Fall 2022-2023

BI 210  English Bible Exegesis.Old Testament

CH 110  Foundations of the Christian Story

CS 401 Introduction to Urban Ministry

FE 210  Field Education I

MI 406  The Missional Theology of Lesslie Newbigin

MI 455  Planting and Leading New Faith Communities

NT 110  Gospels, Acts, Johannine Epistles

NT 470 Unveiling Revelation

NT210  Greek Grammar I

OT 110  Genesis through Esther

OT 210  Hebrew Grammar I

OT 418  The Book of Psalms

PC 210  Introduction to Caring Ministry

PR 447  Preaching the Parables of Jesus

PS 411  The Practice of Ordained Ministry

RS 110  Research Methods Seminar

SP110A  Spiritual Formation I

TH 210  Christian Theology I

TH 320  Christian Theology II

TH 500  Christians, Nationalism, and War

WS 110  Exploring Christian Worship.Creach

WS 110  Exploring Christian Worship.Hancock


Summer 2022-2023

FE 210  Field Education I

FE 220  Field Education II

NT 210  Greek Grammar I

NT 220  Greek Grammar II & Exegesis

OT 210  Hebrew Grammar I

OT 210  Hebrew Grammar II & Exegesis


Spring 2021-2022

BI 220  English Bible Exegesis/New Testament

BI 442  Disability, Illness, and Healing in the Bible

CH 120  Directions in the Christian Story

CS 110  Contextual Analysis

CS 310  Ethics & Society

FE 210  Field Education II.Creach

FE 210  Field Education II.Giver.Johnston

HT 485  The History of Christian Nonviolence

MI 210  Missional Leadership and Evangelism

MI 421  Leading Communities into Mission

NT 120  New Testament Letters & Apocalypse

NT 220  Greek Grammar II and Exegesis

OT 120  Prophets, Psalms, and Wisdom Literature

OT 220  Hebrew Grammar II and Exegesis

PR 210  Preaching and Communication in Ministry

SP 110B  Spiritual Formation II

TH 482  Pauline Exegetes and Protestant Theology

TH 498  Police, Prisons, and the Justice of God