The Rev. Erin Davenport, LSW, Director of the Miller Summer Youth Institute

Erin Davenport became director of the Miller SYI in 2010. While a student at the Seminary, she also served as an SYI counselor in 2003, 2004, and 2005. After graduating from PTS and before directing SYI, Erin served as a chaplain at Westminster Towers Orlando, a retirement community, and as program staff for the Central Florida Presbytery, working in the areas of youth and mission. She holds degrees from Grove City College, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and the University of Pittsburgh. | 412-924-1443

The Rev. Derek Davenport, Director of Miller Summer Youth Institute and Digital Marketing Analyst

Derek Davenport was part of the first class of SYI scholars in 1997. He then served as a part of the re-visioning team in 1999, an intern in 2000, and a counselor (as a PTS student) in 2003, 2004, and 2005. Before returning to PTS, Derek served as the associate pastor of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Orlando, Fla. Derek loves storytelling, preaching, watching movies, and currently is studying church symbolism in his spare time. He is also a graduate of Grove City College and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. | 412-924-1385

Danielle Harris, Administration Assistant to the Miller Summer Youth Institute

Danielle Harris works across the Seminary in various departments and serves as administrative assistant to SYI. Have a question about the program? She's got the answer! | 412-924-1405

Miller Summer Youth Institute
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