Library News

Black history Month On the second floor, find our Black History Month display with books, music, and movies to commemorate this important month. Learn about Pittsburgh playwright August Wilson, how music inspired the Civil Rights Movement, the history of African-Americans in Pittsburgh, and read celebratory children's books!

Devotional/Inspirational Literature

Our first floor display, Devotional/Inspirational Literature, includes titles that provide daily meditations; scripture readings; and memoirs, reflections, or other inspiration from writers, theologians, and practitioners such as Simone Weil, C. S. Lewis, and Mother Theresa.

Armchair Theolgians

Our Armchair Theologians series display (second floor), offers titles that are "written by experts but designed for the novice," tackling topics such as Liberation Theology, Heretics, and the life of John Wesley.

Don't you forget about me

Visit the ground floor to sample the Don't You Forget About Me (books from the bottom shelf) display!

Embodied Faith

On the second floor, our Embodied Faith display compliments our February 24 BookTalk with Rev. Christine Kukuk, '05 and includes titles on the theology of flesh and spirit. 

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