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Eager to continue your theological learning or engage deeper with Scripture? Would you like to take courses for credit, without working toward a degree?

Experience some of what seminary has to offer while deepening your prayer life by enrolling as a non-degree seeking student. Non-degree students may enroll in as many as two courses per semester, up to a total of four courses (12 credits) before declaring a degree program.

We offer an abridged application procedure for non-degree students. 

Frequently, students are referred to us by Committees on Preparation for Ministry to complete coursework as a requirement for ordination or to take ordination exams. If you’re looking to satisfy a request by your committee, you're in the right place!

Resources for Lay Church Members

Take courses that introduce you to theological concepts such as Christology, theodicy, and the process of biblical exegesis to enhance your knowledge of Scripture. Learn about pastoral care to grown your ability to serve your church and community. And build a foundational understand of missional engagement or urban ministry. 

Presbyterian Ordination Preparation Courses

As part of the ordination process, occasionally students who have completed their education in the past are required to take courses to prepare for ministry in the PC(USA) and for the ordination exams. Typically, committees require students to obtain credits for these courses. To do so, you may fill out an application for admission, and select “non-degree” as your program. Upon acceptance, you will be able to take up to four courses for credit.

The following courses are frequently recognized as fulfilling that requirement. You are encouraged to review these courses with your committee to determine their application to your specific circumstances.

Biblical Language

OT210 and OT220 - Hebrew Grammar I and Hebrew Grammar II and Exegesis
NT210 and NT220 - Greek Grammar I and Greek Grammar II and Exegesis

Theological Competence

TH210 - Christian Theology I
TH320 - Christian Theology II

Worship and Sacraments

WS110 - Exploring Christian Worship

Church Polity

EF410 - Presbyterian Polity

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