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3/4 2016

Why does God hate me?

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why does god hate meA couple of months ago, the New York Times ran a fascinating article called “Googling for God.” In this piece, author Seth Stephens-Davidowitz explores recent trends in Google search data specifically related to questions people pose about God. Stephens-Davidowitz notes that the number one God-related question people ask on Google is, “Who created God?” Not surprisingly, number two is “Why does God allow suffering?” However, I was shocked and dismayed to see the question that came in at number three: “Why does God hate me?”

Stephens-Davidowitz then provides an even more troubling piece of information: “What is the most common word to complete the following question: Why did God make me ___? Number one, by far, is ‘ugly.’ The other sad answers in the top three are ‘gay’ and ‘black.’” Although the author of this article does not explicitly link “Why does God hate me?” and “Why did God make me ___?” I couldn’t help but wonder if there might be some connection between the two questions. After all, if you believe God made you “ugly,” it’s not a stretch to believe God hates you, too, since in our culture “ugly” is a very negative term that is used to denigrate people based, primarily, on their appearance. In the same way, given that those who identify as black or gay are often marginalized in our society—or even targeted for violence on the basis of those identities—it’s not hard to imagine that members of those groups might feel that God is, at best, indifferent to their plight, or, at worst, that God has hand-picked them to be oppressed and mistreated.

Reading this article made me deeply sad, because it made me realize just how many incorrect ideas about God are still out there, and how deeply those ideas are hurting people. Although the church certainly teaches that we are all sinners and have fallen short of God’s glory, it also fundamentally affirms that each one of us is created in the image of God and that through God’s grace we are loved unconditionally. Somehow it seems that this crucial message has gotten lost in the wider culture, because as the Google data show, people searching on the Internet for answers to their faith questions seem to assume that God is primarily a judgmental, capricious tyrant who selectively applies oppression and suffering to certain groups, or who makes some people “ugly” and others not.

The problem here is that it’s not God who is doing this labeling and excluding—it’s human beings. We are the ones who have created societies in which individuals are judged based on their physical appearance or on their membership in particular demographic groups, rather than on the content of their character or according to their unique gifts and skills. We—not God—are the ones who have decided that some are “in” and some are “out,” which is in direct contrast to the message we hear over and over again in Scripture: that God has come into the world to reconcile all people, through grace that is freely given to everyone. As the church, we are called to find new ways to spread the message of God’s grace and love far and wide, so that we might challenge and dismantle the erroneous theology that is causing people so much harm. My prayer is that one day, in the not-so-distant future, Google might report their top God-related searches as “Why does God care for me so much?” and “Why did God make me so beautiful and beloved?” May it be so.

The Rev. Dr. Leanna K. Fuller is assistant professor of pastoral care at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and teaches in the MDiv Program. Her ministry experience includes serving as associate pastor of Oakland Christian Church in Suffolk, Va., where she coordinated youth ministry and Christian education programming. She writes regularly on pastoral care and counseling, pastoral theology, and congregational conflict.

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        • Wow Chris you have been through a lot of bad stuff. I want you to know that God has not forgotten you. I believe you are in a spiritual war and you can win this war. You have to fight the good fight of faith. What you have to realize is you must walk by faith and not trust your feelings and some of the thoughts you are having in your head are coming from the Devil . Get the word of God in your heart, mind and mouth. You must know who you are in Christ. You are a winner. Thanks be unto God who always causes us to win in Christ. You should ask for prayer from several sources like the 700 club. Please hang in there. You are here for a reason. God has a plan for your life. Your purpose and calling could help someone else going through trouble. Ask God for what you want and what you need. Make a choice to believe God’s word is true. Believe receive, doubt do without. Don’t say God won’t answer my prayer. Choose to believe he will answer your prayer. And say it out loud. Yes he will answer my prayer. And all the promises are true and for you. All things work for your good. Rom 8: 28. Greater is he that is within you than he who is in the world. Don’t be alone there is greater strength in numbers. One will set a thousand to flight and two 10,000 to flight. Ask Jesus for peace in your heart, and joy in your soul. Ask For a job. There is something you can do, you are not too old. Don’t give up. Don’t let the Devil win this war. Any questions. If I can help you, let me know.

        • Suiside,

          i don’t know you, but please stay strong. you may be feeling this way now, but things will change.
          Don’t do anything crazy. You don’t know all the wonderful things that are waiting for you if you just stay strong.

          • Marci, sometimes things don’t change . Im 61 and my life has gone downhill since I was born, I think every day has been worse then the day before it. And yes, Im a christian and have repented and asked for forgiveness for 20 plus years. Because my life continues going down hill and I am in pain every day of my life I am choosing to end mine also

        • well,i believed that god love all of us,we just got to open our self up to him,the best ways of saying it is to always make good s choices in life,help our people if u can,and always pray,that your life get better.

      • I feel the same, suiside. I feel — no, I know — that God hates me. And I think it is just a matter of time until I commit suicide. People here try to be nice, but they don’t understand. It isn’t that God has “forgotten” me. I’d be thrilled if that was the problem. It is that God “hates” me. And he makes that clear every day. I haven’t had anything I could call a “good” day in probably six years. The worst part is that it is all just out of my reach. It wouldn’t take much for me to be happy. But every single day something strange and outside of explanation happens to make me sad and angry. If God would “forget” me, I’d probably be okay. But God makes sure, on a daily basis, that I can’t find happiness, contentment, or peace. I don’t know what I could have done to make God hate me. But it happened. More than anything, I’d just like to know what caused this.

        • Miso Sad, I couldn’t have said it better myself!! If only He would just forget me, everything would be so much better. But He hates me and torments me daily… and each day is worse than the other. My wife and I felt like He called us to open up this clothing boutique and attach His name to it. He wanted us to use proceeds from the sales to send to multiple charities, including the American Bible Society. We have done that for 4 years. The first 2 1/2 years were very prosperous financially, and we were able to bless a TON of people. There were bad days with employees and with my spouse, but not financially. Now He’s taking that away too, so bad to the point we are about to be in serious bankruptcy. Everything has gone wrong, nothing is going right. NOTHING. We can’t even feed our kids. We invested every cent of retirement to start this business because He called us to… and this is the thanks we get. We even held a FREE women’s conference that touched hundreds of women’s lives, because He told us to. Now, here we are in May of 2018 and bills are piling up, bills I can’t pay, creditors are coming after me, our contractor is suing us for HIS mistakes, and God sits back and laughs. If that’s not the definition of hate, I don’t know what is. Do what He says, and this is your reward. All He would have to do is open the hearts of all our past customers and the floodgates would burst back open, but instead we’ve gone from 250-300 orders per day to 30-40. I have no reason left to live either. Sorry to hear you’re going through the same thing.

          • It is not God who hates us but rather the powers of demonic forces trying to destroy our relationship with God. I honestly have no one that likes me or loves me or people seem to hate me. My neighbors literally deliver packages of doo doo in gift bags and throw it over the fence on my yard and roof. They smashed the beautiful memorial tree in my garden. My daughter does not call me at all and I see her once a year or not. Everyone pretty much hates me and I ask God every day to take me from this world. I ask him often how long can I endure and suffer? I was raped and tortured since I was 3 and predators always seem to target me. It never stops. I turned into a bit of a warrior so they hate me more. I A day does not go buy without the people being hateful. I am a rug. A worm. A broken person. I do know that Jesus was a man of grief and sorrows and he said that they would hate us like they hated him. He said that if we endure to the end; he promises us eternity in paradise with him where there will me no more sadness crying or pain.. Psalm 23 says that Jesus will walk with us and give us the Spirit and his word and we will have victory over our enemies and they will never be able to do anything to harm us ever again. I hate my life and myself but it is not mine to take. Therefore, I choose God and I choose to endure because Jesus did for us

          • I do believe that God hates some and loves others. I am one of the hated. It’s just all pain, all loss, all misery. It’s live in pain here, or die, and he tortured forever with a god who enjoys it. Romans 9:13 – Just as it is written: “Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.”
            Yes, God does hate some people.
            He’s made it abundantly clear in my life that i am one of the hated.
            How horrible I must be that my whole family shuns me, and God, too.
            Does God just get off on making people for the sole purpose of kicking?

        • God may hate us or God may love us, but the answer is so what? What are we going to do about it? If this is the only life we have to live, if we kill ourselves we don’t have any other option and everyone will be left more alone than before. All those people you could and did help will be worse off if you kill yourself and you won’t EVER be able to help ANY of them ever again. So the reason you don’t kill yourself is not for you, it is for THEM. Don’t kill yourself because you want to be able to be around to help each other survive, you will help them and they will help you.

          • One cannot win against God, who is all powerful. If He hates you, there is no hope. If God had a drop of mercy, He would wink the souls He hates out of existence completely. No life, no pain.

            But how entertaining would that be? He hates some of us, but keeps us around.

        • omg yes God freaking hates me. He makes sure whenever my mother forces me to church i get really sick and feel extremely depressed. It clears up after we leave the building. I seriously don’t know what could of caused this hatred toward me, but I guess even God has to let out his anger on something, or in my case, something.

    • i wrote my song AMEN by KJTOMA explaining how I foolishly hated God for what he has done to my disgusting selfishness. I AM SORRY GOD! Please forgive me … in the name of Jesus, OUR SAVIOR! Amen.

    • I honestly think god doesnt give a *@)! about my life, i honestly dont care anymore if he helps me or not, i know that at the end he will never do nothing good in my life, oh and if the bible says that god loves me, why does he permit so much suffering, i think he enjoys seeing other people like me suffering, that why i ask him every night to kill me.

      • I agree and i can tell you he wont kill you . You will suffer till the end . I ask every night for death also . It makes you wonder the bible says god takes care of his flock and i suffer so if it lies about him taking care of his flock is the whole concept of god and the bible false ive been going to church and asking for help for years .no help but i see in life that if you cheat steal and disobey god you get the means to support your family and enjoy life . I dont care anymore i pray if there is a god bless me with the courage to eat a bullet

    • That’s understandable, Jim. Tragedy and pain can be very isolating. I encourage you to reach out in whatever way you can (whether to a friend, a church community, or a professional) to get any support you might need.

    • You wrote your comment quite a while ago. I hope you are not feeling as isolated as you once were. And I pray that you know Jesus through the Comforter, His Holy Spirit – whom He promises will never leave nor forsake us. For me, the good thing about isolation is that it pushes me to know Jesus better. When I would walk down the crowded halls, He would say to me, “I know you feel alone but you’re not. I’m right here, so smile.”

  • The more I pray the worse my life becomes. If you only knew what I have been through… when will it be my season???????????????????????????????? W
    I NEVER ASKED TO BE BORN… I NEVER ASKED FOR ANY OF THIS… SO MY LIFE HAS TO BE COMPLETELY SATURATED WITH disappointment, depression, trauma, abuse, sickness – I keep praying but it gets worse

    • M – I am so sorry you are feeling so badly. It sounds like you are experiencing what St. John of the Cross called the “dark night of the soul” – a time when it seems that God is completely absent and does not hear our fervent prayers. I don’t have a good explanation for why God feels so far away sometimes, or why terrible things happen even when we are praying as hard as we can. I do believe that God hears our prayers, even when it seems no one is listening, and that God loves us and wishes the best for us always. I hope you will be able to find someone who can support you in this time of great sorrow (maybe a friend, a congregation, or a helping professional). Please know I will be keeping you in prayer.

      • Ya, nobody has an answer why God hates some of us. God is not a loving and caring God. Millions of people suffer and he does nothing. Period. He’s cruel.

        • I agree John. I think the history of Christianity is a bad practical joke. I think God is all powerful, . . but not all loving or even good. I think he’s like people. Flawed. And capable of enormous cruelty. Infinite power in His hands is devastating to many of us.

      • I’ve been having “The dark night of the soul” since I died in 2005. Since I was brought back everything turns sour.
        My friends have left.
        No matter how much I pray the opposite happens. My world keeps becoming smaller. I’ve tried so hard.

        Can you tell me about the dark night of the soul or any good books?

    • ^^^ EVERY SINGLE BIT OF THIS!!! ^^^ Apparently, there is no “god”, period. If there were or if he cared a thing about any of us, our lives would be quite different. After all the @%(# I’ve been put through, the only reality that plays out is: There was no “god” when I was 5 years old; there was no “god” when I was a teenager; there was no “god” when I was in the military and there is no “god” now.

      • For a long time I tried to believe there is no God. I wish I could believe that. It would all be a lot easier. But I believe there is a God. Problem is, he isn’t the “all loving father” he’s held out to be. He’s just an all-powerful entity without much compassion. If he’s on your side, it’s probably great. For the rest of us, it isn’t.

          • God does not hate you. I can’t say it any stronger that the devil and demonic forces will do anything to have you create a God in your mind that is not the real God so that we end up praying and listening to “him” when it’s not really him at all. we learn to serve what we think God is versus who he Really is. I have done this. I want so badly for you to see what I see. that it’s not God and that its demonic forces, granted I don’t know what you have been through but sometimes it does seem like God hates me but we can get out of it by saying “Jesus is my strength” and its true. I’m so sorry that you feel bad, I will pray for you. God is better than a human. He doesn’t have to be a Father, He can be like someone else, someone who cares for you very much. A mom or a sibling or a coach or a teacher or anyone He can be, God doesn’t hate you! I promise. Here is a link to a book called The Screwtape letters,m it reveals and sheds so much light onto the demons’ plans. I know through God that this will help you realize the devil’s schemes and ploy, I don’t know you but God told me to tell you “I love you” no joke. “I have such a heart for you”. I know that God loves you Miso sad and Anna and all the anonymous’s and Kathrine and Lenna fuller and Shawn Madrid and Andrew and Carmen and John God love you all and I pray God that the amazing individuals no that it doesn’t matter what they have done You will never stop loving us please please understand that and i pray that God you rebuke the demons back right Now in the name of Jesus so they are no Longer!!! in control but it is the control of Miso sad and Anna and all the anonymous’s and Kathrine and Lenna fuller and Shawn Madrid and Andrew and Carmen and John over their bodies and any other amazing humans that are on this God make them happy again please Lord Jesus. in Jesus Christ name Amen!
            Screwtape letters: https://www.amazon.com/Screwtape-Letters-C-S-Lewis/dp/0060652934

    • I believe it is the added stack of negative events. for me, there used to be good days and bad days. Slowly, there weren’t any good days left. It began only alright days and bad days. I started to question perhaps, karma or luck, as I have never been a seriously religious person. However, I felt I did everything I can, in fact, I was smart, i was kind sensitive, and welcoming. I then turned to a higher power, as if why do you like to punish me, the biggest question for me is “what did I do wrong?” And yet, it is not what we did wrong, and honestly I only write this message to make me feel a bit better. Maybe, if I wait for a long, long, long time, things might clear up. I engage myself in everything, change everything to make myself better, yet you can’t change the biggest things, like other people’s preferences, the will of nature, and the way we process negative feelings. Good luck to everyone, as no one deserves any bad days. No one deserves to cry daily. Step into the light.

      • What light? You gave me like 20 sentences I could relate to and then you just said “step into the light” I would like to, everyone would. We don’t see it. And we all get more convinced every day that it is because it isn’t there at all.

    • I agree to the full there is just no season of peace in any sort of way….. I’m turning 35 this year on so called valentines day still a virgin man kept my place with so called ” GOD ” I’VE lost everything I worked for and praised him with or without anything I even reached out to him and people for help and no support from him or anyone ever I’m afraid I’m on the brink of self destruction I agree fully to your opinion.

      • I feel the same way you do. I don’t know what it is about me – I have always been shunned, mistreated, lied on and have cried out to God for YEARS… to no avail. Something is always happening and no matter how much I pray to him, listen to pastors, join in church, make sure I pray and make all my time for God, he’s like, “No, sorry, I still don’t like you.” and “No, I will not bless you, but I will bless those around you who curse me to my face.” You and I are close in age and I am still alone, with no children, and stuck floating from job to job no matter how much education I acquire. It is devastating to not only have no earthly father, but be abandoned by the heavenly one too! I can’t take it anymore. Firing prayer bullets, listening to prayers on youtube, everything is for nothing and I am tired of having his back turned to me.

  • Unfortunately even after this article I still believe that if God exist he hates me. Too many bad things have happened to me for me to believe otherwise.

    • Nellie, I understand why you would feel that way given all that you have been through. I can’t explain why such bad things happen to people in a world that God loves. My personal belief is that God loves all people and all of creation, even when it doesn’t seem that way – but I very much respect the fact that you believe differently based on your life experiences. I hope that you will be able to find the resources you need to seek healing and wholeness in your journey. I wish you peace and comfort during this difficult time.

      • God may hate us, or God may love us, but the answer is so what? We did our part to love Him and accept Jesus’ atonement and yet we were abandoned. What are we going to do about it? If this is the only life we have to live, if we kill ourselves we don’t have any other option and everyone will be left more alone than before. All those people you could and did help will be worse off if you kill yourself and you won’t EVER be able to help ANY of them ever again. So the reason you don’t kill yourself is not for you, it is for THEM. Don’t kill yourself because you want to be able to be around to help each other survive, you will help them and they will help you.

