Accreditation is a process by which peers and colleagues from schools similar to Pittsburgh Theological Seminary evaluate how well we, as PTS, are living up to our mission statement, our professed values, and our strategic priorities.

The process is involved and lengthy precisely because our accreditors want to understand who we are and how we see ourselves so that we might be evaluated according to their standards as they fit in our context.

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education, our secular accreditor, emphasizes this specificity, and as a result, individuals from across the institution—students, Board members, staff, and faculty—are a part of us unearthing and preparing to share our stories with the accreditors who will visit in Spring of 2023. Our guild accreditor, the Association of Theological Schools will visit the following year, and because of their similarly contextual approach, we will be able to conduct one institution-wide self-study to meet the requirements of both accreditation processes.

To read the full design proposal and learn more about the accreditation self-study process, click here.

A Student Perspective on Accreditation
M.Div. student Sarita Robinson explains why she's honored to serve on Pittsburgh Seminary's reaccreditation committee.


Throughout the accreditation process, members of the PTS community have shared a variety of updates. A record of these messages follows by date and indicates the audience(s) who received this information.


Participating in God's ongoing mission in the world, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary is a community of Christ joining in the Spirit's work of forming and equipping people for ministries familiar and yet to unfold and communities present and yet to be gathered.

Why Accreditation Matters
The Rev. Allan Irizarry-Graves '17 is a PTS Board member and serves on the Seminary's reaccreditation committee. Why is accreditation important to the Seminary's mission to prepare students for ministry? Listen in.