General Rules of Conduct

Barbour Library is an academic research library meant for quiet reading, study, and reflection. As such, patrons not using the library for one of these explicit purposes may be asked to leave the building.

As long as the following rules are adhered to, children accompanied by a parent or adult will be allowed in the Student Lounge on the second floor.

  • Voices and Noises should be kept at a minimum at all times out of respect for other library users.
  • Cell Phones should not be used in the library except in the telephone room near the front door.
  • Drinks must be in closed containers (no open cans).
  • Food may be eaten only in the Student Lounge on the second floor. Be mindful of the types of food you bring into the library (nothing with a strong or pungent smell).
  • Smoking is not permitted in the library.
  • Computers have no filtering software and may only be used by adults (18 and over).
  • Patrons and Visitors may not engage in any illegal, illicit, or questionable activity.

Theft or Defacement of Materials

The library's mission depends on its ability to preserve materials for present and future use. Therefore all cases of library theft and/or defacement of materials will be treated seriously. Theft or concealment of library materials and property with the intent to steal are offenses that violate Pennsylvania law (18 P.A.C.S. §3929.1). Violators will lose library privileges and may face criminal charges.

Marking, underlining, highlighting, cutting, bending pages, or breaking book spines to make photocopies are regarded as defacement of library materials. Persons found defacing materials will be charged for repairs and/or replacement, may lose library privileges, and may face criminal charges.

Frequent or Unpaid Fines

Those who incur frequent library fines may lose all library borrowing privileges. Library account holders whose fines go unpaid for an extended period of time will be referred to the Business Office and may be sent to a Collections Agency if cleared.

Policy Enforcement, Changes, and Appeals

Library staff reserves the right to reject or revoke library privileges and/or request removal from library or campus grounds for flagrant breaking of campus rules, library policies, or other legitimate reason.

These policies are revisited regularly and may be updated without notification.

Appealing rejected or revoked library privileges may be made in-person, at a scheduled time, with the Library director. Clearing longstanding fines may be done in-person at the Circulation Desk. If account is in Collections, the debt must be cleared with the Business Office.