Pittsburgh Theological Seminary is committed to providing high-quality educational programs. The mission of the Seminary centers on forming and equipping people to serve the church in a broad variety of ministry and community situations, both traditional and emerging. In order to ensure we are achieving our mission, we regularly assess our programs and the Seminary in general to determine student achievement and educational effectiveness. We measure and report on quality and effectiveness in four areas. These can be explored by following the links below.

Institutional Outcomes

These are goals for the institution and our graduates independent of the particular program. Read about Institutional Outcomes.

Student Achievement

This is the assessment of how well students are achieving the learning outcomes of each academic program. Read about Student Achievement.

Overall Satisfaction with Preparation and Experience

Here the Seminary highlights the overall satisfaction of graduates with their entire educational experience at PTS. Read about Overall Satisfaction with Preparation and Experience.

Program Completion and Placement

This area provides information on the time to compete the various academic programs as well as information on placement of graduates in various ministry settings. Read about Program Completion and Placement.