“As a Christian Education director, I am proud and confident of my calling; it is rooted not only in the Holy Spirit, but also in informed biblical tradition.”

Raised in the church, Maxine Garrett ’08 has long had a love for the Bible. She likewise finds joy in teaching. Looking to combine the two, Maxine enrolled in Pittsburgh Seminary’s Master of Arts program. “There is no better way to assure an informed call than by seminary education,” says Maxine. Today Maxine serves as evangelist at Greater Allen AME Church in Pittsburgh.

Through family and friends, Maxine first learned of Pittsburgh Seminary. Discerning her call, Maxine explains, “I wanted to attend a seminary that was respectful of diversity and openness.” She then enrolled at PTS because of the faculty’s excellence. “They are well prepared, excited to teach, interesting, knowledgeable, and faithful to their call as teachers and preachers of the word of God,” she says. Whether teaching children or preaching on Sundays, or simply discussing biblical ideas and concepts with family, co-workers, and friends, Maxine draws upon their teaching. “It is a well that is deep, and I use it often.”

Like most M.A. students at the Seminary, Maxine wrote a thesis. “It was the culmination of my seminary experience in written form. The experience, while hair-raising at times, was exhilarating and exciting because it forced me to think about what matters most in my spiritual journey and put it to paper. I loved it!”

“Through Pittsburgh Seminary, I matured both academically and spiritually,” says Maxine. “Because I understand God better, I am a better teacher, and my students are better students.”