    • That is contradictory to the way I was raised, but I agree with you. At 52 I have nothing to look back on but emotional pain, desperation, depression, loneliness, stress… this list goes on. It actually makes me hope there is no god (or gods) but rather, just randomness. I do not wish to believe in a deity (deities) that would choose to bless some and not others. It is as if my life is a joke, so yeah I hope there’s no god. And, I look forward to nonexistence. That’s the one good thing that WILL happen to me. Whether it’s next week or in another 52 years, it will, indeed, eventually end.

      • Hi ,I lived a life of hardship too. For some reasons, I don’t believe we should lose hope . God loves us. ..maybe you could talk about it more with me, if not I still hope you have a great day

      • To see from your perspective as well, but so much younger pains me. What I feel isn’t often an emotion that is caused from one event, and one that fades easily. it is many events that cause emotions that don’t go away. Honestly, the people I talk to don’t truly feel my pain, in fact, they make me feel more disappointed, more jealous, more self-aware. Where am I? i sit so much lower than the stars. I feel so much more different than what I thought I was.

      • I feel like this too. I am not concerned if there is an afterlife and hope that there isnt, because it will just be another level of learning and suffering. When I die, I want my suffering to end FOR GOOD. No more pain, just a loss of consciousness. The peace of sleep. As far as I see it, Gods are not worth chasing after. If they exist they have absolutely no concept of pain because they aren’t living in a body. So praying to them to relieve pain and sickness is an utter waste of time. They have no concept of it. My pain and suffering have reached such extreme levels that they have shattered the illusion of a loving God. Either He’s non-existent, or He is Joe Carroll from The Following, a psychopathic monster who enjoys tormenting his victims with exquisite tortures. The ultimate vivisectionist, as C.S.Lewis put it.

  • I disagree when you claim humans created exclusions and labels. All the mainstream religions, the Holy men/Prophets have superiority complex. Women, people of color, gays, anyone different were treated like slaves and this is promoted in the divine scriptures. God created human along with human nature knowingly and willingly to torture some. People believe in God as a coping mechanism because deep down inside they know such entity does not exist and things never do get better. *$#* God, I hate him and he hates me.

  • But attraction is instinctual, not learned behavior like this article implies, and if God made us in his image, and some people are ugly while others are not, it is impossible to argue that isn’t his bidding.

  • I believe God hates me too, I have suffered with mental illness naturally and also brought on by tons of abuse, I cant seem to compleatly turn my life over I stumble almost every chance I get. I came tonight to go to a gsthering to honer Jesus death and feel like God threw me out I was sooooo uncomfortable and in sooo much pain physicaly too. i couldnt sit on the seat. This has happened on more than one occasion me trying to go to church feeling all tormented and. Here I sit out in the car while I wait for everone to get done for my ride home.

    • I am so sorry you are feeling this way, and that even a house of worship did not feel like a safe space for you to be. I encourage you to seek out any form of support you can find, particularly if you are feeling like you want to harm yourself or someone else. Some good places to look (especially if church feels too painful for you right now) would be in your local hospitals, community mental health centers, or counseling centers. You will be in my prayers.

      • Leanna your only advise to everyone here is to seek some help from others. you encourage to seek support from other individuals, and you end with “you will be in my prayer”. Just so you are aware, this does not help anyone. It’s better if you don’t reply, than reply with a generic statement that leaves us with wondering if we wasted your time.

        • I’m with you Marci. There are so many out there that really don’t have the answer but still insist on giving us the same lines we’ve been fed our entire lives that is not even close to a remedy or answer.

    • Dear the forever lost child, if it is painful for you to sit through church, this could be a sign that you have a deeper spiritual warfare going on that you are not aware of. I would suggest praying quietly in a peaceful place and asking for The Holy Spirit to fill you with God’s grace and heal you and protect you from the enemy. I would also suggest talking to a priest.

  • God hates me show much as well. I’ve prayed and asked for forgiveness and grace but I never get an answer. Every time I pray things get worse for the last 7+ years my life has been a misery. I’m so suicidal, I’m dealing with pain and suffering on a daily basis. I feel like I’m being punished every day of my life. I’ve got to the stage when I ask God to end it for me even when I pray for that it doesn’t arrive. I just think I’m put on earth for God to torture.

    • It must be terribly painful to go through what you are experiencing, Graham. I am truly sorry that you are feeling this way, and that you have not been able to find any relief for your suffering. I am concerned for you, and would strongly encourage you to reach out to a helping professional – perhaps a counselor, a physician, or a pastor that you know – and ask for help. If you feel like you are in danger of hurting yourself, please go to your closest Emergency Room or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. You can find more resources on their website at https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ I will be keeping you in my prayers.

      • Leanna, what is wrong with suicide? If someone chooses to die it is their choice. We all have to die sometime and if we are miserable why not choose yourself how and when? Instead of being force to live a horrible painful life? Obviously God does not care so why should we?

      • Leanna, that phone number exists so they can call the authorities to take away your freedom. They track your phone number from previous calls and build a file on you. Say one wrong thing and the cops show up and take you to the men with white coats. They suck. I agree with Barbara. The problem is that suicide can fail. There needs to be legislation that allows people to be euthanized if they want to die.

    • Do you want to chat with me because I actually feel the same way . Hence ,why I am here. I think things may seem brighter soon. But for now I’m taking things one step -a time

    • I believe there is a Good God who loves you and cares about you. And a Devil who is trying to destroy you. You are in a war. Everyone go’s through the hills and valleys. I fell like God hates me sometimes, but it’s a Devils lie. There is a lot of unknown stuff going on. We don’t have the knowledge or understanding to see what’s going on. As simple as it can be. God is good and the Devil is bad. Faith is a choice to believe. Make a choice to believe in what you want in life. Start to speak it to yourself. As I speak to you I speak to myself. Our words are powerful. Don’t call yourself a looser. Call yourself a winner. Can’t you see the Devil working here. Stand up and fight for yourself. Be careful with your thoughts and the words out of your mouth. What you think, and what you speak is what your going to get. This is how we fight the Devil with positive thoughts and positive words found in the Bible.

      • How convenient. We can’t know, so simply believe a story. What sense does that make. And why give an “all powerful” God a pass for the horrors of reality. It’s the Devil’s fault? God is all powerful. But it is the fault of one of his creations? God can do anything, but isn’t to be blamed for what he does and doesn’t do? I’d love a gig like that. Where do I sign up?

      • It’s very convenient. How about realizing that God and Satan are two cheeks of the same arsehole? What, you think he contracted out the building and running of Hell to someone else? But he creates good and evil, by his own words. I’ve heard the spiritual battle/war bull+@(! for too long. It’s self-delusional crap.

  • OK I would have to say God hate us. If an infinite God can do anything created everything down to subatomic particles, stars, black holes and even the notion of time, dimension even the notion of good versus evil would not exist without his bidding. He made it like this. You can’t get something from nothing right? If I build a computer to run a specific spec or program it won’t magically overnight upgrade itself with new algorithms unless you place them there as a variable in the first place. I believe that this universe is to God what a television is the people, it’s just for entertainment purposes. He could give two f**** as long as we play by our rules that he give us, shit on our live’s daily just to spice things up (except for his favorite characters) then expect us to say thank you. We are just toys that got thrown away after the funs been had….even Satan had no say in his role. “But God sends these trials to see if we really love him or “how would we know pain or suffering if everything was perfect?” Well my answer to that question folks is we would because the same argument could be applied to God! Who has never died , FELT FEAR never feel pain, never sweat, never cried, never got sunburn, not even a papercut, NEVER HAD ANYTHING, ANYTHING, not go his way, NEVER EVEN HAD A BAD DAY, Everyday surrounded by TRILLIONS OF thousands of tons of jewels myriad of gold pearls food ,planets, people, friends, in a dimension of neverending bliss, is trying to give us a lesson in pain to prepare our minds for pleasure riiiiiiight. Just look at his kingdom description in revelation, the one about his throne in heaven not the one on earth. For somebody who doesn’t want us to take stock in material possessions sure as hell have way more than even the greediest human could ever acquire in a billion lifetimes. After all we are made in his image so we naturally crave deityhood. It just comes off to me as a universal case of do-as-i-say-not-as-i-do type of thing.

  • And to think that all i ever wanted from God was for him to bless a good man like me with a good wife and family that i still don’t have today unfortunately. God is very mean.

    • Lo and behold, I feel what you’re saying is true, I’m 22yrs old, from a born again family and starting to doubt God’s plan.long story short, there’s a girl I wanted, I prayed to God that she’s be my wife and for awhile it did indeed seem like we would be married but now she’s engaged to a different man. I don’t understand. Why would god tantalize me like this, he says “ask and ye recieve” but now it seems like hes’ really saying “ask and I promise then laugh” it hurts so much being lead to believe he’ll give you something good then have him rescind the promise.

      • You are 22!! Did it ever occur to you that this girl just didn’t feel the same way? I realize it sucks and it hurts when things don’t go your way, but God gave humans free will. That woman has free will of her own and guess what, she didn’t want to marry you. You think God owes you that woman and you just give up on your faith because a woman with free will didn’t choose you. Maybe she didn’t marry you because you didn’t respect her free will and autonomy! Have you actually read the Bible – the entire way through? When Jesus says his yoke is easy and his burden is light, he isn’t talking about life being easy, but a relationship with HIM being easy. And it is easy when you stop blaming God for all the problems other humans create. It’s not his fault that people are )%#(*%@! He gave them free will and with that free will they are choosing to be )%#(*%@!! And to clarify, that girl isn’t an )%#(*%@! just because she didn’t want you back. Do you know anything about attraction? Maybe she just isn’t attracted to you – which isn’t her fault. God gave people physical desires and each person is unique in that way. Frankly I find it insulting that when people who are dying of cancer of suffering of starvation and poverty and they still have faith, you are whining about a girl not liking you back. And when Jesus said ask and you shall receive, he wasn’t meaning he will give you whatever you want. Just as God said he would answer your prayers – that doesn’t mean he will answer them to your satisfaction. I personally am agnostic but I was raised in a very religious household and my dad is a pastor. I have read the Bible many times over. I have suffered sexual / emotional abuse as a child and teen, and then in my early 20s I spent three years fighting for my life through a dibilitating disease that I still suffer from today. I was homeless as a teen and have had to starve at times. And I didn’t give up my faith in God because of that – because I knew that God wasn’t to blame for what other people did. I stopped believing in God because scientifically there is no proof. I am not an atheist because I cannot prove that there is no God. So I am agnostic. I can totally understand other people’s posts on here but to be 22 and )%#(*%@! about God not FORCING a young woman to marry you is disgusting. You have your entire life ahead of you. Did you ever think that God has other plans for you? Maybe they are better than you could possibly imagine! Maybe you will meet someone you care for ten thousand times more! Like every other human in earth when I was younger I was in relationships where I thought no one could EVER be better for me than that person and when the relationships didn’t last, I was heartbroken.but each time I found someone I liked way more! You need to respect other people’s free will. Also, read the bible.

      • Jamire,
        You’re 22? You’re very, very, young. Don’t worry over a girl. There are many more girls. Work on improving YOU. Get a good education so you can have a good job in our modern economy. What do you want to be? Be that thing, work hard to obtain the skills to do it well, and you’ll be in demand. Maybe you want to be a truck driver, or a plumber, or a carpenter, or a writer, or painter, or photographer, or a teacher, lawyer, computer programmer, or anything else. Get the training needed to be VERY good at your chosen profession, then the world will want YOU to do work for them, you’ll be doing work YOU want to do, and you’ll probably be successful. THEN, many females will be attracted to you, and by then you’ll have some wisdom about which ones would be best for your life. But with women come threats to the wealth you will gain, so be cautious; women have ruined many men financially; many women are good, but you must be careful.

        I wonder how many of the stories on this page about the misery people are living through, are caused by poor choices those people made, and how many of those people are willing to admit (at least to themselves), that they are responsible for their own misery.

        Go to the library, or bookstore, and read page 1 of “The Road Less Traveled” by M. Scott Peck. One of the most powerful pages ever written on the face of this earth. That page is pure truth.

        • YOU , WITH ALL YOUR YEARS, HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH THEY HURT ! I wish that for just one day you could stand inside their shoes and for just that one moment they could be you !

    • You two are like a farmer who expected that God should sow his grain for him. If the farmer should not plow, not sow, and not reap, should he then curse God that he is hungry? And what of the martyrs that faced torture and death but maintained their faith in God? Did they accuse God of being mean or of tantalizing them?

      • To be fair the guy before you stated what seemed to be sowing into a relationship, and next regarding those Martys I’d argue their situation while worse in any conceivable way is not comparable due to what each person in this life goes through some people can suffer a cheating spouse and move on while others will be tormented with bitterness and all sorts of sorrow, I see it as the farmer who scattered the seeds some just got the break of being sown in good soil regardless of the environment they are in if they are essentially placed in great conditions they will grow, imagine a seed on a concrete road never to be moved but the place around it is perfect for it to grow but it’s not sown where it can grow, I feel for people like them rejection can be painful but I argue God can not give you a wife He might set everything up to be possible but He never forces His will on us in this way, I’ve been there I was deeply in love but it wasn’t mutual I was left for another and I am what supposedly she wanted but she chose otherwise and I admit it still bothers me, I learned that you can not expect God to give you a wife or to keep one for that matter, you have to just be the best person you can be and open up if you find someone your interested in and take note of anything similar to the ex ladies and if they are too material or success oriented (I really mean selfish) , beauty is fleeting and charm or niceness sweetness are deceptive but a woman who has good morals is worth your time, and trust me you’ll only fall in love with someone you actually like so don’t worry so much about the beauty is fleeting cause your going to be attracted to her just don’t lie to yourself about being greatly attracted to her personality when you don’t think she is at least attractive on some realistic level to you, no offense to people who feel ugly (girls tell me I’m ugly and handsome, physically, woman are crazy anyway, they can be a detriment to a man) so don’t be in a rush remember the world got ruined because of a man compromising for his woman, don’t compromise your happiness and sanity for a woman they are not worth it, nothing is without it your throwing yourself into fire and misery, I learned my lesson and I have had nothing but ultimately bad experiences with women in my life even outside of dating or whatever you want to call it words only mean what they are understood as anyway, hope you guys get past all that stuff and stop waiting on God to bring you a wife do it yourself and see how it goes. Praying without going out to do what you praise for won’t do nothing trust me! No offense but God kinda sits there looking waiting for you to try something it may or may not work, I just know from my own relationship with God I got to do the work (as per my human abilities to do so) in order to get anything never got a handout for nothing but idle words and discouraging statements like pray and read your bible (like any Christian who can read never read at least some part of the Bible and talked to God) people sometimes just speak without getting it, as for the whole thing with people during and being tortured for their faith no proof can be said that they always keep faith other than what is said and when we meet God I’m sure we will see the truth I hope I get to be with God in His temple but till then idk I’ll just keep suffering till I get over what ever is going on in life including my depression and loneliness and my lack of faith in Gods promises, I hope I get over all my little things and toughen up cause I hate life right now and I haven’t really enjoyed after being saved sense my first girlfriend I’m only 24 now and was saved 2009 got my first gf in 2012 and it was horrible experience and I tried again last year and this was even worse and I tried with others in between but nothing, who knows might never get married might never have kids with someone I will live with for the rest of my life, might die young might die old might be miserable forever might become happy today and forever more or a mix and match idk I just hope God will be more protective of my heart and mind but even then the Bible says guard your heart cause if you don’t we’ll then guess what your screwed cause that’s what’s going to make you look good in Gods eyes despite what Jesus did on the cross which sucks to me cause sometimes no matter how much you want to be good to others and forgive and all that jazz you just can’t seem to get past what your heart feels and thinks, I just want to love God again but I find it hard when I know he is ultimately in control it’s just the thought of that that makes it hurt cause how does my death and misery spiritually and as a whole person glorify his name, I’m terrified of the idea of becoming like Judis or like Cain or like that married couple who died in Acts I lament on the thought of being mocked in hell seeing the promises God had for me supposedly but for what ever reason I was made to be in capable even with the Holy Spirit to overcome the test and receive them supposedly I was supposed to be married like 5 times according to prophets and look at me now and it’s not from a lack of being open and trying this makes it even more difficult to trust God if His supposed prophets who I believe most must have been legit according to accurate and sometimes fulfilled prophecies. I think maybe I’m not good enough that maybe Jesus doesn’t like me because I don’t like being mistreated and desire him to defend me (not do bad things to people just open their eyes to stop being so abusing and evil) or maybe cause I have a porn/sex problem idk, I guess I’m too ugly spiritually while people who are also Christian can do more worse (as far as is fixable) and still come out on top and seem more favorable than me, I get depressed thinking about it, even just looking at my own self and the word it just confirms a conflict and for some reason the contradiction in the Bible to my actuality is too much not to ignore idk I’m just a person like everyone else I use to be super favored ex relationships though never could find a compatible woman as of yet regardless if I do as a man should

        • “woman are crazy anyway, they can be a detriment to a man”

          Yeah, well men are crazy and the sure can be a detriment to a woman. Men aren’t worth it either when it comes to a woman giving up her sanity etc. If all of your experiences with women are bad, than the problem lies with you, quit picking bad women, problem solved.

        • Why is Adam always seen as a victim? He also chose to sin. He could have held out and God would have given him another wife. He blew it, too.

          Good thing it’s just a myth.

