Pittsburgh Theological Seminary expects 55 students to matriculate Sept. 9, 2013 during its annual Convocation service. Of these students, 41 will pursue the Master of Divinity degree (including four joint degree), nine  the Master of Arts, two the Master of Sacred Theology, and three are non-degree students working in particular areas of study.

In the overall class, 76 percent of the incomers will attend classes full-time, with the majority enrolled in the day program. The breakdown of male and female students is 44 and 56 percent respectively. As has been the case in recent years, more students are Presbyterian than any other denomination, with United Methodist following as the second most common denomination. Collectively, 17 denominations are represented in this incoming class. This year’s international student is from Malaysia. Among the 14 home states represented this year, 17 students are from out of the state of Pennsylvania.

While students have earned their undergraduate degrees from Presbyterian colleges, Pittsburgh universities, and other Pennsylvania schools, the majority have received degrees from out of state colleges and universities. One earned a bachelor’s degree in the country of Bolivia.