Pittsburgh Theological Seminary will offer the continuing education course “Seeing with the Eyes of Faith: Visual Art as an Entry to Prayer” Sept. 22-25, 2013. The Rev. Kristine Haig, co-pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Morgantown, W.Va., will lead this spiritual formation elective.

Our eyes truly are a “window to the soul.” Human beings take in most of our information through sight, and we can experience a sense of the Sacred when in the presence of beauty—whether in a light-filled sanctuary, at a museum, or on your back porch as you watch a hummingbird at your feeder or a child asleep in your arms. Many religions have intentionally used visual elements in faith formation (Think of great cathedrals with stained glass depictions of biblical scenes!) and in meditation (as in the creation of Tibetan sand mandalas). In this class, we will explore the possibilities for opening our souls to God through paintings and photography, meditation with drawing, and attending to visual images evoked by literature.

Registration is required and the fee is $375. Three CEUs are available. Contact the Continuing Education Office at 412-924-1345 or ConEd@pts.edu with questions. Additional information can be found on the CE website.