      • The martyrs should have accused God of being mean. He is mean. Those people suffered and died for an all-powerful God who could have stopped it at any moment. What a jerk. There is the farmer who won’t plow, sow, or reap. But there is also the farmer who has his crop wiped out by pestilence or drought. Or fire. Or flood. Everything bad that happens to people isn’t all because they didn’t work hard enough. Children born blind, disabled, etc. People plagued by cancer. Etc. I’m happy to “accuse” an all-powerful God who claims to love us for all the horror and suffering in the world he created and can control. He just seems really mean.

    • No . He’s just very patient. Jesus said he was coming soon . ..we have had to wait over 2016’s years for that arrival , what we think as being soon and God thinks as being soon is a lot different. But if you give glory to God and not disrespect him you’ll have forever. So you won’t even need to worry

  • God only loves and does for who he wants. People worship him and he spits in their face daily. That’s a fact. Ask the children who are repeatedly raped. Ask people who beg God for some relief and he does nothing. But yet child molesters, dope dealers and rapists get whatever they want. But a five year old little girl can beg God to stop being raped and he does nothing. Oh, ya, but God loves you!

  • I so relate to the comments. I am turning 51 in a few days and the only deep desire I have had Is to marry and have a child. I have prayed my whole life for this. I have tried my best to be obedient to God and serve him. We are suppose to trust that His plan for us is the best one. I can’t imagine being alone is His best plan for me. Then I look at my sister who is not a Christian and has a wonderful husband and two beautiful children. Please explain about this loving God??

    • As we can see, nobody has the answers to our pain and torture. This is God’s plan for us, period. If he loved us or we were part of the chosen, he’d do something but he does not. The bottom line is if you love somebody, you show it. You don’t play games and continue to let them suffer when they need you. People I love never have to question my love. Period. I don’t lie to them and tell them to have faith in my love and then continue to turn my back on them.

      • We Deserve a answer from our father as to his silence to our cries. Answers like why do you give us 60 years to get it right but satan gets a planet to rule , rape, and ruin our lives, with us under his whip for thousands of years? Havnt humanity suffered enough? Guess not. I just wish he would explain this to us not as a god but as a father,but good luck with that

        • I’ve decided He’s a lot like us. Put infinite power into the hands of an ordinary person and bad things will happen. What is the saying? Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. He projects a public persona that is loving and wonderful. But in reality he’s petty and cruel. I think most of the horrors of our lives is just for his entertainment.

    • Have you tried finding the amazing lady you want to marry . ? Sometimes God wants us to wait to be blessed sometimes he wants us to work to be blessed

  • I love God with all my heart. I want Him to be in my life but he keeps failing me. I trust only on him but does He even foe once think of me? I pray, i fast, i am born again but God hates me and want to dissapoint me everytime. I read His word n believe in it but nothing written there ever works for me. It is hard for me coz all my hope, trust n faith i put in Him but i guess he feel happy seeing me suffer. Why should i suffer if Jesus died for me?

    • God may laugh at the Wicked , not you . If you are keeping his word . You will be blessed do not only think about this life .when we will have forever. But no tbh it’s probably Satan holding you down from your true worth . Unfortunately evil exists not Just Jehovah ..

  • This is a sad case where misery does not love company, because it.’seems sadder to know that other people are feeling & suffering as I am. Sure, I’ve made mistakes or incorrect choices, but I am human . I basically do try to lead a good, moral life, follow the “Golden Rule”. Yet, I too firmly believe the more I pray, the worse things become in my life. I’m almost.52 & feel time running out st speed of light! So, I’ve S/w/variety of clergy, seeking the answer to why G-d seems to hate me so much?! I’m still waiting for the answer while trying to figure S god reason not to end my life. As per Dylan: @theanswer I’d blow in’ in the wind”, cause I still don’t know!

  • I too wonder where the loving God is. I am an incest survivor, have had ptsd/mdd, was abandoned by someone who was a lifeline to me, have been homeless and hospitalized, have no family as the abuse occurred in the family, and have been unable due to mental illness to integrate into society. I’ve been discriminated against and treated badly by many. I abused myself as a result of these experiences. I ask God to take me home ever day and know one day I will simply end it. I even had therapists abandon me. I have lived in housing that triggered my symptoms and my dreams are gone. I am middle aged now and have never had a bf. I am tired of life and religion is full of horse**** and false promises. I don’t see Jesus returning or a new heaven and earth or any justice, just worse and worse pain. I do pray for others as I am able but I am tired of everything. I take responsibility for my own errors but anyone who knows the pain of incest knows how it can devastate your life. I look at what others have and at the daily struggle I cover up and am sick of it all. Churches I found to be judgmental places. This is a world for the wicked and evil to thrive in, the kinder you are the more hell you’ll have. I”m sick of God and I’m sick of Christianity’s lies and bullshit. If there is a God he or she is fine with children being raped and tortured and sure as hell doesn’t give a loving plan to anyone I guess except the fake prosperity ministers and those who don’t give two shits about him. I’ve been tortured my entire life even to the point of having demons attack me and having him cruelly test me so he could break me down further. I have zero hope for my life. God destroyed it all and let satan torture me and I hate Christianity and its promises. If there is a God, he isn’t worth praying to. Good luck to all those suffering we all need it.

    • I’m open to talking to you if you want to. Some people may not understand but I do , I actually get it. I’ve been put through this Sometime in my life. I hope you receive All your blessings .have a great day

  • After reading all these comments, at least I can say I’m not alone. So many similar to what I am feeling and going through. My entire life has been a “dark night of the soul”. I have been abuse/neglected from the moment of my conception. No matter how I try to get away. If it’s not family, it’s a significant other, if it’s not that, it’s a coworker, or just some random person I happen to come into contact with. I have been ill most of my life. My youth was stolen from me. I have lost jobs (not because I did anything, but due to “downsizing” or the “economy”. I have been homeless. I have been poor my entire life, regardless of how hard I work. I have had Panic disorder and IBS since I was 18. I have been “alone” my entire life. I prayed and prayed for a husband and as it turns out, the one I got is a meth addict and now I can’t get rid of him. I even went to jail because I tried to defend myself when he was in an alcohol and drug fueled rage. I have been made fun of and laughed at. I have never felt love or security in my life. EVER. Now I have just recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor. THAT DID IT. I just had to let God go. The more I pray, the worse it gets. I have been “walking in the desert” for 45 years. Nothing good has ever happened to me. Even the smallest of tasks are difficult. I’m never going to be allowed to be at peace. All hope is lost, and no one can help. Even knowing you all are suffering too, I am still alone. Obviously we are not going to Heaven, unless it’s for God to continue to use us as whipping posts. So maybe wherever we end up, we’ll end up together at least.

  • God may love us but that doesn’t end age discrimination in seeking employment. It doesn’t stop a “Christian” governor from making an enemies list of people who will never get a state job. It doesn’t stop academia from using “diversity” to refuse you and hire others of less experience and education. It doesn’t quell the pain of constant humiliation oir feeling one’s talents from atrophying. About every other day now I think dead is better.

  • I Dont Really Know What To Say About This.I Thought Am The Only One Passing Thru Such A Terrible Thing.But I 100 Percent Believe The Comment That Says The Kinder You Are The Worst You Suffer

  • “The problem here is that it’s not God who is doing this labeling and excluding—it’s human beings. We are the ones who have created societies in which individuals are judged based on their physical appearance or on their membership in particular demographic groups, rather than on the content of their character or according to their unique gifts and skills.”
    Disagree with the first statement since it is God that taught his children to differentiate between beauty and ugliness by making flowers beautiful and the desert ugly to look at. But God never taught us to destroy deserts or not use them to our benefits, it is humans who decided to exclude ugly creations out of their world when in practice, ugliness can be more useful than beauty.

  • Reading through all these comments is heartbreaking, and I searched this for the same reason as everyone else – suffering. Praying and hoping for something to change, a lifetime of sadness and people who are cruel and unjust. Feeling like some people just get everything their whole life – a nice family who loves them, then their own family, a normal good husband/wife and kids, a good job, nice friends and then on top of it, God blesses them even more. I don’t know why.

    I was thinking while reading this, some people do have an advantage, but, what if the point is to start to live our lives for other people. What if the way out is thinking about what we can do for other people and what WE can do for God, instead of only what he can do for us? It is supposed to be a relationship. Seems pretty one sided if we want to take from him but never give. He wants love too. There are things he wants accomplished on this earth just like we want things in our lives. “Seek first the kingdom of heaven.” We want him to do for us, well, he also wants us to do for him. We are supposed to be his servants.

    What if all the people in this world who were alone, depressed, abused, etc…. spent time reaching out to others instead of only waiting and crying for someone to reach out to them, or for something to “happen”? If you ask God what you can do for him, the answer is almost always to help others. Sometimes it is prophecy/study and then sharing that. Especially in these days. If more people were asking God what they can do for him, then wouldn’t more people be helping YOU? Loving YOU? Who is responsible to do this? We all are, even us who are suffering.

    Then wouldn’t it be more likely that 2 people who needed a friend would find each other? Should we be upset that others are happy? We don’t know what they have been through in the past, or will go through in the future. I was just thinking, maybe, part of being blessed by the Lord, starts with blessing others. You could be the answer to another persons prayers, and in doing so, gain more joy in your own life. I understand so many of us struggle with being shy, being afraid because we have been hurt and betrayed so many times, feeling uncomfortable around new people etc… I have this problem too. I am now at the point where I have no friends and no family (but one child). I finally walked away from the last few people I had, because they are so toxic and abusive. I want to be around healthy, kind, loving people who love the Lord and try to behave how he says to. Not people who project, manipulate, are full of rage. I am afraid to try to meet people though, I am shy and a lifetime of emotional, psychological and verbal abuse has beat me down and taken my confidence. The Lord will start to give it back to you. It isn’t overnight but he will. You didn’t lose it overnight either. I am still to afraid to go out and meet people, but, I know I can ask the Lord all day to magically give me friends, but what I need to ask him for is confidence and courage.

    I don’t know what to do, but I think it starts with getting over my fears and thinking more about other people and how I can help them, instead of how miserable and unfair my life has been. I think the Lord blesses this attitude. I am going to try it. I also believe that he allows trials and they either strengthen us and improve our character, or they can destroy us. Think of it this way – the devil wants your trials to destroy you and cause you to turn away from God, and from truth, and God wants you to overcome, seek him and gain eternal rewards. Who do you want to side with? The one who loves you and is rooting for you to win, or the one who hates you and is rooting for you to fail? I don’t know why we have to suffer and why we have to be here, but I know God is real and I know he is good, and that is why Jesus said you have to become like a little child to enter heaven, because children trust and love, even when they don’t have all the answers.

    God bless you all. If I could meet or be with any of you, I would be your friend, and I love you. May the Lord bless and protect all who read this. That reminds me, “you have not because you ask not” – Jesus. Through all my life of suffering, I am currently suffering the most I ever have, and it is easier than in the past because, this time I realized to ask the Lord regularly for these things: strength, endurance, peace, joy, patience, faith, love, hope, understanding and wisdom.

    You can ask the Lord for a job, money, a spouse, friends, etc… .but ALSO ask him for the above things. Keep doing it day after day, and one day you will think “my life is awful by anyone’s standards, why do I feel so happy right now!?” Then you will realize, oh yes, I have been asking the Lord not only to change my situation, but for the things I need to endure it. You will get sad again, and the pain will return, but it will be less often, and more bearable. Please try asking him for those things, daily. Don’t let go of the one thing that can keep you going: Jesus……he never lets go of you. Please search out people who need someone to encourage them. I wish more people did that, and then maybe I would have at least one person I could count on in addition to Jesus. I am going to seek first the kingdom of heaven, and trust that then all those things will be added to me. I am going to spend my time that I am not spending with friends and family (because I don’t have any) trying to help, love and encourage people who are as sad as I am, and maybe then I won’t be so sad.

    If you made it this far and think, hum, she may have a point, then also please pray and seek more truth, because the time is coming for the final days. You don’t want to be far away from God anytime, but especially not then. My life actually became so terrible because I had dreams from the Lord about the last days, and when I tried to share with the people I know, they became enraged. You have seen this irrational hatred in the Bible. It is here now too. Maybe, your life isn’t hard because God hates you, maybe it is hard because the devil knows God has plans for you, and he wants to do everything to keep you away from being saved, everything to prevent you from doing the Lords work and everything to keep you from being used by God to help bring joy and peace to others. Maybe it is the devil who hates you, not God. Not maybe, it is. He wants to keep you from God, heaven, rewards, blessing others. Don’t let him steal all God has for you! God bless you!

    • Wow! This was awesome and I really needed this right now. I’ve been feeling so down and alone for YEARS and I’m really trying to hold on to some hope and believe God has plans to lift me up/help me and not harm me. It’s hard, but everything you said makes sense and spoke to my heart. I thank Jesus for placing these words in you to share with us…because they really and truly spoke to me.

      I also pray that everything gets better for you and you can overcome your fears and insecurities. Keep on pushing, praying, believing, and putting your faith in the Almighty Father. Again thank you for these words.

    • There is no Satan, Neither is their god ,that is the truth .
      Ruthless People Win ,Emotional People loose, serving others will not get you god ,it will get you a terrible death Like the one my mother got. god did not come from heaven and save her …there is no heaven there is no god ….stop this satan bull@)%! ….man is god and man is satan . you want to live a good life be ruthless …

  • Why did god make me a boy? Or why did he give me this personality to crave it? Who knows. I prayed everyday but still nothing. He likes seeing me suffer I guess. That’s like putting food in front of a hungry dog and saying don’t eat it.

  • Being ugly is the most hurtful thing on earth. It leaves you wondering why God created you. It hurts. And God doesnt answer ur prayers if you are ugly. Depressed

    • I lost my looks , I believe mostly due to drugs I “had to take” it’s sad seeing my pictures as a kid and realizing I don’t look that way anyMore

  • I really wonder sometimes why didn’t God make a very good man like me meet a good woman to have a family with instead of still being Single And Alone today which it wasn’t my choice at all either. It is just too very bad that most of the women of today are Nothing at all like the women in the old days were since it was definitely very easy meeting a good woman back then with No Trouble at all. Women today unfortunately have certainly Changed since then which is very sad.

    • Yeah, well I’ve got news for you, the men of today have changed and are immoral, selfish and users. It’s hard to meet a good man these days.

  • Well I believe in God and I got saved around 5 but then I started to doubt I was saved because I started having feeling of wanting to become a girl and I’m still attracted to girls as well but my question is if I were to become a girl was I ever saved at all? I don’t like the fact I want to be a girl because I know its a sin but I cant help it .

  • Interesting that this article mentions homosexuality as a reason why people think God hates them, and then has the audacity to say that the reason for this is human cruelty. Correct me if I am wrong here, but probably one of the BIGGEST reasons for homophobia in our society (and others) is RELIGION!

  • It sounds like people are blaming God for everything just because he is the creator. Jesus Christ was perfect and held up the sins of the world before he did making him a man of sin who never sinned. Besides blaming god for everything what have anybody done to turn they’re own life around ? It’s easy to sit and point fingers instead of working towards a sunny day. Faith without works is dead. My life isn’t perfect. I suffer with low self esteem, I’ve asked god why numerous times but looking at the bigger picture he has blessed me more times that I can know. I’ve put myself in a lot of bad situations and I came out is then without a scratch. I could be dead right now and often times I wish I were just because my life isn’t a certain way or I don’t think I’m pretty. But I’m just complaining. I don’t work towards a better life. He might just be waiting on ME and his hand will follow once I start. Look at yourselves. We aren’t worthy of such grace. You can’t hold doubt and hate in your heart and have your hand out. The enemy feeds off us turning away fRom god. Hell was never for us. If we go it’s because we put ourselves there. God can’t be to blame. As much as I can hate myself or ask him why I can never deny my father. He knows what’s in our minds so don’t sit here and complain about your problems like you’ve lived the prefect life and never sinned. Our wants and what we need are different and god knows what we need. I’m disgusted by some of the comments I’m reading . I don’t blame god because it sounds like a bunch of spoiled kids. Do something different in your life and ask god for his guidance that’s your doing the right thing.

    • You think these people haven’t done anything in to help themselves & improve their situations? I’m sure most off them have! They are complaining because nothing good has come from their efforts & God has never helped them & still won’t help them even when they’ve exhausted all of their energies & can no longer help themselves…. Most people who I’ve known (myself included) with mental illnesses have tried & tried to live holy & enjoy their lives and make it good. There comes a point where you get weaker & weaker & you don’t have the mental or physical energy to do much of anything anymore & you wonder where has god been & will he ever come through for me? You call these people spoiled brats, maybe you’re just insensitive.

    • tesh you are a very ignorant with your comments. You have no clue at all what people are doing or not doing.

  • God has left me in the dessert. No one wants me after I lost my job of 14 years. I’m over 50 and I can tell what they are all thinking. God is not with me on these interviews
    He loves to watch me fail. He laughs at me. He must get a kick out of seeing my time wasted. I have forgiven my enemies. That is what Jesus wants me to do. But where is God now?

