2022-2023 Academic Calendar

Summer Term June 1-Aug. 17, 2022
June 3Spring 2021-2022 Grades Due
June 6Summer Term Begins
June 6-July 8Summer I Language and Field Education Classes Begin
June 6-19Doctor of Ministry Cohorts
June 10Last Day to Add/Drop Summer I Classes Without Penalty
June 10Deadline to Complete Financial Aid Refund Opt-In/Out Form
June 10-24Doctor of Ministry Cohorts
June 17Last Day to Add/Drop Summer I Last Classes at 50 Percent Tuition
June 20Seminary Closed in Observance of Juneteenth
June 24Financial Aid Refunds
July 4Seminary Closed in Observance of Independence Day
July 8Summer I Classes End
July 11Summer I Grades Due
July 11Summer II Classes Begin
July 11-22Doctor of Ministry Cohorts
July 15Last Day to Add/Drop Summer II Classes Without Penalty
July 22Last Day to Add/Drop Summer II Classes at 50 Percent Tuition
July 29Financial Aid Refunds
Aug. 1-Oct. 14Doctor of Ministry Publication Lab
Aug. 12Summer II Classes End
Aug. 15Summer II Grades Due
Aug. 25Last Day to Register Without $75 Late Fee
Aug. 26-27Orientation
Fall Semester Aug. 29-Dec. 16, 2022
Aug. 29Classes Begin
Aug. 29-Sept. 9Doctor of Ministry Cohort
Aug. 30Convocation
Sept. 5Seminary Closed in Observance of Labor Day
Sept. 9Last Day to Add/Drop Fall Classes Without Penalty
Sept. 9Deadline to Complete Financial Aid Refund Opt-In/Out Form
Sept. 21-242021-2022 Graduate Certificate in Adaptive and Innovative Ministry Cohort/AIM04
Sept. 23Financial Aid Refunds
Oct. 7Last Day to Drop Classes at 50 Percent Tuition
Oct. 10-14Mid-Term Reading Week
Oct. 24J-Term Registration Opens
Nov. 8-9Board of Directors Meeting
Nov. 15-172021-2022 Graduate Certificate in Adaptive and Innovative Ministry Cohort/ AIM05
Nov. 19-22AAR/SBL Conferences
Nov. 21-25Student Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 24-25Seminary Closed in Observance of Thanksgiving
Nov. 28Spring Semester Registration Open
Dec. 9Last Day of Classes
Dec. 9Extension Requests Due
Dec. 12-16Fall Reading/Final Exams Week
Dec. 16All Fall Semester Course Work Completed
Dec. 19-Jan. 2Student Christmas Break
Dec. 22-Jan. 1Seminary Closed in Observance of Christmas
Jan. 2Seminary Closed in Observance of New Year’s Day
January Term Jan. 3-25, 2023
Jan. 3Fall Semester Grades Due by Noon
Jan. 3J-Term Classes Begin
Jan. 3-Feb. 3Doctor of Ministry Cohorts
Jan. 6Last Day to Add/Drop J-Term Classes Without Penalty
Jan. 13Last day to Drop J-Term Classes at 50 Percent Tuition
Jan. 16Seminary Closed in Observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Jan. 20Last Day of J-Term Classes
Jan. 23-25J-Term Reading and Exams
Jan. 25All J-Term Coursework Completed
Jan. 25Last Day to Register for Spring Semester Without $75 Late Fee
Jan. 26-27J-Term Break
Jan. 26-27Spring Semester Orientation for New Students
Spring Semester Jan. 30-May 19, 2023
Jan. 30Spring Semester Classes Begin
Jan. 30J-Term Grades Due
Feb. 10Last Day to Add/Drop Spring Classes Without Penalty
Feb. 10Deadline to Complete Financial Aid Refund Opt-In/Out Form
Feb. 24Financial Aid Refunds
March 6-10Student Mid-Term Reading Week
March 13Summer 2023 Registration
March 17Last Day to drop Spring Classes at 50 Percent Tuition
April 3-7Student Easter Break
April 7Seminary Closed in Observance of Good Friday
May 1-3Fall Registration 2023-2024
May 8-19Doctor of Ministry Cohort
May 12Last Day of Spring Semester Classes
May 12Extension Requests Due
May 15-19Spring Reading/Final Exams Week
May 16Senior Coursework Due by 9:30 a.m.
May 17Final Grades Due for Graduating Seniors by Close of Business
May 19All Spring Semester Coursework Completed/Non-Graduates
May 24-25Board of Directors Meeting
May 26227th Commencement
May 29Seminary Closed in Observance of Memorial Day
June 2Spring Semester Grades Due