PTS Neighborhood Collaborative

In a city of neighborhoods, we have embraced the synergy of the city and the gospel in which the term neighbor plays a central role. Enacting a theology of neighbor repositions the Seminary to convene conversations and collaborations between congregations, organizations, and citizens; to provide education and formation for discipleship, leadership, and citizenship; and to advocate for truth, justice, and hope in church and society.

About the PTS Neighborhood Collaborative

Through both certificate programs and non-degree educational offerings, the PTS Neighborhood Collaborative translates cutting edge scholarship and communicates best practices to wider audiences. Together, in their respective and collective work, the programs of the Neighborhood Collaborative connect the learned theology of the academy with the lived theology of church and society to form present and future Christian leaders in service to their contexts.

The Neighborhood Collaborative forms and equips students for ministry alongside and outside of the degree programs. The Collaborative fosters vocational discernment, co-learning, and transformative action for the common good by connecting diverse neighbors locally and globally.


Center for Adaptive and Innovative Ministry
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Continuing Education
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Faith Forming Families Network
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Kelso Museum of Near Eastern Archaeology
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Metro-Urban Institute
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Miller Summer Youth Institute
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World Mission Initiative
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Center for Adaptive and Innovative Ministry: Forms and supports Christian leaders in creating new Christian communities

Continuing Education: Provides lectures, conferences, non-credit courses, and collegial learning for ministry leaders and the theologically curious public with opportunities to grow professional skills, feel supported in their work, and remain connected to relevant practical scholarship.

Faith Forming Families NetworkReconnects families and communities as partners in the spiritual formation and moral development of young people 

Kelso Museum of Near Eastern Archeology: Offers free tours and open hours to view displays from the more than 7,000-artifact collection, as well as several lectures by world experts annually

Metro-Urban Institute: Combines the theory and practice of collaborative community ministry into a program of urban theological education

Miller Summer Youth Institute: Resources churches in youth ministry and asks participants what God is calling them to do and who God is calling them to be

World Mission Initiative: Equips leaders to engage faithfully and effectively in God’s intercultural mission

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