Pittsburgh Theological Seminary’s Board of Directors is honoring retiring president the Rev. Dr. David Esterline by establishing the Esterline International Scholars Program.

“This scholars program acknowledges Dr. Esterline’s commitment to theological education around the world, love of learning with Christians outside of his own ecclesial family, and advocacy of the collective work of faculty in preparing persons for Christian ministry,” said James Gockley, chair of the Board.

The David Esterline International Scholars Program will provide grants to support theological educators who wish to work across ecclesial boundaries in international contexts for the purpose of faculty and curriculum development. Pittsburgh Seminary faculty members who travel for research purposes may be eligible to receive an Esterline International Scholar grant, as may be those theological educators traveling to PTS on leave from their own institutions in other countries.

While the scholarly work of individual faculty members is important, Esterline International Scholars will emphasize, and provide reporting on, the ways in which their Esterline International Scholar grant contributes to the collective work of faculty and the shared ministry of teaching and learning through theological education.

Support the Esterline International Scholars Program

We invite you to honor Dr. Esterline’s legacy at PTS by financially contributing to the Esterline International Scholars Program. You can give online (select David Esterline International Scholars Program from the list) or print the pledge card and mail it with your check to Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, 616 N. Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15206.

David Esterline, Esterline International Scholars Program