  • God hates me a lot. Since 1999 after suffering a severe spinal injury I’ve had 19 major surgeries. I had 9 back surgeries, both hips replaced, a knee replaced, several shoulder operations and a total shoulder replacement. I also had two heart attacks. I was a Shipping worker for Company X, and I gave that place 20 years of impeccable service, starting there when I was 18 years old. After I injured myself and couldn’t work anymore, I found out I was chosen to become the lab’s new Traffic Specialist, which would have been a $15,000. annual pay raise. I lost that, along with 20 years of service. The back surgeons I went to all were paid off by Company X, and they changed their notes to say I didn’t need back surgery, causing me to go nine months without getting surgery. This caused permanent, irreversible spinal nerve damage to develop and make me disabled for the rest of my life. I was terminated from Company X and put on Disability. I filed a workers compensation lawsuit against Company X because I fell off the dock and tore two discs in my lumbar spine. My attorneys dragged my case out ten years, hoping I would suffer a third heart attack and die. God was letting all these things being done to me, one after another for all these years. Now, my life is ruined, I am in constant pain 24/7 needing to have a spinal cord stimulator surgically implanted on my spinal cord. Yes, God hates me with a passion. He blessed my crooked doctors, and he blessed my crooked attorneys who were paid off. My attorneys destroyed all of my spinal images that proved how severe my injury was, and instead they settled for a much lesser amount, but only acknowledging my back injury as being a ”strain”. This is how I was screwed by even my attorneys, and God let it all happen. God could have kept these people honest and get me a decent settlement. Better yet, God could have kept the first back surgeon I saw honest and operate on me before permanent spinal nerve damage developed. Had I been operated on nine months earlier, I wouldn’t be disabled now. But, because these surgeons were paid off, they lied and they all fluffed me off, dragging my situation out for almost a year before I finally had surgery. But, it was too late and the nerve damage became permanent. None of this had to happen, if God loved me, but He hates me!!!

  • At age 7, I can remember fighting angels at night. Just like Jacob. I woke each morning in a sweat. I was exhausted. My life was hard every day and school was an awful experience of fights and rejection. I was rejected by my father who beat me and my family rejected me as well. The only exception was my grandmother who taught me the value of never giving up and the love of food. I became a chef and stayed in kitchens until I was 40 years old. My days were filled with unending work. I knew God placed every roadblock imaginable in front of me. No promotions. No relief from financial burden. No relief from a sick marriage. No acceptance from my family and no friends. No amount of college or hard work took the 10 ton Rick off my shoulders. I talked to God and frankly I heard his voice. I am not delusional. I asked for relief and God said no. God told me he didn’t like me. I am not kidding.

    Then when I turned 56 things suddenly changed in a period of one week. The 10 ton rock was gone and God said to me that I have had enough pain and God told me I was humble enough to be free. He gave me several talents but also told me that I was not special. God did not give me any more explanation than that. So, 50 years of suffering was what God gave me. I feel better now and I’m not mad at God. I feel a certain sense of peace each day. I also think God’s will set me to accept death.
    I think God creates beings he likes and doesn’t like. He evaluates and sets us free for reasons or no reasons. No one ever prepared me for what God really is. God is not a good God. He is like us but has tremendous power. He can multitask and attend to all living beings. God is without religion. He applies pain and relief to all as he sees fit.

  • God hates humans. We r created in his image so he must be uglier than sin. He must HATE UGLY people because he does nothing to help no matter how much we begged him he ignores UGLY people all the time most of us want to die because we are so UGLY and some do. It is called SUICIDE. if god loved me he wouldn’t let it happen. But he does because he is evil. Your book of short stories tells you that. God is good and evil the story says but it is wrong. He is so EVIL. He is also a liar. Don’t eat the fruit for surly you will die. Did anyone die???? Because god is a lying #)!($. %)#@ god and +#)! christ.

  • Your life story is interesting. Some truth and some lies. It does make sense that hard things in life are like a purification process. Like gold and fire. Ron 8:28 says all things work for our good. The process and outcome work for your good. You are in the hand of God. No one is going to take you out. What do you want to change in your life? Speak to your Mountain and command it to be cast into the sea. Leave your emotions out. Walk in faith and not by site. What you say is what you get. Guard your mouth. Be positive all the time. Keep putting yourself, your life, and all situations in Gods hands. He will work it all out for you. You can’t loose when your a winner. Your a winner. Don’t believe anything else.

  • I also feel the same pain that you guys are going through. Throughout my life I have never experienced happiness, raised in poverty and sometimes hardly nothing to eat in a day bt I believed everything was to change when I grew up. Right now it’s even worse …no stable …job salary does not even last two days it’s gone…I have been praying hard to God to remember me but all he gives me is his back. I came to realise that God has his special people that were well created of whom he has eliminated sufferings and to others like me suffering is the main topic of each day….I ve reached a point where my heart cannot take it anymore and I ask him to relieve me from all this and take me away but instead he makes each day for me unbearable to live. I ask him to forgive me for everything and especially my mistake of being born poor especially in Africa where everything is nothing it’s all darkness around you where only you will understand the real meaning of agony and pain

    • Ask him daily for a break through, funny i was reading the comments made by many people, and i thought about how difficult things are in Africa for many people ,black people, especially some arab people also ,i attend an African church in the U.S, many of the church goers are people doing well. but many struggled before things got better We all have our troubles ,I think sometimes we just need to be frank with God and ask Him what is he doing??? is he seeing you?? a couple of times in my life i did this and got answers ,really ,,, may be we are afraid to come to God that way, thinking we will be punished ,like when Moses told God are these my people ?? they belong to you why are you putting this burden on me on my shoulders, am i supposed to carry them for you ??,This was bold on Moses’s part i get the impression that Moses was just feed up with everything dealing with stiff necked people in that barren wilderness ,,,3 million people maybe ??? even ten would be too much ,, but God saw his point of view as valid and changed the situation

      • David i am praying for you ,remember David also went through so much in his lifetime, hunted and being hunted by Saul, defeating a lion and a bear being disliked by his bretheren ,and overcoming goliath ,,,, and nations …Stay full of Yah’s faith,David was also depressed and felt oppressed from reading the psalms you can tell what he was going through ,but he clung to Yah God ,begging the Holy Spirit not to depart from him ….

  • Why does that god hate me so much..have no freakin idea.all of the ppl who hurt me and continue hurting..live wonderful lives..god is not good…he favors the evil..while the good and innocent suffer.i hate him.its like he just refuses to see me happy..if he is such a good god..why do the innocent/good ppl suffer?? He allows it..then tells us to have faith in him…$*^@ that

  • I think God only loves certain people. And i am not one. I have prayed and prayed and prayed nothing ever gets answered. It is to the point I am afraid to pray for others afaid something bad will hapoen to them because I prayed. If God truly loves and cares for us then why can he not answer 1 prayer we ask in his name. I grew up in church so i pray the way I was taught. But nothing!!!!

  • So I googled, “Why does God hate people?” and came across a response from a reverend and then I read all the following comments. I googled the question in the first place because I was completely discouraged and giving up on God as a loving Father. It seems like the comments can be divided into two groups: 1- those who believe that God is against them, no matter what they pray, do or believe. 2- those who believe that God can be for you only if you are doing something – for him or others.
    One particular comment that struck me was: 222 says, “I was thinking while reading this, some people do have an advantage, but, what if the point is to start to live our lives for other people. What if the way out is thinking about what we can do for other people and what WE can do for God, instead of only what he can do for us? It is supposed to be a relationship. Seems pretty one sided if we want to take from him but never give. He wants love too. There are things he wants accomplished on this earth just like we want things in our lives. “Seek first the kingdom of heaven.” We want him to do for us, well, he also wants us to do for him. We are supposed to be his servants.”
    In my head, it sounds like those who are greatly discouraged, pray and pray. But God does not answer their prayers and it seems that things may even become worse. Therefore, they feel God not only doesn’t love them, he actually hates them.
    Person 222, says that it’s not what God can do for us, but it’s what we can do for God. Therefore, if I want to feel love, I must give love – or whatever else it is that my heart feels desperate for. I must give it first.
    How to reconcile both viewpoints? In my head, I think it is important not to assume that whose who are greatly discouraged are not trying to “believe and do” those things that God desires – that is – to be his servants seeking his kingdom. My assumption might be that they actually are trying to “believe and do” his will and continue to seek him in prayer for relief from suffering.
    It is very hard to reconcile a belief about an all powerful God allowing continued suffering for those who are seeking him for relief for that suffering. If we believe he hears us than why does it seem he ignores us or turns his back on us? That is a most discouraging place to be in. It is why many who responded with this deep hurt, desire death.
    Hebrews 11:6 says “ But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him”
    It certainly seems that almost every commenter has faith that God is. However, many commenters do not have faith that he is a rewarder because they have sought him, and he did not reward them – being that he did not answer their prayers.
    That being said – these people cannot “please God” according to this scripture because they don’t believe he will reward them – because he hasn’t. Therefore, God must hate them after all.
    Well, what does it mean to “please God”. I think it means to make God happy. In the sense that I make God happy when I come to him and trust him – no matter what happens. I will trust that he is a keeper of his word and sees the bigger picture that he is building in us.

    When I get discouraged, I am often reminded of the man Jesus healed, who was blind since birth. John 9:1-12. This blind man was forced to be a beggar, rejected by all including his family and “the religious”. In the end, when the man saw Jesus, who had healed him, he believed in him and worshipped him.
    What does this event tell me about God and the reconciliation of “believing and doing”?
    This event tells me that God knows and allows our circumstances. This event tells me that some people suffer exceedingly through no fault of their own. This event tells me that those who suffer externally are often severely rejected by others as well. This event tells me that the work of Jesus had all ready been accomplished in this man’s heart. Why? Because when he saw Jesus, the man received him and worshipped him – not as a God who hated him and allowed all his suffering – but he saw Jesus as a God who had been with him through all his suffering.

    So again, to reconcile the idea that yes – it is important to love, reach out, forgive, be generous, work for, serve, etc God and others – – and that yes, we can do these things and still feel that God is against us and continues to allow our suffering — What is the reconciliation? What is the solution?

    Maybe the reconciliation or solution is in being “okay” with what is. Like the man who was blind since birth. I make God happy “please him” and bring peace to my soul when I release it all to him and say to God, “It is okay. I do not understand what You are doing or why, but I will trust You anyways. Life is short and You have not forgotten nor forsaken me. If you answer my prayers, I will believe that you love me; but if you do not answer my prayers, I will believe that you love me. You Lord, know the whole picture. Life is but a breath and it is gone. I cannot keep myself in faith, but You Lord, abide faithful and I will trust You. If I am like the blind beggar, than so be it. I look forward to your coming and I will rest in you

    • Strange about the blind beggar i am having an issue with my eyes and may need intervention at some point ,but i ask God why now ??? and what is so strange last friday at church there was a whole sermon on that blind man ,and it spoke to me then, i went home and read the details ,and in the end,Jesus is asking him What would you have me do unto you??? ,THE ALL KNOWING GOD asked him and he gave his answer,,,, to be healed of blindness,,,Jesus certainly knew his problem ,like he knows all our problems, and his blindness was turned to sight ,So i was thinking maybe i need to get a note book and the heading would be”’ WHAT WILL THOU THAT I SHOULD DO UNTO THEE””” write my burdens down eacd day and ask for relief from those burdens that weigh us down each day

  • I was emotionally and sexually abused as a child. At age 18 I developed Panic disorder and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I was born ugly, ungifted, unloved, and unwanted. I have been poor all my life. When I thought it was finally my turn to be happy, my husband turned out to be an abusive meth addict. Bad things happen to me all the time. Recently I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. They did a craniotomy to remove part of it. All my life, I have prayed, tried to be a good person, tried to be a good citizen, followed the rules and the laws, worked hard to try to better myself. All for naught. I’m now 46 years old and no better off than the day I was born. DOES GOD LOVE ME??? I’D BE A FOOL TO BELIEVE SO.

    • God does love you. Leave the past in the past. Press the delete button and start fresh. Don’t defeat yourself. Your words make you or break you. Ask Jesus for all the things you want and need. Believe and not doubt. Ask for prayer online. Things will change for the better.

      • And how is it Ron that I have done that for 20 years and things have just gotten worse? Every day things are worse no matter that I pray, read the Bible and try to have faith. It is very hard to have faith if your prayers are never ever answered. And no, I do not believe that he is answering , just the answer is no or wait. Why should some christians have good lifes with plenty of good things in their life and others nothing even though they are doing the same things? Im not arguing for the sake of arguing, I truly want answers why? Im so tired of pain and unhappiness that I know soon , very soon I will end it all.

  • #%*! god, whether or not it created us to give each other grief or not it still created disease death and all emotion if you want to go into it with chemical reactions. God is a tyrant and when we all die it is a given responsibility to usurp This trash from the throne to create peace for all not just for those that don’t ‘fall short of the glory of God’. God will be destroyed.

  • If I were to construct a God I would furnish Him with some way and qualities and characteristics which the Present lacks. He would not stoop to ask for any man’s compliments, praises, flatteries; and He would be far above exacting them. I would have Him as self-respecting as the better sort of man in these regards.
    He would not be a merchant, a trader. He would not buy these things. He would not sell, or offer to sell, temporary benefits of the joys of eternity for the product called worship. I would have Him as dignified as the better sort of man in this regard.
    He would value no love but the love born of kindnesses conferred; not that born of benevolences contracted for. Repentance in a man’s heart for a wrong done would cancel and annul that sin; and no verbal prayers for forgiveness be required or desired or expected of that man.
    In His Bible there would be no Unforgiveable Sin. He would recognize in Himself the Author and Inventor of Sin and Author and Inventor of the Vehicle and Appliances for its commission; and would place the whole responsibility where it would of right belong: upon Himself, the only Sinner.
    He would not be a jealous God–a trait so small that even men despise it in each other.
    He would not boast.
    He would keep private Hs admirations of Himself; He would regard self-praise as unbecoming the dignity of his position.
    He would not have the spirit of vengeance in His heart. Then it would not issue from His lips.
    There would not be any hell–except the one we live in from the cradle to the grave.
    There would not be any heaven–the kind described in the world’s Bibles.
    He would spend some of His eternities in trying to forgive Himself for making man unhappy when he could have made him happy with the same effort and he would spend the rest of them in studying astronomy.
    – Mark Twain’s Notebook

    • Jesus says, “When you see me, you see the Father. I and my Father are one.” If you want to know who God is and what God is like – look at Jesus. Read the Gospels for Jesus is the exact representation of the Father. You might find that the characteristics you think God should be – He is.

  • I am agnostic but I was raised in a Christian household that was VERY religiousa church 5 times a week, my mom a Christian singer, my father a pastor (though they’ve been divorced my entire life) and I’ve experienced
    many different denominations. I thjnj
    you’re wrong to suggest that people created these demographics and classes in society that they are harshly judged on by other people, if you actually read the Bible, it is what sets up targeted abuse toward the LGBTQIA community and toward women (we are supposed to be submissive and not hold leadership positions in the church and Paul was a real jerk toward women) and so much more. But that is another story. I want to respond to people here who have said they believe God hates them or that they gave up their faith.

    I used to believe God hated me. After all, I went through sexual and emotional abuse as a child and teen, I was homeless as a teen, I suffer from a debilitating disease and had to fight for my life for 3 years through dozens of constant surgeries, etc. But then one day I realized that other people being abusive and nasty to me doesn’t mean God hates me. He isn’t the one doing those awful things to me – people with free will are! And sure, God could intervene but if he did, then people wouldn’t have free will. As for my illness, I’m not sure that’s God’s fault either. I was just born this way and there are scientific explanations for that.

    Read your Bibles – all the way through. According to the Bible, God allows suffering because a) people have free will to do whatever the hell they want to others. B) Suffering is a test of faith ie Job C) Eve bit the apple and Adam joined in D) The sins of our forefathers pass on to the 7th generation E) Suffering builds character and teaches us lessons. It also allows us to have a testimony and praise God when we make it through F) Without suffering, we really wouldn’t have a need for God because most of us don’t spend our time praising him for every single good thing that happens …. I could go on.

    While God said your prayers will be answered, he never said they would be answered to your satisfaction. God is still answering your prayers even if he happens to say NO instead of YES or if he closes a door instead of opening it. And there are many reasons for that. We humans can’t see the big picture but according to the Bible God can. There are reasons God allows us to go through certain things and doesn’t give us everything we want. God is supposed to be our spiritual Father, so consider this analogy. A child asks an earthly father for things and the father says yes to everything the child ever asks for and makes everything in life simple and easy for the child. Now think of the kind of person that child would become. They would be unhealthy in every single way because they never had to work for anything, they always got what they wanted.

    The earthly father says no to things and doesn’t make everything simple and easy for the child because the child needs to learn and grow and experience life. The child, at the time, doesn’t understand and may get upset with the father and think the father is being unfair or is punishing the child, but the father is only doing what is best for the child. The father tries to protect the child, but the child has free will and makes their own mmistakes and gets himself in bad situations sometimes. And other people have free will, and the father can’t stop what other people may do to the child.

    Can you imagine if the child just stopped loving its father just because the father didn’t always get its own way? Or can you imagine if the child is bullied at school and blames the father for not preventing it? Sounds ridiculous right?? You are the child, and the father is God. He gave you and others free will and people may have treated you terribly yet you blame God for the actions of humans. You ask God for that job or that wife or that car or whatever, and he doesn’t give it to you and you get angry, even though he sees the bigger picture and you don’t, and you have no idea what He has in store for you and it may be something so much greater!

