Ashley Johnson Welcomes Prospective Students to Pittsburgh Seminary

An admissions counselor helps people discern and pursue a calling to theological education. This discernment is fascinating and surprising work—a fact Pittsburgh Seminary admissions counselor Ashley Johnson knows well from her own vocational journey.

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Ashley headed to graduate school to study school psychology. While there, she served as a graduate assistant in her school’s financial aid office. Little did she know that God would use this role to redirect her career path! By the time she graduated with her master’s degree, she was so excited about serving in higher education that she decided to become a student services specialist at Carnegie Mellon University.

Now in the enrollment department at PTS, Ashley provides vital assistance to prospective students. She is often the first face and voice an inquirer will meet when they contact the school. She recruits new students at events, coordinates (physical or virtual) campus visits, assists with the application process, and every step along the way, she helps people discern if PTS is the right next step for their journey.

Ashley is unambiguous about how she views her job: “I love every part of what I do.”

Why is her job so enjoyable? There are two major reasons. First, her entire role hinges on building relationships. To help a prospective student discern their future steps, she of course shares all about PTS and its various academic programs, ensuring the student will make an informed decision. But she also gets to hear all about their life stories! For many students, the journey to seminary is an unexpected one with twists and turns—just like Ashley’s own road to admissions counseling.

Second, her work is consistently rewarding. Every day Ashley crosses paths with dozens of current students. For many of them, she can remember coming alongside them in their application process. She can recall their first phone call or visit to the school. And now, here they are, months or even years later, studying at Pittsburgh Seminary. The place she once told them all about is now their home, where they belong and where they are being formed for a lifetime of ministry.

Thank you, Ashley, for all you do to build up and enrich this community!

masters degree admissions counselor Ashley Johnson in Pittsburgh