Theological Education as Speech Therapy: Forming Graceful Deliberators in Polarized Times

In this recorded conversation, Professor Angela Dienhart Hancock addresses “Theological Education as Speech Therapy: Forming Graceful Deliberators in Polarized Times.” Many these days are concerned about the future of democracy in the U.S., noting the way citizens are ill equipped to participate in reasoned debate. Seminaries have a unique opportunity to bring diverse people together to practice deep, passionate, and generous discussion. Professor Hancock will discuss her work on deliberation as a Christian practice and how it informs the ethos of the classroom and campus of Pittsburgh Seminary. Watch the video.


Alumnae/i Days 2021

April 15-16, 2021

During this time we'll honor the Rev. Dr. Andrew Purves, our Distinguished Alums, The Fred McFeely Rogers Award for Creative Ministry recipient, and reunion year classes. The full schedule will be available next Spring. Contact the Rev. Carolyn Cranston ’99 with questions or concerns: 412-924-1375 or