    It is ridiculous to think God hates you because of the actions of other people who have free will and because you don’t get everything you want. Especially when most of us knowingly and unapologetically sin like crazy and then try to bargain with God once we need something.

    The OTHER reason life is so difficult and it seems like the world is going downhill fast and there is so much suffering is because again, according to the Bible, we are in the end of days and Jesus is coming back soon! An increase in suffering, natural disasters, sin, debauchery, hopelessness, and more is what preceeds the return of Christ. I could go on.

    Basically I understand why people would feel abandoned or hated by God bur they aren’t! At least not according the Bible – even if I don’t believe in it.

    • I like your continual emphasis on “free will” and how we should not “blame God” for the events in our life. If I believe that God is for me (like you say – a good father) – then who can be against me? Our warfare isn’t even with people who chose to hurt . . . us – our warfare is in the spiritual realm against demons and powers and principalities. Jesus says that the thief (devil) has come to steal, kill and destroy. If this is what we are experiencing then we need to use our free will and rise up against this thief in the name and authority of Jesus who has power over the wicked ones.

  • God only chooses who he wants.He made all countries/people but only chose Israel as his flock.It’s better to believe in astrology

    • Maybe God chose Israel as an example of his interactions with a nation in the physical/material realm. Did you ever notice that the purpose of the genealogies in the Bible is to provide a historical linkage between Adam and Jesus? and that once Jesus came – the genealogies ended – except not really – now God says, “We are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus”! Consider your genealogy and how amazing it is!

  • God does hate .. I often wonder why he created me ,i know im not an amazing person but i do not deserve to feel so much pain on a daily basis .im probably the only person in the world that has had suicidal thoughts since they were 9years old

    • Dear Mimi, God doesn’t hate you. He created you because you are amazing just as you are. He grieves with you when your heart and your flesh feels pain. He tells you sorrow comes but joy comes too. Ask Him to give to you joy unspeakable and full of glory. Did you know that Jesus says if we ask Him anything that is his will, He will give it to us? It is His will that we know Him and His joy, ask Him for this – then be still and hear what He says.

  • Life has become unbearable painful and I think about blowing my brains out daily. I lost my first wife to cancer 24 years ago, went through two divorces, have had two children with autism, have lost jobs, have been unemployed for long periods of time, am in the process of failing in a business since I am deemed too old to hire, live in isolation and utter loneliness, and I am getting very close to being homeless due to financial problems. For years I have cried out to God, but no relief. I do know people whose lives have just flourished. They may have problems from time to time but they always come through the trials and have ended up prosperous and surrounded by friends and family. I don’t know what to think about God anymore. It does seem that I am not among his elect and that there is nothing I can do about it. If it has to come down to being homeless, then I will end it all.

    • Dear Chris, what misery and sorrow you have experienced. It makes my heart sad with sorrow and my eyes fill with tears for your grief. Your burdens have been many and it sounds like you have felt alone in bearing them. Can you say to God, “It’s okay. I will take this yoke that is on my neck and place the other side on Jesus’s neck. No matter what each day brings, I will see Jesus there – carrying my yoke with me.”

    • Hi Chris,

      You pains are all to familiar with me… years of crying out to God, working so hard and not getting anywhere, seeing people prosper while you keep getting punched in the face…. I get it!

      I’ve realized something in my own life and that is, what ever I seem to fear most and the bad things I think about, ultimately happen to me. It seems too weird to be coincidental. I’m 48, and like you have had a string of bad luck as of the last three years. I’m starting to believe that when we are negative, we attract negative things in our life. It’s hard to think positively when you can’t get through one problem before another one comes at you but, I’m sure that if everyone here were to analyze their thoughts they would probably see that there is a tendency to focus on negative things which probably just leads to getting more negative outcomes.

      Many preachers will fill you with unrealistic hopes and dreams about God’s blessings but real blessing comes from within ourselves. It’s our own work and diligence that creates our world and even though we keep getting hit and run over, we have to learn from failures and allow them to empower us. One thing that I’m starting to learn is that if you want to be successful… as the saying goes… “no man is an island”, we all need people and it’s our connections to others that will bring success.

      As an example, my dad owned a paving business years ago and he eventually met up with a builder that wanted to do business with him. Well, my dad being the loner that he was, rejected the offer and eventually closed his paving business with little to show for it and remained very poor to this day. On the other hand, the builder went on to be very successful and built many homes and is probably a millionaire by now. If my dad would have let down his walls and connected with the builder his life would have changed for the better and he could have had a great retirement.

      So, if you want your life to change, try to find a way to meet people. Do things differently. Have an open heart. Make connections, tell people about your dreams and maybe you can get the help you need to make them come true.

      You can do it, Chris.
      Life can change for you.

      • No man is an Island, and if a man is to have friends, he must show himself friendly,Get a book on the PROMISES OF GOD read those promises daily .For years my husband struggled, coming from Africa, were he was successful at work, was able to help his family members, due to the job he held there. Coming to the U.S it was not so, he was told that he was overqualified in the area he wanted to wok in ,missed opportunities,,tried going to college but was railroaded in different ways, worked as a security guard ,worked in factories .print shops he is 68 years old now and drives a commercial truck now just in the last 1-2 years and was able for the first time to send a small amount of money to his brother in Africa ,after 27 years of being in the U.S, It is small in the U.S.but big for them in AFRICA HE has always Trusted in God no matter what and has always been a hopeful man ,smiles all the time and has had an innate joy in him .sometimes i think a man of 68 should take it easy ,but it seems like he can go for another 100 years ,that is how hopeful he is about life ,so hang it there .it can all be because of the way we see life HOPE LEADS TO HOPE AND EXPECTATIONS ,EVEN I NEXT TO MY HUSBAND CAN TAKE A PAGE FROM HIM AND HOPE MORE,SO I THINK IT IS A MINDSET THAT WE MUST DAILY REVISE.MANY PEOPLE LOOK AT OTHERS AND MEASURE THIER PROGRESS,AND SADLY IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY AND MATERIAL WEALTH,BUT PEOPLE WITH MONEY FEEL HOPELESS AS WELL AND MANY DIE ALONE WITH NO ONE AROUND THEM,JUST SPEAKING TO GOD KNOWING THERE IS A BEING ONE CAN SPEAK TO INTIMATELY WITH NO ONE ELSE HEARING YOUR THOUGHTS IS AMAZING,,, SO I SPEAK TO HIM,IF HE HEARS HE HEARS,SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS GETTING A PARKING SPOT WHEN OTHERS ARE STILL LOOKING AROUND FOR ONE IS SOMETHING TO SAY ‘THANK YOU LORD’ ,THE SMALL THINGS COUNT MUCHLESS THE GREATER THINGS !!!!

  • I have had one tragedy after another in my life and have never had peace. I accepted Jesus and I was still suffering. I wake up every single day wishing I hadn’t or wishing that something, anything would come along and kill me so my suffering would end. I cry to God in prayer but lately, I can’t feel anything when I try to pray. Almost like I know God isn’t listening and he doesn’t care about my suffering. Sometimes I even get the feeling that he wants me to suffer which is why I never die. I have been chased by murderers and almost killed. Been through through things that would kill most people but no matter how much I want it all to end. God will not allow me to die. I have tried church after church and it is always the same message that leaves me wanting and more depressed at my situation then I was before and hating myself.i see horrible awful people being rewarded left and right but I am forced to barely survive every day of my life. Why don’t I deserve God’s love and mercy? Why can’t I ever have anything good? Why is everything taken from me. I’m not some sad junkie out there ruining my life. why don’t I get a blessing?why doesn’t God love me?

  • I’m not sure why God has led me to this point. I was a happily married man with 2 kids and a good, solid income (from working in software development at a number of large companies). Suddenly in mid 2016, my job was eliminated and I interviewed for a job at US Cellular. I got an offer from them, but for some reason I can’t now recall, I turned it down. Right after that, things began to implode for me…I suffered some deep depression (apparently) and was hospitalized for weeks for it. I finally got out, only to be diagnosed later with epilepsy. I’m now on a number of medications (2 anti-seizure drugs) and now I don’t have a personality any more. I can’t carry on an intelligent conversation with anyone and I only have a part-time job at a grocery store (which, of course, can’t support a family). I keep praying to God, but it seems he now hates me and won’t listen to my prayers (or those of anyone else praying for me and my family). What is the point of my life being taken to this point? Why am I stuck here, apparently unable to help my family by getting a better job with insurance, regular hours, etc.? There must be a reason why God has let this happen to me, but I can’t for the life of me figure it out.


      • and besides depression depletes molecules in the brain that is necessary for optimal function ,maybe that is what lead to epilepsy ,try walking walk in the sunlight ,take StJohns Worth on a regular basis ,vitamins ,become vegan that might help,YaH GOD BLESS YOU.

  • I agree. I find it very hard to praise and worship a god who cannot even answer one prayer, or even say one word back to me.
    You live your life the best you can, and it’s like you’re being spit at constantly.
    One doesn’t do good things to expect to be paid back, but when you have troubles, over and over, you’d like to have some help.
    It’s as if the god-believers think you have to be loyal, when he is not loyal to you.

  • From all the hell I’ve been through I can confirm that indeed God is an EVIL, INCOMPETENT bastard. I hate him and I would spit on his face if I ever saw him.

  • First off let me say, that I pursue spirituality by necessity, not choice, if I had the ability to survive without the concept of God I would. I believe this is the case with most humans, we need to believe in something even if it’s not believing in something. Secondly, if any of you are actually considering killing yourself seek help, there are very useful medications available, I know I took them for 32 years, I don’t take them now, don’t make a permanent solution for what might be a temporary condition, if you think no one cares you are wrong, I care, a lot of us care. Prove it you say? I don’t know how to do that, other than to assure you that if you were here with me and you told me you wanted to kill yourself I would say I know I’ve wanted to kill myself a lot, some bad stuff has happened to me and I’ve got it pretty good relative to some people. And then I would try to talk you out of it, suicide is unnatural, unless you have chronic physical pain that you cannot bear or are psychologically incompatible with Humanity you shouldn’t do it, and that second one cannot be determined by you alone.
    The following is purely my opinion based on what I see as the evidence. You must make your own determination. If there is a God, and I hope for the sake of goodness there is not, he is the most deceptive and evil force that humans can possibly imagine, we don’t have words to describe the level of malevolence cruelty torture discrimination persecution and just pure evil that has been perpetrated on Humanity for the last 200,000 years, stop right there, many of you will be saying this guy is the devil! Bull #)!* wake up people (you’re really not going to like what I say next) and you Pastor if you have the guts to post this I will be very surprised, remember it’s just my opinion. We have been lied to throughout history in effect God and Satan are the same being, God’s agenda cannot be known to us but it’s not good, or good for us, we can be sure of that. I don’t believe he hates us, he doesn’t consider us significant enough to hate, we are like mosquitoes to him, so his “hatred” is what we would call criminal negligence, this makes him the enemy of man, not an enemy of man THE enemy of man, we don’t need to understand the relationship of him and his stoolie Satan if they are not the same then they are brothers or partners, doesn’t matter, they have to be stopped divide and conquer is the way they will get us. Now let’s talk about Christ or as I call him Master Lord Jesus, he is my savior, and he does just that. God has a habit of taking credit for things he didn’t do and not taking blame for things he did Christ is okay with that he was sent by the higher-ups he was human he walked Among Us he understand us, he feels for us he’s on our side, this is how I look at it even if he was just a brilliant person like Gandhi Buddha MLK or perhaps Muhammad (more research is required on that one) since none of this can be proven or disproven it may not mean anything to you maybe you’ll decide what you do believe, all I know is that together we stand we must police ourselves and if you are not for us(humankind) you are against us, look at the evidence people and you may well discover that not only is God not love he is fear I’m scared to death and if I have to die to save Humanity from him I will…. Somebody said, ” love everyone, trust a few, harm no one”, I would modify that in this way,”love everyone who doesn’t intend you harm, trust who you have to, eradicate those that need it”Edmund Burke said,”the only thing necessary for evil to Triumph is for good men to do nothing”, so how about it brothers and sisters? Are we just going to sit by and do nothing are we going to end the reign of God’s tyranny? (Real or not God equals fear and tyranny)
    Because I’m sure you’re wondering, I am a caucasian, straight, patriotic, 17 clean and sober son of a gay man, I am also a disabled veteran. Be good to yourself, H
    oh, to answer your question why did God make me what?I am, because he hates you and suffering and misery(for whatever reason) AR what he does….

  • I spent alot of time on my lengthy post, and you screaned it or whatever? That’s ok, it was really for me, I’m not surprised, it was pretty hard core, and I suspect a little to logical for you, and I probably scared you. That cool, I’m scared, was scared, I’m not very scared now. After reading through some of the posts I realize that some peoples lives really suck, I thought mine sucked, it does, but not that bad. Anyway, I feed bad for saying that the reason you are what ever you are is because God hates you, that is insensitive, true in effect, but it’s not personal. If God exists, he “hates” us in the negligent, dead beat, absentee landlord way, we are not significant to him. Just my opinion, H

  • At this point in my life ( 59 years)
    I believe I’ve exhausted every possibility ,I know my Faith has evaporated !
    Praying & knowing nothing will be answered has become more draining
    than a 40 hr work week & taking care of 3 daughters. Continued Prayer
    & faith will probably kill me quicker than being a non believer .
    Truly sorry to all people of faith !!

  • We ruined the world. We are our own torturers. We were meant to love one another and God, but live in hate and cause suffering to one another. We are sinners,who sin, and you whatever woes we suffer are our own works.

    Yes. It’s pretty much our fault, he seems by far and large checked out, disappointed, disinterested, keeping his distance because he’d kill us to look at us and our works,dunno, and all we do is reap our wicked harvests and blame him for it.

    However, God designed suffering. God designed the spiders venom, the inflammation and the caustic rot. God gave the the Lion it’s hunger, and the lamb his screams- that special bit of hell as it’s flesh rends apart.

    All that we CAN suffer,do unto ourselves (or just happen naturally, as a wolf will eat the hare despite one’s goodness all the world over) was designed by him, to be able to be done to all of creation.

    So in that, being a part of creation, and having a mind to actively see what I can see in empathy and understanding of suffering, and caring that it suffers, caring that I suffer, and wishing it would end for me, for all that is, good or bad, justice or no, having being wronged by or simply unaware of.

    I feel wronged. I feel the whole of creation has been wronged by suffering, it’s design, it’s allowance.– It’s designer. I feel God hates me. And I hate him too. That doesn’t make me a monster. My weakness, inability to do something to stop it, knowing it should be stopped make make me one.

    I don’t wish to harm any, even if I drown in hate. So I forgive God for the wrongs I feel he has done to creation. I forgive every selfish wicked nothing that torments me here. The only thing I ask of God is justice, and I believe that to be mercy. If he would kill me flesh and soul, I would not suffer. I would not knowingly or unknowingly cause others to suffer. I would not hate, I would not offend, I would not be.

    I want him to take his “gift” back. I want out. I want out. If I can not help, and I can not, I will not harm. I will not multiply, I will not commit the sin the lord has done unto me, though my sins me legion otherwise in vain effort to be freed if but for a moment of the lords “gift”

    So yes, I hate God, he hates me, he hates the ant for the weight of a grain of earth in the many moments of measure in the mind of the ant- It may be below and beneath God, but is it not all to the ant as it is for me?. But it’s mercy that guides my heart, not malice, and in that I see no sin and have no hope for peace with God. I will always pray to him for mercy for all, I hold it far above pride and the cruel thorns hope leads one into in Gods eternal silence and cruelty.

