Schaff Lectures 2019 Videos

The Seminary's annul Schaff Lectures were held May 1, 2019. Dr. James K. A. Smith, professor of philosophy at Calvin College, presented two lectures on the theme "Discerning the Spirit(s) of Formation: On the Centrality—and Risk—of Christian Practices."

During the first lecture, Smith addressed "Love Takes Practice: Christian Formation and the Power of Habit." Only when we recognize the power of habit in our spiritual lives will we then appreciate why disciplines and practices are integral to the Christian life and why worship is the heart of discipleship.

In the second lecture, "Our 'Godfather Problem': When Christian Practices Deform," Smith explained that Christian practices and spiritual disciplines are not magic. Nor are they always “pure” or insulated from the effects of sin. This talk explored what goes wrong when Christian practices become deformative and why reform and renewal are crucial for our worship and witness.