Rob Jones MDiv Program student“The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand.” – Frank Herbert

Pursuing knowledge and teaching is something Robert Jones ’14, graduate of the MDiv program at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, is passionate about.

“Ultimately, what I really enjoy about research is the curiosity, is the starting with a question and diving deep.”

This all began in undergrad at Eastern University where Rob entered as a youth ministry major. He was interested in working with kids transitioning in to adulthood who were wrestling with these ideas of faith and God. As a requirement for the major he had to take a biblical studies course, which peaked his interest and influenced him to become a double major. 

For Rob, these two were the perfect partnering, and it was actually his pastoral work that pushed him into further academic work. In his experiences leading Bible study classes, his students were asking deep and thoughtful questions about God and the Scripture, and Rob felt as though he didn’t have the proper foundation to adequately engage their inquiries. 

This desire for further understanding led him to pursue a seminary education; however, there is still more for him to learn. Rob and his wife, Kyle, moved to Hamilton, Ontario, after graduation where he will be attending McMaster University working toward his Ph.D. in early Judaism and early Christianity.  Rob hopes is that his further exploration into knowledge will be able to lend itself to the greater ministry of Christ in teaching, especially finding enjoyment in settings like those first small Bible study classes.

“To be able to open up the text and let them ask questions, not provide magical answers—mostly because I can’t—but instead assisting them as they navigate Scripture and what role it serves in their lives is something I would greatly enjoy.”

Written August 2014