Between the Altar and the World: Interpreting Life Liturgically

Henderson Summer Leadership Conference



Sun., June 2 - Wed., June 5, 2019


Love of the church and love of God's people means that we stand at an intersection - between the altar and the world. We wrestle with the realities of a broken world as we proclaim the promise of God's reign - while at the same time, addressing the need to ever reform our faith communities. Our liturgies - and how they integrate our world, our neighborhoods, and our church - can be one key means for remembering the heart of Christian identity and revitalizing our communities.

During this year's conference, we will:

  • discover how liturgy comes to life beyond the altar;
  • gather for worship, plenary sessions, and lectures; and
  • meet in workshops to investigate the variety of ways liturgy can be offered and embraced by diverse groups.

Come prepared for a rich engagement of your senses and soul as we join together!

The first 30 registrants will receive a free copy of Dr. Carvalhaes' book, What Has Worship Got To Do With It? Interpreting Life, Church and the World Liturgically.

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E-mail or call 412-924-1345.

Sunday Free Film Screening - please pre-register