Henderson Lectures

The 2009 J. Hubert Henderson Conference on Church and Ministry was held May 1 at the Seminary. During that time John D. Witvliet, associate professor of worship and director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship at Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary, presented three lectures on the "The Legacy of John Calvin and the Renewal of Christian Worship". Listen to his remarks. 

Henderson lecture 1

Henderson lecture 2

Henderson lecture 3

Albright-Deering Lectures

In late April the Seminary welcomed Kenneth J. Collins, professor of historical theology and Wesley studies at Asbury Theological Seminary, as the 2009 Albright-Deering lecturer. During his lectures, Collins addressed John Wesley’s practical theology as a resource for discipleship and service. Hear more about his reflections on John Wesley’s thought and insights for contemporary discipleship and effective service in our world.

Albright-Deering lecture 1

Albright-Deering lecture 2

Schaff Lectures

During the annual Schaff Lectures Leanne Van Dyk, academic dean at  Western Theological Seminary, Randall C. Zachman, associate professor at University of Notre Dame, and Donald McKim, executive editor for theology and reference at Westminster John Knox Press, presented three lectures on the topic  "Word and Sacrament in John Calvin’s Thought…and In the Church Today". Listen to lectures by:

Leanne Van Dyk

Randall C. Zachman

Donald McKim

Kelso Lectures

Johnny B. Hill, Ph.D., assistant professor of theology at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, presented the annual Kelso Lectures in early February. At that time he addressed "The World House: The Beloved Community as a New Global Vision for Peace and Justice."

Back to the Future: Church History as if the Future Matters

In February, Scott Sunquist, associate professor of world Christianity, led "Back to the Future". During the four-part series, participants explored the history of Christianity. Starting with the awareness that we often study the history of our particular tradition while ignoring the rest, this class allowed participants to reclaim all of Christian history as the history of our family—a large and diverse family at that. The class looked at lessons for the present that come from early Asian Christianity, from the 17th century Christian Kingdom of the Kongo, from Europe in the (“not really so”) Dark Ages, and even from China in the 19th and 20th centuries. Listen to event audio.

First lecture of the series, February 2, 2009

Second lecture of the series, February 9, 2009

Third lecture of the series, February 16, 2009

Fourth lecture of the series, February 23, 2009

Preaching as a Sacred Conversation: How to Give Sermons and How to Listen to Them

In January, Robert Meneilly Professor of Leadership and Ministry and Senior Pastor at Shadyside Presbyterian Church Craig Barnes presented "Preaching as a Sacred Conversation: How to Give Sermons and How to Listen to Them." Just as it is hard work writing sermons, so it is hard work to listen to them well. This three-part series focused on both sides of the sacred conversation that occurs in preaching. Presentations were made by preachers and by veteran pew sitters who have become skilled at hearing the Word. Listen to the audio from this event. 

First lecture of the series, January 7, 2009 

Second lecture of the series, January 14, 2009

Third lecture of the series, January 21, 2009