Religion and the Common Good with Valarie Kaur, Parker J. Palmer, Carrie Newcomer, Richard Mouw, and Christy Vines

2021 Henderson Summer Leadership Conference and The J. Hubert Henderson Lecture on Church and Ministry



May 24-25, 2021, 12:30-8:30 p.m.  REGISTRATION IS CLOSED FOR THE CONFERENCE.


"My core religious beliefs include this simple article of faith: The God who gave all of us life wants us to do the same for each other." 

- Parker J. Palmer, Healing the Heart of Democracy

How can faith and faith communities be a means of enacting good in the world rather than being tools of division?

How can those of us in leadership develop the courage necessary for the conversations we need to have right now?

We live in – and lead – communities in the midst of a “tragic gap” between the hard realities around us and what we know is possible. What do we need in order to help to begin to knit together what has been torn apart?

Join us for workshops, keynotes, and performances with Valarie Kaur, Parker J. Palmer, and Carrie Newcomer that will explore the courageous outer and inner work we need to do to heal our communities – and ourselves.

Seats are limited - register soon!

If you would like to attend the free Henderson Lecture on Church and Ministry with Valarie Kaur and are unable to attend the full conference, there is a separate registration link for the lecture only.



E-mail the Office of Continuing Education or call 412-924-1345.