  • Reasons I hate being a woman:

    Its hard to dress up and look beautiful because guys only see you as a sexual object. As long as you didn’t have something tight on they never even noticed you.
    If a men and women cheated, the woman carries the title “whore”
    Women have to do soo many things to beautify themselves and it still doesn’t turn out right.
    Women go through pain before pleasure. Men go straight to pleasure. Women can die from having a child. Men don’t have to worry about certain things.
    People excuse me but I am angry with God on this one
    Woman are emotional as hell, man isn’t. You don’t have a clear since of direction for women. You want them to be fruitful and multiply yet you make child baring painful.
    Are we to never experience sex because we stand a chance of getting pregnant. Why would you put those cravings desires in people when if we were to fulfill them it will make you angry. Breaking your virginity is painful so you can’t even design a body without mistakes. Why didn’t you give man this same pain. That’s why they have so many kids because intercourse is not painful but very pleasurable to them from the beginning why women have to feel unbearable pain through so many tries before it feels good. Your creations are very messed up. You are very unfair. Woman have to bleed every few weeks, man doesn’t, women have to keep their legs shaved, man do not, women have to carry this ugly huge big stretch mark contraction stomach for most of the entire year, if man finds a wife he found a good thing, but you didn’t say that in return for women. Why not if the wife finds a husband it’s a good thing? What the hell does she get out of it you unfair. You built women to be slaves to man.
    No guy wants to be with a woman if she’s not willing to have sex. It is sad how I heard about a girl who had intercourse for the first time and she was in tears because it hurt so bad and nothing felt good about it and she was immediately pregnant. But it was very pleasurable to the men. That would be another one of Gods bad creations being unfair to women. If you are going to impregnate women at least give them the pleasurable side too since she got to go 9 months in pain and bad looks. I believe you mess up people’s relationships because you are jealous of how they love each other. Men will go as far as rape to fulfill their sexual desire. Waiting until marriage is like waiting till your 80. You don’t know who your supposed to be with. Proving God is slow in all things.
    y’all I’m 30 and cannot get passed a tampon, so sex is out the picture. You have to be able to satisfy your partner sexually. So I can already see my entire sad lonely single future. I don’t want kids so that makes it harder to even attempt sex. According to God, your supposed to be married. I just hate being a woman. There’s nothing in the Bible I read that’s bad enough to justify creating a woman this way. God you are love?? Well this ain’t love at ALL!
    I don’t want sex to bring life in the world that is very messed up how God did woman. It is so hard for a woman to break her virginity, not because of rules but because it’s that painful. Why give women tones of pain by carrying kids, bleeding, getting cut open and making it so painful in the vagina. You didn’t give such disgusting pain to men. Can seem sexist. God if a woman breaks her virginity and she’s not married, you get so pissed off and hateful, that’s why we have all this pain in the first place. You got straight mad at the females. You were like here give them pain in this, in this, and in this. If it really gets you that upset can you at least keep your desires for this away from us when you definitely don’t plan on giving it to us or fulfilling it. This is one of your worst creations you threw on woman and not men. You created men to just have a great pleasurable time.
    I am still trying to see why God is sooo mad at women, angry at women, hate women. Child bearing is far from a blessing. A lot of women have babies because they are sooo eager and curious to have and see what sex feel like. It was never about a child. A child is just part of that business. Vaginas and how they operates, I wasn’t thinking about this as a child and shouldn’t have to have my focus there at such an age, how it has to be worked into at an earlier age painfully over and over again just so you can be able to have sexual intimacy at the appropriate time at ease is a ridiculous way to create a woman. And if that’s not enough then carrying a bloated stomach in pain, can’t function normally, leave work for weeks to months, permanent stretch marks, c section, cut open, sex didn’t even feel good or problems in vagina area where you are required to seek a doctor ‍, splitting your tissues, and the child is ugly on top of it with mental problems, period cycles. God I wouldn’t dare thank you for this ridiculousness. Your reasons in the Bible isn’t good enough for this type of life pain, then it’s hell on top of it taking care and having the dad do his part of the responsibility for 18 years. This is straight hateful. Why does it bother You what we do with our bodies mann? You have the power to give and take away, so if it bothers you for someone to break there virginity then why want You take those urges, stimulation, craves for sex away when You know people have a very small amount of power to stop themselves from fulfilling that crap. And when they do their lives are more of a worry, stressed , poor, and rough till they die because that’s how mad you are at them for doing that so You give them hell most of their life till they die. Favoritism You do show between male and female. Men don’t have it close to this bad.
    It’s hard being a woman. Everything about us painful. Nothing is fun. How come ppl can get through it fast and others like me can’t even enter. Males can just go and create and they have no idea what a woman go through.
    I never wanted a child but should I never get to see how true sex feels because I can risk having a child, a disease, or I’m not married.

  • God will not help me so far i failed a really big test and my family does not have US citizenship and my life is really bad i think god hates me

  • Christians have lost the truth of the gospel in this area.

    Living in the world is suffering and pain. The world is separated from God by Sin. We are obviously separated from God. The condition of sin has separated God from us. God created the world, gave it free will and He is allowing the world to feel the results of this freedom. Plants, animals, mountains, people all are free to do what they do. Lions eat animals, sheep get eaten. Sheep eat plants. The earth roars with quakes. Men commit the highest evils – they kill, cheat, steal, slaughter, or rape other people and know better.

    Most of the time the world’s free will causes pain for someone in a random way. Some are born with evil parents. Others born disabled due to incredible bad luck. Others die in wars, or from pollution, earthquakes, from cancer, child birth, accidents or just random illness and awful suffering and death.

    Yes, the only sure thing in this world is death and taxes. I would say suffering, death and taxes.

    The people who are mad at God due to their suffering are right. The world is fallen, awful and unfair. Middle class American Christians, born into luck and wealth, have distorted the gospel into promises of prosperity while the NORMAL condition of this world is freedom – and suffering. Constant suffering and pain. Suffering that is endemic to the human condition. Randomness, injustice, suffering and death is our lot in life, with a few random blessings in the middle.

    The promise of the gospel is that we can live for God now, or die for him and gain. We can help alleviate the suffering of others in our work and find eternal meaning. Or we can leave this sinful world for heaven – our final healing.

    Meanwhile, I can only agree with the suffering people here. They have a bad deal. The world, though no fault of their own, has cheated them. They were dealt a bad hand. Life was stolen from them. They never had a chance. However, if they can cling to the only hope we all have, the hope that Jesus died for their sins – that He ultimately loves them – then they will have every tear wiped away in heaven. That is the promise of the gospel to so many. Life everlasting, where every tear will be wiped away, where we join His family, with heavenly bodies, and live in eternal peace, our work of faith ended.

    To those who are suffering, check out this verse and others like it, “Those who cling to life will lose it, but if you give up your life for mine, will find it.” Matt 10:39. Give Jesus what little you have, and you will find life most abundantly. Give him those dreams, all that suffering and you will have treasure in heaven, maybe more than those spoiled people who have so much here on earth. Those who wave their good fortune at you like they earned it, like it was not luck or others who gave their good lives to them as a grace filled blessing.

  • Why is it that god is given all the credit for good things, but religious figures blame humans for all that is bad (like this article). If god truly intervenes and is good, racism and homophobia wouldn’t exist. I have had many interactions with god, and he intentionally divided people, puts us against each other, and then enjoys the resulting suffering as if we were cocks in battle. Everything that happens on earth is predetermined by god, as if he were directing a drama or horror show. God is one big mind $*!# and people will bend reason in a myriad of nonsensical ways to protect God’s image at the expense is we who suffer. How is a god who casts people into a lake of fire with a six headed beast for eternity simply because they didn’t believe a fairy tale — even though god predetermined that they would not believe it — perfectly just? I can’t think of anything more insanely ridiculous!!!

  • You say: “The problem here is that it’s not God who is doing this labeling and excluding—it’s human beings.”

    But the problem is that God created us, knowing how we would interact and live. So yes it’s true that many problems are human induced, yet it is God who created us this way, and hence God knew how we would treat each other. I am a Christian but wish I never existed. I have been tormented my whole life with one cruel trick after another. I worked from nothing to millions, gave away millions to Christian causes, only to have be hurt continuously in every area of my life by Christians who rob, cheat, and steal. The only reason I don’t kill myself is because of consequences of doing so. Though I dread the afterlife to. There’s hierarchy in heaven and I am done with this pecking order in life. Obviously that’s better than the alternate, hell, though the ideal would be to have not had my soul exist at all. Unfortunately souls can’t be destroyed or wished away from ever existing. The latter is highly tempting if it were an option.

  • I’m headed to 70.
    Over 40 years of unanswered prayers and outright broken promises from God.

    I’ve been used for so called, “miracles,” for others.
    Cancers (3 to 6 months to live) banished.
    Person out of a wheelchair that doctors said would be for life.

    And other things too numerous to mention.

    I have been faithful with the gifts given to me.

    I kept the faith.
    God didn’t.

    It’s far too late for some of the promises God made to me to be kept.
    And others, if kept, would be almost as bitter as the decades of not being kept…. far too little far too late.

    I can attest. I can witness. I can call it true.

    God saves your tears in a bottle. Look it up.
    God brings good and evil. Look it up.
    God has actively purposed one of his angels to be a lying spirit. Look it up.
    Everything is from, through, to God. Look it up.

    I speak with the authority of decades of broken promises from/by God.

    As God has not kept his promises of good for me here on the planet surface how can I count on God to keep his promises for me of good on the other side of this life?

    I can’t.

    That is the bottom line.

    I didn’t get me to this point.
    I got here following God and being a servant, a vessel, to bless others in big ways while I got, get, the dregs.
    The crumbs of crumbs.

    Yes, it sounds bitter.
    And it is.

    For a while I attempted to mix sweet with the bitter, in an attempt to hope for the best, that a kind loving God would come through.

    That God did not. I saw others all the way through get blessed big time. Who did little to sacrifice and serve.

    There is no longer a mixing of sweet with bitter.
    The attempt to make lemonade from lemons has failed.

    Now, there is only bitter, after so many decades of service, and there won’t be enough sweet, not enough years left, to make up for it.

    Trust this God to keep promises concerning eternal salvation?

    I think not.

    I have tested God. His words and his deeds do not match for me all these decades.
    Anything he did do, kept true to, was just to keep me going, surviving…. and…. suffering.

    God has collected a significant portion of his Cosmic Tear-Wine Cellar from me.

    The only question that remains is how and when I exit this Malignant Tragedy.
    Of course, there is the fear that forcing an exit with my own hand might result in an even greater misery on the other side of this thing.

    Great God, eh?

  • There was a great 1961 Twilight Zone episode entitled, “It’s A Good Life.”

    Check that one out if you can.

    I read the original short story it was based on.
    Someone was very sly in writing that.
    And someone was very sly in writing it, adapting it, for the screen.


    If you’ve seen it possibly you can relate it to what goes on in this life, in this world.

    In a nutshell it is about a nasty little boy with all power. God-like.
    People are terrified of him and keep telling him that all the terrible things he did and does were and are so good.

    Sound at all familiar?

    I too have had a life shattered by God.
    No one can tell me otherwise and no one can tell me to just hang in there, that God has a plan for my life.
    That all things are working to the good. They aren’t and they haven’t.

    I’m too old to buy into that anymore.
    I’ll be 65 in 3 weeks.
    It’s been decades of being a believer and being used to bless others.
    I’m looking at homelessness. At 65.

    God is a promise breaker in my life.
    My existence on this planet is a field of broken promises, promises made and broken by God, and shattered dreams.
    God can’t really keep some of them any more. I’m too old.
    God would have to whisk me away to an alternate reality where I am young again.
    And if God keeps the others it will be very little very late.

    I’ve been given some impressive gifts by the Holy Spirit.
    I’ve been faithful to them and used them, or more accurately, have been a vessel used by God, to work miracles for others.
    Have been used to bring about great blessings for others.

    But as for me, I’ve been cast aside for the most part.
    I know God exists. There is zero doubt about that for me.
    That God is kind and loving, that God IS love…. there’s the rub.
    God is not much of that…. for and to me.
    Given just enough to keep living and serving. That’s it.

    I’ve prayed for death nearly every night before I go to sleep for over 20 years.
    And I always wake up disappointed that I’m still here and have to go on in the deprivation.
    I am afraid to commit suicide because I know that God can make things even worse on the other side of this life.
    Caught between a rock and a hard place, courtesy of the One that made us all.

    I’ve come to understand that God is the Ultimate Psychopath.
    The Ultimate Sociopath.
    I despise that these words are coming from me.
    But The Truth is of the utmost importance to me.
    These two are what God appears as to me.
    I wish it were otherwise.
    I pray that God will show me otherwise, will show other sides of Himself that are…. Friendlier.

    God can do whatever God wants.
    God DOES do whatever God wants to do.
    God can tell us, me, that God is a good God.

    The proof is in the pudding.
    We have to live in that pudding.

    This poor man’s take on the Book Of Job that I’ve been living for decades, forced to live for decades, has been going on for an awfully long time.

    I want it to end. This life. This existence. This on-going torture.
    I will pray for that before I sleep, yet once again.

    God appears to be preparing an even greater hell on earth for me.
    I hope God does an about face and acts suddenly to bless me, to save me from absolute destitution and disease untended.

    For, in addition to asking for the grace, the blessing, of death, I will also be asking for a better life here.
    The two are not at odds. There is no conflict there.
    The object is for all the intense suffering, the gross unfairness, the seemingly malevolent treatment from and by the One Who made us all, to come to an end.

    I choose Life, and a better one.
    If God chooses to continue to deny me that, then I want death.

    It’s as simple as that.

    I don’t use my gifts much anymore. I’m too wiped out for far too long.
    Other humans are missing out. I’m missing out.
    I still have a heart for and pray for others. But I know not the results at this point.
    Prayers are in passing.
    They always were but there was a time when I could get close up in the trenches and be used to make the difference and witness Results.

    God needs to move. I no longer can.
    If God won’t…. well, God won’t.
    I can’t control that.

    It’s all in God’s hands. Always was. Always will be.
    I do what I can to do my part. I’m doing less and less due to the overwhelming depression that comes with such overwhelming deprivation.
    Decades of it.
    And the afflictions that overtake the old.

    God should Move. Suddenly.
    It will have to me suddenly, because I’m just too old for it to be otherwise.

    Enough ramble.

    Check out that Twilight Zone episode.

  • Dear Doctor Fuller,

    Your analysis of “why does God hate me” and “why does god allow suffering” google searches as being due to people inappropriately named and divided by society is very interesting. I’m sure that society causes suffering for many people.

    However, based on the responses, it appears that suffering itself is the main source of people’s questioning of God and loss of faith. Mental illness, deaths, failure to have children, disabilities, addiction – People seem to have a lot of disappointment and real pain and suffering. There are dozens of hurt people here. They are really questioning if God hates them due to their losses and suffering.

    This has touched a nerve, that could be an entire blog. I see a need for it. It is one of the most basic questions of religious people who search for meaning. (This one page appears to have the most views in the PTS blog?!)

    I see the Protestant Work ethic and Prosperity Gospel as ideologies that blame the victims of suffering for their lack of work or faith. Those who suffer are being punished by God due to their lack of faith or sin. Yet the book of Job proves that suffering is not always due to sin, but randomness and reasons we will never know. Jesus words in Luke 13:1-4 about Pilate’s murders (sin) and the Tower of Siloam (random) are the same.

    Deterministic Evangelical visions of an omnipotent, omniscient, God reveal that God wills some incredibly horrible suffering on some, and blesses others. God causes or allows preventable pain in some kind of dramatic movie script.

    I think Christians are afraid of the suffering topic. We fear chaos and pain. We want to look away. We just hope God protects us and our families. When He does not – we lose faith. We join the ranks of disillusioned Christians like so many who posted here.

    I think many of the people who posted painful stories, want to believe – or they would not even search for “why does God hate me?”.

    I read that you are the Professor of Pastoral Care. How does Christianity answer this question of God allowing suffering? What do you teach Pastors to tell broken people?

    PS I’m one of those who want to believe too.

    • The way Christianity answers the suffering question is based upon the original curse after eating the forbidden fruit and sending the world into death and everything that comes before it.

      If that was all there was then it wouldn’t be so confusing. But it doesn’t end there since the Bible makes all sorts of bs empty promises that contradict the original sin “you must suffer like a bitch” concept. God makes all these bs empty promises for this life but those who know know not a $$% one of them ever come to pass, at least not in this life like He claims. The only real hope I have is that a lot of the Bible is not God’s word at all but just commentaries by certain a**holes like Paul who contradict themselves every other statement. Secondly that hell was just a metaphor or some other bs, otherwise I find it sick. I was a christian for 30+ years and can’t call myself that anymore since I am pretty sure I am going to hell since I reject various contradictions from this God of the bible, pacifism being one of the top ones, he commands me to be a pacifist yet is one of if not the greatest murderer in human history. *@&! that bs. He wants me to pray for and serve the wicked, *@&! THAT, never, and I don’t give a *@&!, the NT is sickening to me in so many ways how this *@&!king bs fake love of God protects and favors the wicked over those who gave their lives to this a**hole and continues to blame and shame them into an eternity in hell because nothing is good enough for this a**hole, nothing, except bowing down and being a *@&! street dog, paraplegic or some other f*@&! tortured state which makes you worthy enough for Him. BS. Jesus so called died to save us from our sins and makes all these empty promises about prayer bla bla, none of it is true for this life anyways, maybe the select few paraplegics and street hobos will enter heaven in the afterlife, but none of our prayers do *@&! for this life, only random chance and the curse of adam rule this world and whatever God’s betting buddy Satan and his demons bring about.

      I don’t kill myself because I think if what Jesus said there are levels to hell and since I am mostly certain I am going there I don’t want to go to the worst place in there, that is the only reason I don’t kill myself, because I think God is an a**hole and will put me in there, but maybe if I don’t do a few certain sins in this life the a**hole will grant me a little less hot place in hell. That is an empty hope but I have it anyways.

      I am not jealous of those who may make it to heaven, but I think the one who lets people in or not is a hypocrite. The wicked I don’t even wish into an eternal torment, maybe annihilation but not eternal torment, isn’t the torment of this life enough anyways. For me I would wish that over eternal hell/lake of fire torment as well, or like what I have asked for is

      “Oh great a**hole in the sky, I believed in Jesus, I lived for you by your commandments, but that was not good enough, so I said “*@&! you” then for abandoning me and now you curse me to hell, well if there is somewhere else you can send me, would you please oh pretty please send me there instead, haven’t you torment me enough in this life, do you have to be an a**hole to me for all eternity too? So thanks find some place far away from you so I won’t bother you but don’t put me in hell if you decided not to let me into heaven/the new kingdom”.

