Christian non-profit leadership. They are also excellent opportunities for students involved in lay leadership and other church roles to expand their knowledge of ministry, leadership, and Scripture. Many of these seminary programs can be completed in a year and some feature a hybrid combination of online and in-person coursework.

Graduate Certificate in Adaptive and Innovative Ministry

Through the Graduate Certificate in Adaptive and Innovative Ministry, participants learn to listen to the Holy Spirit and their communities, practice leading teams in discerning God’s activity, and nurture spiritual renewal in their life and calling. Supported by peers and experienced missional leaders, our hybrid online and intensive classes allow church leaders to grow in ministry and intellectual formation. Learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Adaptive and Innovative Ministry.

Graduate Certificate in Ministry

The Graduate Certificate in Ministry explores the foundations of ministry and service to the church. Required courses include theology or history; Bible; and two Preaching and Communications, Introduction to Caring Ministry, or other Ministry Studies courses. With the option to be completed in one year, this seminary program is ideal for Sunday School teachers, deacons, and elders, plus those who want to expand their knowledge of Scripture. Learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Ministry.

Graduate Certificate in Missional Leadership

The Seminary’s Graduate Certificate in Missional Leadership prepares students for leadership in congregations or non-profit organizations involved in mission work. Students study church history or theology, the Bible, contextual analysis, and broad preparation in evangelism to be equipped for international missions. When taking two courses per semester, the program can be completed in one year. Learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Missional Leadership.

Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies provides students with a general introduction to theological inquiry to expand their knowledge of Scripture. Four required courses—church history, theology, Bible, and an elective—examine biblical, theological, and historical concepts relevant to the church. When taking two courses per semester, this theology certificate can be completed in one year. Learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies.

Graduate Certificate in Urban Ministry

The Graduate Certificate in Urban Ministry is a flexible year-long program offered through the Seminary’s Metro-Urban Institute. Community members and seminary students from all denominations thoughtfully consider how to apply their faith to the urban settings where they work, live, and serve. This seminary program can be completed as a stand-alone certificate or combined with any of the master's degrees. Learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Urban Ministry.

Non-Degree Spiritual Formation Program

Offered by the Office of Continuing Education, the Spiritual Formation Certificate program provides lay persons and pastors the opportunity to enter more deeply into the life of the Spirit. Started more than 25 years ago, completion of this challenging program involves participation in an Immersion Experience, six elective courses, a practicum, and a pilgrimage. Learn more about the Spiritual Formation Certificate program.

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The academic programs at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary uplift our students’ callings and prepare them for productive service to the Church. Our master’s degrees and certificate programs are rooted in theology, missional leadership, and career-ready skills so students are best equipped for roles in Christian ministry across a variety of settings. 

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