Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and the Western Pennsylvania Family Center will co-sponsor “Understanding Religious Faith and Other ‘Supernatural’ Phenomena: A Family Systems Approach," Oct. 19-20, 2012. The 34th Pittsburgh Family Systems Conference and Symposium will be held at Pittsburgh Seminary. Randall Frost, director of training and research at Living Systems, Vancouver, British Columbia, will lead the conference.

In 1980, Dr. Murray Bowen proposed a systems concept of what he called “supernatural” phenomena. He suggested that the same kind of systems thinking that had led to the other eight concepts of Bowen family systems theory could be applied to a range of transcendental experiences that are “beyond Nature.” The conference will explore a range of these phenomena, seeking to understand them more fully from a family systems perspective and to recognize their influence on how people live their lives. Visit the Family Center’s website or call 412-362-2295 for more information. Psychologists, social workers, and therapists can receive 11.5 CE credits.

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