      So even though there is no biblical basis for alternate place to go, that is what I asked if he does not have the guts or consistency to let me into heaven, which I seriously doubt he would ever do since I have told him to “*@&! off a**hole” 1000x now in the last 2 years for what he has done to me/allowed to happen to me by his betting buddy satan.

  • God hates us all ,we where created to suffer it is our purpose.Orgional sin and temptations that god new we could not resist are just part of the game,half my family is dying from cancer under a sea of medical bills I cant get enough work to pay all the bills.Prayer has become a sad/sick joke , now the car is in need of major repairs , i think i hear giant laughter in the distance .If God does not hate my family than why wont help and answer my prayers,maybe i am to much of a sinner so i am asking you to pray for us before its to late.

  • There is a creator , but nothing like in the bible or any other book…i,m 57 years old and have a lot of living behind me…….if you look at history …real world history…..millions and millions have died for nothing…real people with a life the same as yours……..there are no real answers to life….theres theology given to us from well meaning people…but no real answers…. the answers to my questions are paradoxes that never give a real answer to the now…its always after your dead or some time in the future…..if someone is starving you feed him/her straight away , right….you don’t tell them , ill feed you some time later… or after your die from starvation..if you tried to sell something like this in a shop as a working system , you would be in court …..

  • If god really exist then why my life sucks?? And I can’t think even a single moment of happiness?? Why none of my prayer has any effect and whatever has happened or happening is just the opposite of my prayers and needs. If god is so loving why have not it been shown on me?? Does he hate me?? Does he hate me so bad that he let me born and instead of killing then and there he let me live and suffer slowly??? Or is he keeping me alive so that when any of his precious humans suffer he can put me aid them and let them use me as mat and when they recover they can throw me into dust??? I really don’t understand how can u preachers say if god doesn’t answer your prayers he is gonna give you better or or the best one now you suffer later you will b happy…what’s all this about?? I don’t see any of these happening !!!!

    • The standard answer from theologians is “God doesn’t hate you, its people that are doing wrong, its the fallen world”. But God allows it. Once I helped someone in distress, rather than just allowing it because I, unlike God, put my compassion into action.

  • For all of you who are suffering, I think I know what is the explanation.

    I am hesitant as to whether I should write this or not, because this is something that probably very few people understand about God’s creation. I am thinking about the dilemma as I’m writing this. But there is no better group of people to give it to, so maybe I should write it…

    What I’m going to write is not meant as a consolation for you. It is not meant to make you feel better. But it is an explanation about your depths of suffering.

    You see, in Heaven, God can provide only love and everything that goes along with it – wisdom, peace, joy, gifts, talents, etc. As a result, every creation that God creates in Heaven has an incomplete understanding of reality – it doesn’t understand evil. Consciousness of such creation is lacking. In some sense, we could say that such creation is naive.

    The highest creation God can create understands both good and evil. But God can’t create such a creation in Heaven. So, God created our universe with Earth, a Petri dish of sorts, where beings in it do evil and are exposed to evil.

    And obviously, God doesn’t allow all people to have the same amount of evil being done to them. Some go through life relatively easily, while some go through a form of “hell on earth”.

    That’s because God creates different levels of highest created beings. Not every resurrected human will have the same reward on the other side. There will be differences, levels, positions, whatever you want to call it. And the main factor for the difference, as I understand it, is the amount of suffering one has gone through while he or she was here.

    Again, once a saint gets to the other side, God can provide him or her all the love, wisdom, peace, joy, gifts, talents, etc, for all eternity. But one thing God will not be able to provide an inch is evil. So, whatever suffering you got here, that’s something that deepens or widens your consciousness that nobody who didn’t go through that same level of suffering can reach, ever, for all eternity.

    So, the more one suffers here, the higher his or her reward, his or her position will be, for all eternity. And the one who suffered the most will be the highest creation God ever created and will ever create. For all eternity.

    It’s not much of a consolation for present suffering, but nevertheless, that’s what I think is going on.

    • I left an earlier response but I’d like to respond again.
      I really like what PH says about God, about heaven, about suffering.
      So many responses are full of bitterness towards God.
      What do you gain by being bitter?
      I struggle with not being bitter towards my husband of 26 years.
      So I decided I would treat him as he treats me.
      At the end of a few days, the heaviness and lack of peace I felt, told me it wasn’t worth treating him with disrespect.
      I would rather try to be loving and kind despite how I’m treated.
      It is who I want to be.
      God does not want us to be bitter.
      Remember to look at Jesus. Tell him you don’t want to be bitter.
      Take it out of your chest and give it to him. He will carry your load.

  • The idea of sharing in the sufferings of Christ is a long time Roman Catholic belief. Those who most suffered and displayed the character of Christ within them – sometimes were given sainthood by the church. I would dare say that this belief is no longer prevalent among most Roman Catholics. Consequently, I would say, just historically speaking that your beliefs have great merit.

  • The idea of sharing in the sufferings of Christ is a long time Roman Catholic belief. Those who most suffered and displayed the character of Christ within them – sometimes were given sainthood by the church. I would dare say that this belief is no longer prevalent among most Roman Catholics. Consequently, I would say, just historically speaking that PH’s beliefs have great merit.
    Another validation of this idea of suffering having a great reward in heaven – comes from Jesus’ parable about the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) Lazarus was probably an invalid because it says he was “laid at the rich man’s gate”. Lazarus begged for and ate scraps of food and had open sores that dogs came and licked. Lazarus suffered physical and mental degradation and humiliation. Even in death, the rich man wanted to use Lazarus for his own ends. However, Lazarus is rewarded with being by Abraham’s side in heaven.
    Why would Jesus use such an example if he did not know that the suffering of people on earth is a reality. Even people who believe and hope in Him, still live a miserable life. However, we also know that Lazarus knew Christ and offered up his sufferings to Him. We know this because Lazarus had received a great reward.
    If I were to guess at one similarity between Lazarus and all the people who have written above – those who despair from life, who feel God is laughing at their misery and simply does not care – the similarity between them all might be a deep desire to be loved by God and to love him. One way you can measure whether or not your suffering will attain higher glory in heaven – is how strong is your aversion to treating others the way you feel you are being treated? Or how strong is your aversion to being dishonest or ??? in the situations you find yourself in? If in your heart and by your actions, you show that you want to be and do good – by all means, you are Christ’s and the sufferings you are bearing – will most certainly attain for you great glory.
    The Word says that life is but a breath – a flower that fades quickly away. Suffering lasts but a moment in historical time.
    Learn to listen to the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. He does speak to our hearts and his purpose is to provide comfort and understanding. The devil will always lie, confuse, accuse, kill, steal and destroy. Command the devil to leave by the authority of Jesus – and quiet yourself and listen to the Holy Spirit who has profound love for you.

  • Why is it when I pray, whatever I request, I mean all request I ask from God, each one of it situation gets worse?. I am afraid to pray. But I tried it again. A simple request, Doomed! It was not even given a chance, and made it worse and hurtful. What I hate most is He gives you a little taste of it (happiness) then takes away. I see a lot of people don’t even pray, and they are the most luckiest people. So, I don’t even know if there is really a God. If so, then I must be the unluckiest person that God every created.

  • I have to agree with the comments.I feel God never cared about me. He condoned people being hurt and abused to this very day.I have prayed and fasted but what i see he blesses the sinful and they have happy lives.I am giving up this and go on the best way I can.IT is said because we love a God who does not love us

  • I tried all my life to live by Christian teachings I’ve fought off temptations of the flesh. I got fired from a good paying job because I stood up for injustice. And lived with next to nothing just do his will. If I kept my mouth shut I would have lots of money. People think I’m odd because I always try to do the right thing. But now l face a crisis so bad I want to die. And God is never here for me. All I hear are words. I feel abandoned. I wish I had never heard of him. And I wish I were dead. I feel he is purposefully tormenting me.

  • Can someone explain to me, ” why God hates me” I have asked God many times without an answer back. I’m Catholic, my life has been very bad for the last 7 months. I have prayed & prayed for 7 months, only for things to get worse by the month. I have begged him over & over! I’m now lost for words. Can someone explain to me why God is so against me for this long. I’m truly about to give up on all of this. Why does God hate me? I need answers

  • people searching on the Internet for answers to their faith questions seem to assume that God is primarily a judgmental, capricious tyrant who selectively applies oppression and suffering to certain groups, or who makes some people “ugly” and others not.

    If course he did, are you BLIND.

    And the worst part is he cares nothing about the suffering we face from this inequality or handicap

    I read in dismay how you can disregard the pain we sufffer , the humiliation, loss of opportunity and social and other oppression

    Please offer some constructive answers , admit that this is a price we are paying for a fallen world that we get NO additional credit for when it comes time for judgment.

    Further more the fact we hate our appearance disgusts god as it is a sin.

    So we suffer , sin for something we were given

  • God has abandoned me since I was a kid. Neither one of my parents were ever there or care about me. I have suffered great losses after doing a good deed for someone. God hates me and will continue to let me know I am hated, God I wish I was dead I don’t want to live anymore, let me pass please end the pain.

  • Too all you of you wondering why God hates you – God hates you because he is a wicked psychopath who enjoys seeing people suffer. 😀
    Of course everyone suffers. You hear beautiful stories of how Christians get saved and encounter life-changing events right after they accepted God because, unsurprisingly, those who suffer are busy being sad and wondering why God mistreats them, JUST LIKE YOU.
    Do you see people complain on Facebook about how much their lives suck? NO. You see your friends traveling around the world, visiting Disneyland and partying hard. People don’t go around preaching their own miseries, they only brat about their achievements. This is exactly what churches do – cherry-picking stories to brain-wash you, tricking you into believing that believing in this imaginary being named Jehovah could save your a_s. Ha! Too bad life doesn’t work that way! Grow up and face the truth.

  • There are no answers when it comes to God. If he even exists. If he exists then the usual questions ‘why does he allow suffering, evil, bad things to happen to good people, etc etc’ There are no true answers–only empty platitudes. Life as most of you know just simply stinks much of the time and there is no god waiting to save you from all the misery. If god exists it’s obvious that he either doesn’t care about us or if he cares he seems to be impotent to stop evil/suffering. Or maybe he hates humanity and enjoys our suffering. Maybe its all a game between him and satan. Or maybe there is no god or satan. Who knows Just get high or drunk or zonk out on pills and try to forget it all because there isn’t any explanation. I don’t even see a problem with someone offing themselves–why not? We’re all going to die anyway–so why wait until illness or disease gets you and brings you to a slow painful death–choose your own time to bail out. Yes it will grieve your family/friends but if you go naturally they will grieve then too. So if life has become miserable why hang around if theres no chance it will improve.

  • I found this by googling ‘what do you do when God hates you.” I’m pretty sure HE hates me. I have been a Christian for almost 30 years. I got save thinking God would heal me of homosexuality. Which didn’t happen. I’ve been in a heterosexual marriage for 24 years. Have made a complete mess of things by hiding my same sex attraction, not functioning like a straight man. I regularly hear how gays are perverts from the pulpit.

    Why do I think God hates me? Because imbdisobedient in my feelings and attractions. I spend a lot of time wishing I was born female and wishing I could change sexes. (Gender issues). He clearly says “Esau I hate”. There are vessels created for dishonor.

    I live in a state of frustration. I want to please Him but I can’t (I know no one can). I’m just screwed up from child sexual abuse. I know life isn’t suppose to be easy; but I’ve been falling apart for 10 years now; emotionally, financially. When you see your children suffer because you can’t seem to get out of the ditch; you sometimes think they would be better off without you.

    • Hi Sean,

      Just so you know, you are not unusual. Many people suffer with sex identity issues after sexual abuse.

      There are many other sin areas too. Other people suffer with pornography, masturbation, sexual fetishes. Even more people struggle with drug addiction, anxiety, fear, feelings of uselessness and other painful things.

      Then there is guilt from horrible things people actually did (violence, child abuse, stealing, betraying, murder, abortion, etc.) Imagine, you did nothing wrong to have your problem! It was done to you. Many people are the abusers they and live with that horrible burden of guilt and shame.

      Then there are people who suffer from pain of seeing a child sick or dying, family members murdered other horrible things that they watch and become victims of. Helpless and hopeless feelings. Somehow this seems like the worst pain to me. When you can’t protect your child or family the grief never seems to end.

      I am the most angry with those proud fools who think they have no sin problem, and expect they are better than you or I. They shame you and I from the pulpit. They have that pride thing. God hates that so much. Yet they walk in the churches with their smiles and pride, when underneath many are stinking, cowering sinners just like you and I. I think many claim healing, when really they are just hiding or they would be far more understanding.

      Jesus talked about picking up your cross and carrying it. Please understand, I think you have a HEAVY cross to bear. I would not want it. But also understand that everyone has some of these painful burdens. You are not alone. As I read it, God accepts you as you are! That is the wonder of Jesus. He knows the human condition. He said he will be there with you. Only in Heaven will all these burdens cease. God knows this! He knows that are trying to be faithful and it will be a great reward in heaven for those who are faithful like you. I think of it as a jewel in your crown, once you get to heaven. A jewel of faithfulness. Sean, you are an amazing person. 24 years. You are loyal to your wife and children. I respect you. I think He does too.

  • God predestined me from eternity to hate Him forever. I want to love Him but I hate Him. He created me to be an example of what not to be. I am a believer but I am a depraved reprobate. I curse Him every day. I change the words to tunes and sing Oh how I hate Jesus because He hated me first. I sing that Jesus rapes me this I know, etc.. I’ve had chance after chance after chance to repent and to reboot my life and I never repented. I am haunted by Hebrews 6. I am one that does not bear fruit and shall be thrown into the fire. I am doomed forever. If the fire burns forever and I am conscious forever then it will be worse. I never get used to this. I am tormented all day every day. I hate myself. I hate life. I pray for death every day.

  • I posted as:
    Had It

    I repent of what I wrote.

    God made everything.
    God is in control of everything.

    God did what God wanted to do.
    God does what God wants to do.
    God will do what God will do.

  • for several years i have been asking the same question why do God hate me no answer. Through out last night could not sleep, nothing is working for me even the basic things that work for others. pls if you have answer get in touch. emman

  • “We are the ones who have created societies in which individuals are judged based on their physical appearance or on their membership in particular demographic groups.”

    “each one of us is created in the image of God”

    If we are created in God’s image, and we create societies that are unjust, then maybe God is unjust.


  • God DOES personally hate me…all the specifics of my troubles are too precise to be accidental. God has infinite power, it is narrow minded to believe that god wouldnt use that power to ruin some lives once in a while. Infinite power equals infinite possibilities, good or bad.

    Just like a parent loves the better looking, more successful children, so does god. I wish i jad been born taller, smarter, and with better work ethic. I wish i had parents who acknowledged my existence, or felt it nesecerry to teach me about life and work. But because i sisnt…god does not love me. I apologize to him all the time…i wish i had grown up under different circumstances so god could be more proud of me… im so so so sorry i wasnt…

    But now, illl never be allowed to have a happy life…and i feel like there was nothing i could have done about it. Im sorry i ended up this way, id change if i could…

    But instead ill just suffer for all of eternity, cause its clearly what i deserve.

    • Hi Ray,

      No God does not personally hate you. I know how you feel, since I have felt that way too. I mean, why couldn’t God create a world with out pain. A perfect world, where people like you are “taller, smarter and with a better worth ethic.” I get it.

      Here is why.

      God created such a world, and we rejected it. (See Adam and Eve in the Garden). We wanted to know, we wanted freedom. We did not want to be children, living in a gilded cage. Adam and Eve were just like us. If I was Adam, I know I would have ate that fruit. So would you! We picked freedom, and therefore suffering. Freedom meant risk, suffering and a real world where we matter.

      Now I want you to know that you are important, because you were created. You can help others. You are important. Everything you do for someone else is ETERNAL. People are eternal beings. If you give a child a glass of water in Jesus name, they would not have it without you! You matter, more than you know.

      Here is the key to happiness. It is not what you have. You will never have enough. You will always want more. You will never been good enough. God knows this. No one can be “good enough.”

      The key is not what you can get – its is what you give to others. That is where we can find value, meaning, love. Not getting Ray. Its giving to others.

      God loves you so much, that He created you. You have something special, unique. God values you just for you! Not for what you do, or can’t do! You are You! And someday, you will celebrate with Him, all the good things you did for others. If your cupboard is bare, go fill it up with good gifts for others.

      Meanwhile Ray, i like you a lot. You are an honest person. I bet I would like you if I knew you.

      But please don’t think about yesterday or what you don’t have. You don’t have yesterday. None of us do. I can’t make you or me taller. However, you do have today, and maybe tomorrow! I expect to you see you in heaven someday.

      God Bless you Ray.


  • God is a very evil bastard altogether since he punishes many of us for no reason at all. And i had always hoped that i would meet the right good woman someday and have a family instead of being a single and lonely man all the time. Not fair at all to see how very extremely blessed and lucky other people are to have that since they will never have to worry about being alone like many of us that really wanted the very same thing. Why should other men find love and not me? And i know friends that are having the same problem too.

    • Hi Paul,

      You are not right about God being evil. He is not evil. Let me explain.

      God created a real world. I don’t believe God created a play that we are unconsciously following to the letter. I don’t believe God controls us, or He would need to be the author of all the good things – and ALL of the evil things. Then He is the puppet master and nothing we do matters. Either we are free – or we are not.

