On the first day of Christmas, Doctor Tappy showed to me, Israel’s oldest abecedary
Dr. Ron Tappy is the professor of Bible and archaeology. He also serves as director of the James L. Kelso Bible Lands Museum and as the director of The Zeitah Excavations, an archaeological field project at Tel Zayit, Israel. During the 2005 season of the excavation, his team discovered an inscription incised in stone in the earliest known, securely datable Hebrew alphabet. Learn more.

On the second day of Christmas, SYI gave to me, 2 weeks of study
The Miller Summer Youth Institute gathers 25 rising high schoolers from across the country to participate in our two week program. SYI is designed to form an intentional Christian community where young people grow in their faith, engage in academic theological study, explore ministry, and learn about PTS. Learn more.

On the third day of Christmas, Doctor Robbins assigned to me, 3 journal entries
Dr. Martha Robbins is associate professor of pastoral care and director of Pneuma: Spiritual Direction and Leadership Program. Her work at the Seminary relates theological, spiritual, psychological, cultural, and ethical insights to the practice of pastoral care. Learn more.

On the fourth day of Christmas, Professor Tuell gave to me, 4 belly laughs
Dr. Steven Tuell is the associate professor of Hebrew and Old Testament. He’s best known around campus for his frequent, hardy, and animated laughs. Learn more.

On the fifth day of Christmas, Carolyn Cranston said to me, give to PTS
Carolyn Cranston ’99 is the Seminary’s director of alumnae/i relations. She has a great love for PTS, our alums, and works tirelessly to get donations for student scholarships. Learn more.

On the sixth day of Christmas, Professor Humphrey played for me, 6 piano concerts
Dr. Edith Humphrey is a professor of New Testament. An accomplished musician who was the musical director and organist at St. George’s Anglican Church in Ottawa, she now participates in the PTS choir and woodwind ensemble, and plays oboe in the North Suburban Symphonic band. Learn more.

On the seventh day of Christmas, Doctor Carl gave to me, 7 preaching pointers
President Carl instructs students, and the broader community through CE events and national lectures, how to preach without notes. Learn more.

On the eighth day of Christmas, Anne Malone said to me, need help with your schedule
Anne Malone is the Seminary’s registrar and is always willing to help students register for classes, to help faculty organize their classes, and alums get their transcripts.

On the ninth day of Christmas, Doctor Purves showed to me, 9 plaid dot bow ties
A native of Edinburgh, Scotland, Dr. Purves is the professor of Reformed theology. Having worked here for more than two decades, he has worn a bow tie in nearly every color and pattern. Learn more.

On the tenth day of Christmas, Doctor Allison gave to me, 10 books he wrote
Dr. Allison teaches New Testament exegesis and early Christianity. He’s a frequently published scholar and recently completed a full-length commentary on the Epistle of James (to be published in 2013) and is currently working on a commentary on 4 Baruch (Paraleipomena Jeremiou) as well as on a book of reflections on death. Learn more.

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Don Dawson said to me, try’a mission trip
Don Dawson, a former PCUSA pastor, is the director of World Mission Initiative at PTS and also director of New Wilmington Mission Conference. He works to provide students with cross-cultural mission opportunities and congregations with better awareness of the importance of missions. Learn more.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Professor Gagnon gave to me, 12 verbs for parsing
Dr. Gagnon is the associate professor of New Testament. He helps students understand Greek and the language’s relevance for today’s pastors. Learn more.