Tyler Mumau Wins 2021 Calian Award for Campus Community Service

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary is excited to announce the winner of the 2021 Calian Award for Campus Community Service: Tyler Mumau, audio visual technician. The award honors an exemplary member of the Seminary community who demonstrates excellence in carrying out responsibilities and volunteer assignments and also expresses a caring spirit of good will and hope, essential in life together as a community.

For those who have worked with Tyler and received his help, this choice will come as no surprise. Cheerfulness, caring, and good will are hallmarks of his tireless service to the students, faculty, and staff. “Tyler is not only skilled and efficient in his work,” remarked Dave Middleton, director of information technology, “but he consistently brings out smiles and laughter in those he helps. He’s a joy to work with.”

Before the pandemic, Tyler’s work was connected to the physical environments of campus. His A/V support was essential for the community’s conferences, lectures, seminars, and other special events. These gatherings’ microphones, speakers, and sound systems are Tyler’s domain. Of course, the pandemic pushed the school’s special events—and classroom teaching—to virtual spaces. In a legendary “all hands on deck” effort, the IT team quickly shifted all our delivery methods to online environments. Tyler was an important part of that remarkable transition.

The switch to Zoom has extended far beyond that initial hectic change, and Tyler has continued to go above and beyond in our new digital reality. As a member of the Employee Life Committee, he has helped to pioneer and host trivia parties on Zoom for PTS faculty and staff. He has also been crucial in the school’s exploration of hybrid classes. Last semester, when one class featured students both in-person and calling in on Zoom, it was Tyler who set up the video call and ran the sound board to enable the off-site students’ participation. Even when events are completely online, Tyler will often sit in the background of the Zoom call, making sure that conference speakers have whatever help they need with screen shares, mute buttons, and breakout rooms.

Tyler earned his bachelor’s degree in communication media and theater from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. And while it may seem like only the first of those majors would be relevant in his current role, Tyler does give some credit to his theater background. “Each new technical issue to solve is sort of like a scene,” he explains. “Viewing it this way helps me overcome some of my introversion!”

Whatever his method, Tyler provides excellent and cheerful support to our community. We are so grateful that he is part of our team.

Mumau helps masters, doctor of ministry, and certificate online classes