      Nope. The world is real. It is random. There is pain, suffering and freedom. People can show love for others, by giving of their real time, their real selves. There are HEROES! There are also villains. There is adventure and suffering. Its not a play. You are a real person.

      So yes Paul, you got a raw deal. You wanted to be married and it did not happen. However, that is not God’s fault. It is much more random than that. I don’t know what transpired and why this happened. I can only agree with you that it is horrible. I grieve for you. I am married and grateful to be so. I know how lucky I am. I am grateful I’m married, since I am a pretty flawed person. Paul, its luck. I don’t deserve it. I know it. You know it too.

      As a suggestion from a person who appreciates your situation. Please consider submitting this desire to Him. Then you will have peace. Its okay to ask for Him to help you find a person since being married is a good thing. Its also okay if you don’t get married, since you are His, if you gave your life to Him. As Paul writes, I have learned in all things to be content (Phil 4:12-13). Paul was single and had the most exciting life. It is not that being married is good or bad – its just different, with different opportunities. Consider those opportunities as special to you! You see, I can’t move since I have a family. I can’t buy what I want since I’m paying for kids. I can’t change jobs. I’m always working. I don’t have enough money to be the Dad I should be. I’m a working class schmuck. I have to pray the same way, trusting that He will make it work, submitting my desires to Him. Its the same but different.

      Meanwhile, pray about it. You can yell at God. Its okay. You can also rest in Him which is where we all really need to be – at peace whether we have plenty, are in need, whether single or married.

      God Bless you!

      • Why should many of us be alone when life sucks as it is? And then to be single and alone all the time makes it much worse for us since it can be very unhealthy and depressing Not having a love life. Oh by the way, Didn’t God say that man shouldn’t be alone?

  • If anyone reads my reply I want to point out, that NOT always necessarily do people believe GOD hates them because of color, race and such. That is more of a society problem. But, for example, in my case I know there are people out there going through a heck of whole lot more than me. But in my own personal view, my situation is the one I am dealing with and the one that matters. The one that seems huge! So I question God, often. I have conversations all the time, alone, in my car, on the hill, in my kitchen, I am constantly talking to GOD. HE does nto give me a sign, a reply… I lost my house, now I lost my job… WHY DOES GOD HATE ME? Why cant he give me a break for once already?

    • Hi Lily,

      I’m reading your reply!

      Hey Lily, just so you know, I agree that you have had a bad shake of it. Losing your house and job is horrible. As you said other people may have it worse, but when its you and its not supposed to be this way, that is huge. I mean, we don’t expect these things to happen to us. God is supposed to protect us. God is supposed to be there, be on our team. I mean we are serving Him and so many horrible things are NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN! It makes me want to scream at God too. I’ve done it too. You see, I believe there is a God. I can’t deny it, but why doesn’t He bail me out??

      Here is the story.

      God created a real world. It has pain, suffering and death. Christians suffer too. Paul was stoned, whipped, imprisoned and beheaded. Eleven of the twelve disciples were martyred. Peter was crucified upside down just to rub it in. Only John, the disciple who Jesus loved, lived a long life – only to write the book of Revelation from the prison island of Patmos.

      God doesn’t hate you. He just let us have a real world. We are “in the world” but not of it. We have the same problems as non-Christians, but live differently through it.

      Part of the problem is expectations. We have been told through the prosperity gospel, and protestant work ethic, that God rewards those who have faith. The measure of God’s reward is due to our goodness, and His Goodness. This is an extreme lie. It is not true. I’m a big Joel Osteen fan but he is wrong. We are not protected from every evil. The world is random. Christians suffer too. We are less than perfect. We have bad luck, injustice, pain, suffering and death just like everyone else.

      The real challenge is to trust God through these problems. To know our life is hid with Christ. Its not here. We live with Him in God’s Kingdom, through the problems. Not without them.

      A gap for me is the church, where we are supposed to find support during crisis. That does not always work out. It didn’t for me. It still doesn’t. However, God is still God even if people are flawed. God is still there for you. Please try to pray in faith, asking Him to influence situations. Realize He did not cause you to lose your job. That is just the price of living with freedom – in a real world. Bad things happen to good people like you. But He can help you get the next job, or a place to live. Ask Him to enable you to live in faith and have peace in this world. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil 4:13) is a verse about suffering!! See 4:12. Rest in faith knowing that there is nothing you cannot survive on this earth, with Him. Maybe you will look back and see His hand later. Maybe when you get to Heaven, you will remember how you had faith, when you were not in heaven! We won’t need faith in heaven. We sure need it now, and we can serve him with it now.

      Meanwhile, I want you to know I can totally see why you were upset with God. I know He can too. That was the right thing to do. He can take it. But now is the time to turn your suffering into perseverance and a faith story as He redeems your difficulties. It will give you a story to talk about in Heaven, where I hope to meet you someday.

      God bless you!

      • Blah, blah blah. He didn’t want to make us into robots, so he allowed evil to flourish for the sake of free will. Well that worked out well, didn’t if? Two world wars, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Auschwitz, the Cold War, Chernobyl and now the world stands on the precipice of an impending environmental catastrophe, unable to do anything about it because of a global Capitalist system which thrives on free market principles, thereby fostering competition and distrust between nations. We’ve emptied the oceans of half their marine life, and replaced it with plastic; humans are predispositions to fight each other for resources, just like in the natural world, and if this life is some sort of lesson or test from God, then WE ARE NOT LEARNING!!!!!!!

  • God still hates me I can never have a peaceful and good life 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • I’m 52 and I’m ugly and pray for death every day
    I truly wish I was never born. Suicide has been on the table as
    well. Your lucky if never felt this way because hell on earth is not
    what I’d dream GOD wants for any of us to feel.

    • Hi Richard,

      My heart breaks as I read your statement.

      I’ve also had the same exact thoughts, when I was suffering. Depression was my constant companion for years. Years of my life were a blur. A haze of private pain. I’m doing a lot better now.

      Suicide is not a good answer for this type of pain. Suicide is the unforgivable sin. Its giving up the greatest gift God ever gave you – Being. You exist. Quite a gift, since it is everything we have really. Suicide will lock in the pain you feel. Hell is eternal separation from God, who is your only hope for feeling better. How about an eternity of pain – not a relief from it, since you are rejecting God. So suicide is like really the worst thing to do. Cross it off your list. Wishing you had never been born is more logical but we can do better.

      First, you need to accept the truth. The truth is that God created you to know you. He values you. He invites you to give your life for Him now, in exchange for an eternity with Him. Once you have given your life to Him, you can believe what He says about you. How you are His adopted child. His eternal project. How you will have a heavenly body in heaven, that will NOT be ugly! Its like giving up what you don’t have and don’t want for a better life in His kingdom both now and forever.

      Second, you need to change your mind, so you are feeling better. Keep your house clean. Consider those negative thoughts as demons. Speak to those demon thoughts and tell them to go away. They are not true and not from Him. Be transformed by the renewal of the mind. This is hard and will take a while. It’s a process. The harder it is, the stronger your mind will be later. That’s how it worked for me. Read the bible, listen to good sermons, worship music too. If you have depression, you need to work to be healthy. Fill the mind with good things (see Phil 4:8). A healthy mind does not just happen for you and me. We can lose it too and need to return and house clean again. Be ready. A clean house (mind) is your new normal, but it is work.

      Hey Richard, I’m glad you were born! I’m sure He is too. I hope to meet you someday in heaven. (I’m sure you will not be ugly to me, not in that heavenly body thing! We can compare funny features. I’m pretty big and lumpy myself!)


      • It’s Rich here on dec.5 2018 at 10:50 I had a finger ripped off my body at work, 8 years ago my hands and arm where set on fire at work, with second and third degree burns, yes I had skin grafts. I had a tough childhood as well. In other words my life sucks, the only lottery I’ve won is pain. I’d love to ask GOD why me. I’ve been better to this world and go out of my way to make peoples life’s better. Yes it feels like GOD hates me, I know there are others who had it a lot worse. My question why bring some of us in this world only to suffer. I’ll still be myself a ugly guy how spreads kindness not hate, no matter bad it gets. Please GOD stop with all the trauma, my mind and body have had enough. Here this is for the world.. I’m not aloud at KFC any more because it’s finger licken good. This is what I understand about demons don’t acknowledge them, no matter how close they come. My outer light has been dimmed at times like all man, but I have a glow like no other I an one of a kind … My ups and down are because i’m real I’m a tough kid with a soft side and have plenty of scars…….

  • I learned that God is the only person that could save all of us. But more then that. I too believe this life is not only tragic, its reality is terror. But if you cry bad things to the lord, you will see the spitfulness of heaven. But the main thing you should think of this whole world is a complete DECITE. Gods earth and SATAN’s ruleing Earth you can barely know a difference. God loved Earth, but the Earth we live our lives out on here right now, is a complete decite. Its VERY big shame that people actually try to live lives on here. But I mean, God did make some angels for Earth, just think of Jesus christ. He was made for Earth, and heaven. What people should understand In my opinion is that this Earth and Gods Earth is whats confusing everyone.

    • Hi Kiel,

      Yes, I can see that. We do confuse this difficult Earth we live in, with God’s perfect earth.

      We want to live in that perfect Garden of Eden, maybe brought forward in time to our situation. I would like a perfect modern earth, with no wars and no pain. Maybe just a little sin, tolerated so people are free. But no pain. I hate to see others in pain. Satan’s angels seem to have way too much freedom to wrack pain and suffering.

      We expect God’ perfect earth, while we are here. We want God to make the way for us. This is the deceit, since it does not work that way. Christians suffer and die just like everyone else. Everyone suffers and dies. Even if we hope that EVERYONE would have a great life, it does not happen. I could call it a cruel joke, except its absolutely not funny.

      Anyway Kiel, I don’t think a half way solution was possible. The Angels were created just like us. They are free too. They have more knowledge of God, and many of these rebellious Angels rejected Him anyway. Then, with their freedom, they use their influence to damage His creation.

      We have a chance to have the greatest gift in this complicated mess, to have a relationship with a perfect God. Who loves us. He is the greatest gift. A perfect love shown to fallen creatures, part of this fallen world. An eternity with Him, after our trials here. And we can serve Him here, in a way we could never do in Heaven. We can love others. He needs nothing, so we love others to love Him.

      See Matt 25:31-46 where God winds this temporary world up, and we are judged in heaven. (New Living.)

      “God says to those on His right, come and inherit the kingdom prepared for you. I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger and you invited me in. I was naked, and you visited me. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me.’

      “Then these righteous ones will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see you hungry and feed you? Or thirsty and give you something to drink? Or a stranger and show you hospitality? Or naked and give you clothing? When did we ever see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ “And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’”

      This opportunity to love God is not possible if there was not a real, broken world. We can question that maybe it could have been “nicer” but I expect it is what it must be based on the fallen free creatures, creation, and people that we are. Or maybe we are the ones who are supposed to make the world a “nicer” place. Maybe that is a large part our role.

      God Bless you!

  • You say that God doesn’t hate us but sometimes it’s hard to believe. I lived my whole life a Christian, the best I could. Yet day after day for at least the last ten (10) years, I have had more struggle than strength, more trial and tribulation than triumph. The only thing that keeps me here is the fact that I’m a single mother of four–who would be devastated by my departure. I am publicly shunned, lied on, ostracized, defamed, embarrassed for nothing more than trying to be the best Christian I know how to be. I watch people around me receiving amazing blessings in all their humanness. I ask for help. I pray. Nothing comes. I read my Bible and know the Word but for some reason, it just doesn’t seem to be working for me. I hesitate to pray because I’m so tired of being disappointed and am scared to move for much of the same reason. I just want to know what I’ve done to be so abandoned.

  • Hi Cynthia,

    Four kids! Wow. That is a lot of work and faithfulness. I know God has a lot of love for you even if you don’t experience it materially. You see, you may not have those material blessings. I know that other people do, and some Preachers say you should. It’s just not true.

    Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, not a chariot. Jesus did not have a place to lay his head (Luke 9:58). The disciples were sent out without a bag, walking stick or money for their missionary journey (Luke 9:6). And with nothing, they went out and healed the sick. This poverty created the more beautiful miracle. I think it does for you too. You are living a miracle!

    However, when I heard that the bible is not working for you, I think of the next trap that hurting people can fall into. This is bitterness. Bitterness is when you put up a fence to protect yourself. When you vow to not let anyone hurt you again. We all do it. However, it cuts us off from His forgiveness.

    The best way to explain this bitterness thing is the parable of the unforgiving servant. The servant who owed God billions pleaded for the King to not divide up his family. The King forgave the debt, billions of dollars, the man could never repay. Then the servant went and demanded payment for a debt from someone else for $3000 and tossed his debtor into prison. The King promptly changed His mind and put the unfaithful servant into prison. In verse 35, “This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother or sister from your heart.” Serious stuff.

    It is awful when people shun, lie, ostracize, defame and embarrass us. But when we don’t forgive from your heart, the miracle often stops. Even in pain, carrying a hard load, people can still have joy. If there is bitterness in our hearts everything else gets affected. The damage from years ago can still be there making us dry spiritually, damaging relationships, making life disappointing and lonely. We may find this bitterness goes back a long way in your life, like root.

    I have been working on this myself. I’m a sinner too. A big one. I have prayed to forgive the people I am bitter about. I have asked God to forgive me for being bitter. I have been pretty specific, but I expect I will need to work on this more over time to get to the place where I could return and love those people. I can’t imagine it now, but I’m working on it. I can now pray! I feel so much better. To back up, I forgave God first for how he let me down (or that is how I perceived it). Then I was able to praise and worship regularly. Recently, I heard some sermons about this bait of Satan, bitterness thing. How I should have an “unoffendable heart”, so I can love others. I’m feeling more free. . . I feel love for Him now, that has been dry and missing.

    This is so cool, that I want this for you too!

    Cynthia, this was a hard note to write. I hope it blesses you. I see so many good things in you and your family! I hope to meet you in heaven someday, to talk about the miracle you are living with your kids!


  • Nice article, but you then trot out the idea that we are all born sick. Which leads straight back to “why am I ugly/gay/black”? You have just destroyed your argument, however well-meaning it was.

  • And we AREN’T loved unconditionally by God, who threatens us with the eternal fires of Hell if we don’t love Him. Get your beliefs right.

  • I myself have been through sufferings. Many times like waves after waves throughout my whole life and like God had his eyes on me trying to bring me down and kill me when i am at my best. He tried his best limiting me and not bring prosperous. But let me say, we all have a false Hod in our hearts. And we place importance in our perceptive happiness rather than spiritual. The only thing incan say is that God doesn’t give you pleasures. But he gives you salvation. He does not give you worldly love but he gives you peace. We put too much importance on our basic primal needs that we misevaluated what it means by happiness and suffering. What it means by freedom. Sometimes i should say, fight through and bear those suffering is an important process. Do what you can, blame, curse, whatever, in the end do more goodness to the world. “For only goodness that you shall live” Suffering is unbearable only when we can’t handle it. Be your own God. Fight it. Think if God were you having a human body, what would he do in his limited power when as a human?
    Sometimes great suffering means great power and oportunity, but we were not given the right mindset to deal with it. Afterall you were created after the image of God.

  • So i asked you to not believe “God”. But in the same time i did not ask you to not believe God.

    During my journey of finding God. I realized there are many times i disbelieved God. Trying to test him and tempt him in many ways, multiple times a week. But God has showed actions to me in the most stern way ever. No matter if i believe or disbelieve him, he was still doing miracle for me. Strange right?

    All of us has a false God within us that we believe in. It may be, destiny, it may be weather. And then we started on blaming God.

    Many times I blamed God this, blamed God that. But i just realized. If I disbelieved God, i stopped blaming. But when I calmed down and heart is soften. I see God. What is going on?

    So we all come to know God in many false ways and rumors, Satan has done all those to misleed us all.

    Personal journey 17th Oct

  • Bottom line is that some people in this lifetime have been blessed with many things/talents/beauty etc. Other people have been dealt the opposite. Why is this? No one knows. Does it make sense or is it fair? No. But who am I to question God

  • I hate my life too but I don’t want to end it because I have kids to raise. Please, please people don’t kill or end your life because you feel mistreated in this lifetime. It is a sin to kill oneself. You or your soul do not want to end up in any lower dimension than on planet earth after death. If you’re mad at God or not happy with him, just ignore him for a while and try meditation … listen to some nice music for hours or grow some plant cuttings and watch them grow through stages. You can sing to the plants too and help them grow. Lol, worship mother nature instead and you will find some peace in your life. Have positive thoughts so you can attract more positive energy. The more you feel negative, the more it will attract. And if you choose to be close to God, pray for others more than for yourself. I don’t think he likes selfishness. This way you will get his attention for sure. Please don’t hate me. I’m just like you are on here.

  • The truth is, the thing you call God doesn’t care about human suffering, and that is because ‘God’ is the Universe. How could something so huge have personal feelings? It’s ridiculous! It’s you people that are the problem, projecting human values and morals onto something that is quite beyond them. This is the second simplest and most concise answer for theodicy, behind God’s non-existence of course. Any answer that requires an essay replete with passages culled from the Bible is unlikely to satisfy most people and will therefore not be correct.

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