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The library’s contemporary relevance as a vibrant theological resource hinges on its adapting to the ways that modern-day patrons make use of library collections and interact within the library’s walls. Transforming our library for such service involved the first-ever, comprehensive updating of the library facility—its interior design, furnishings, systems, and spaces. The project was completed in 2018 and addresses the full range of renovation needs to: establish creative, new spaces that will inspire people to engage with theological ideas and each other in community and collaboration; incorporate innovation that supports theological reflection, inquiry, and research; and preserve our collection purposefully

Explore our website, watch this video, check out photos below of the renovation process, and come visit us to learn more about all that the Library has to offer our Seminary community, local neighbors, and beyond.

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Welcome to the Barbour Library! The building was dedicated in 1964 and fully renovated in 2018. Take a look around!

Library Before Renovation

Library Move and Building Preparation

Temporary Library

Library Renovation