Main Seminary Phone Number: 412-362-5610

With few exceptions, the numbers listed below are direct dial numbers.

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Last Name First Name E-mail Phone Number Title
Allen Darryl 412-362-5610 Custodian
Arnold Lori 412-924-1345 Continuing Education Coordinator
Baisley Elizabeth 412-362-5610 Receptionist
Banks Nadine 412-924-1449 Administrative Program Assistant, Metro-Urban Institute and World Mission Initiative
Blier Helen 412-924-1346 Director of Continuing Education
Blodgett Barbara 412-924-1383 Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Assessment
Brall Cathy 412-924-1404 Director of Field Education
Bunting Lisa 412-924-1397 Guest Housing and Event Coordinator
Burgess John 412-924-1430 James Henry Snowden Professor of Systematic Theology
Carter Carrie 412-924-1382 Electronic Resources Librarian
Christmas Jennifer 412-924-1394 Associate Curator of the Kelso Museum of Near Eastern Archaeology
Cieri Bob 412-362-5610 Custodian
Cieri Sandy 412-362-5610 Custodian
Cole-Turner Ron 412-924-1426 H. Parker Sharp Professor of Theology and Ethics
Cranston Carolyn 412-924-1375 Director of Alumnae/i and Church Relations
Creach Jerome 412-924-1428 Robert C. Holland Professor of Old Testament
Davenport Derek 412-924-1385 Director of Miller Summer Youth Institute and Digital Marketing Analyst
Davenport Erin  412-924-1443 Director of Miller Summer Youth Institute
Downey James 412-924-1450 Vice President for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Eberhardt Kendra 412-924-1370 Senior Accountant
Esterline David 412-924-1366 President and Professor of Cross-Cultural Theological Education
Farrell Hunter 412-924-1402 Director of the World Mission Initiative
Faust Diane 412-924-1360 Serials Librarian
Ferda Tucker 412-924-1391 Visiting Assistant Professor of New Testament
Fidell Brian 412-924-1455 Network Administrator
Fischer III Charles 412-924-1362 Vice President for Seminary Advancement
Frank Michael   Chapel Musician
Frisco Ellen 412-924-1371 Assistant Controller
Fuller Leanna 412-924-1459 Associate Professor of Pastoral Care
Fulton Tom 412-924-1434 Facilities Director
Greenhow Andy 412-924-1367 Executive Assistant to the President and Secretary to the Board of Directors
Hagley Scott 412-924-1399 Associate Professor of Missiology
Hancock Angela 412-924-1451 Associate Professor of Homiletics and Worship
Harris Danielle 412-924-1405 Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students, Director of the Miller Summer Youth Institute, and Director of Financial Aid
Heely Peggy 412-924-1394 Museum Docent
Hinds Thomas 412-924-1369 Vice President for Finance and Administration
Holmes Dan 412-924-1392 Director of Mail and Print/Copy Services
Humphrey Edith 412-924-1424 William F. Orr Professor of New Testament
Isadore Hallie 412-924-1376 Database and Donor Services Specialist
Jensema Ryan 412-924-1384 Associate Director of Financial Aid
Johnson Ashley 412-924-1359 Admissions Counselor
Keys David 412-924-1388 Database and Website Administrator
Khyllep Bala 412-924-1364 Associate Director of the World Mission Initiative
Larson Jane 412-924-1377 Academic Support Specialist for Registration and Church Planting
Library Front Desk     412-924-1354  
Little Ellen 412-924-1355 Library Circulation Supervisor
Logan Melissa 412-924-1373 Senior Director of Communications
Mafrici Joe 412-924-1446 Assistant Facilities Director
Malone Anne 412-924-1379 Registrar
Marnik Bob 412-362-5610 Stationary Engineer
McKelvey Holly 412-924-1415 Administrative Assistant to the Faculty
McMahon John 412-362-5610 Building and Grounds Maintenance
Menard Robin 412-924-1417 Communications and Marketing Specialist
Metz Food Service 412-924-1436  
Middleton David 412-924-1390 Director of Information Technology
Morgan Walter 412-362-5610 Custodian
Mumau Tyler 412-924-1462 Audio Visual Technician
Oliver Dominick 412-924-1460 Director of Development
Overton Mary O'Shan (Shan) 412-924-1454 Director of Center for Writing and Learning Support
Owens L. Roger 412-924-1458 Associate Professor of Christian Spirituality and Ministry
Placement Office 412-924-1445
Pope Alyson 412-924-1356 Head of Library Public Services
Poznick Diane 412-924-1452 Accounts Payable / Payroll Specialist
Preaching Association 412-924-1438  
Richardson-Eckes Scott 412-924-1357 Acquisitions Assistant
Riggle Young Tracy 412-924-1423 Senior Director of Enrollment Services
Rohrer Karen 412-924-1412 Director of Church Planting Initiative
Russell Mark 412-924-1393 Interlibrary Loan/Reference Librarian
Security     412-889-2208  
Smith Kendra Buckwalter 412-924-1419 Director of the Worship Program
Smith R. Drew 412-924-1457 Professor of Urban Ministry and Director of the Metro-Urban Institute
Spencer Ramona 412-924-1381 Program Coordinator for the Doctor of Ministry Program
Spomer Michelle 412-924-1408 Donald G. Miller Librarian and Director of the Clifford E. Barbour Library
Starr Audrey 412-362-5610 Custodian
Tappy Connie 412-924-1386 Senior Writer and Resource Strategist
Tappy Ron 412-924-1427 G. Albert Shoemaker Professor of Bible and Archaeology
Taylor Chris 412-924-1380  Admissions Counselor / Miller SYI Program Coordinator
Teter Ayana 412-924-1398 Director of Vocational Discernment and Placement
Thorpe Denise 412-924-1421 Interim Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program
Tuell Steven 412-924-1407 James A. Kelso Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament
Vacek Heather 412-924-1453 Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty and Associate Professor of Church History
Van Driel Edwin Chr. 412-924-1425 Directors' Bicentennial Professor of Theology
Veghts Darlene 412-924-1352 Head of Technical Services
Welch John 412-924-1401 Vice President for Student Services and Community Engagement and Dean of Students
Woo Ken 412-924-1350 Associate Professor of Church History
Woodard-Lehman Derek 412-924-1353 Administrative Assistant to Academics and Advancement